2001 BMW 540i Reviews

2001 BMW 540i Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 BMW 540i (3 Reviews)
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my 2001 540i M sport has 155 plus thousand miles and runs like a dream- Change the oil religiously/every 5 k miles regardless with Castrol synthetic oil- 8 qts- worth it..Changed wheels and tires to continental high speed ,z rated tires-6 speed manual on its second clutch,third radiator,new timing chain, new coils, invest a couple of grand and the car is good good for a qtr. million miles--shift with out the clutch up and down , just feel it and time it -BMW's are the Best- Race Me...
My dream car had been a 6 speed 540 for years. i finally bought a used 2001 in 2005. only had 40,000 miles on it. love driving it; it has been a nightmare for repairs. Had one bad cylinder which required changing the spark plug every 500 miles; did the compression test; passed, did the leak down test;passed; eventually tore down engine and found out it had been 'hydrolocked'; had to replace the engine; had to replace the alternator; heating/ac system has been a joke; currently trying to figure out why the fan will not operateabove a low setting; checked the fuse(75 and 76; that was fun); it was fine; tried replacing the resistor with no effect; looking at buying a used 2004 545; just read about another unfortunate 545 owner who hydrolocked his engine after driving through a 15 inch puddle; i am a succer for punishment
Great car and truly the ultimate driving machine. Not a car for the young or conservative. If you are planning a family or looking for a family sedan, get a 525 or 530! This car is a four door sports car with an amazing driving experience. Also save your money for repairs b/c it will cost for replacement parts and at the gas station!!!

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