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Plymouth Neon (7 Reviews)
The brake light wiring system/switch in my car needs to be replaced in order to get the brake lights and back flashers working again. I cannot find an online diagram for this system overhaul. Please help.
It's just been a great car...this one is edging up on 200K, so probably nearing its end, but I said that at 140K, and since then it has reliably shipped me from the East Coast to Kansas and back no less than 8 times, to Florida and back twice, transported members of Congress in Washington, DC traffic with the "best A/C on the Hill," and now gets me to either work or school and back 50+ mi. round trip with not much problem.

The thing will never pass NJ emissions, but I manage to get around now, the struts are mostly shot, she goes through brake pads like gramma goes through diapers, and the headlights are so oxidized that they aren't bright enough to go over about 60mph because you just can't see that far!
my personal experience with this car is good/bad. i love the steering and the acceleration. i hate the fact that it just dies and i cant diagnose the problem without spending 200 bucks to figure out what is wrong!
a fine car for around town & short trips. It rides a little rough with more than 2 passengers and you can really feel the drop in performance.
This was my first car. Very good car until the head gasket decides to blow on you. I think after 1999 they did some improvments to the Neon but from 1995 to 1999, BEWARE!!!! These cars are in the junk yard for a reason. I really liked this car but the Head Gasket the big issue. Other than that This car is perfect.
I love my Neon! It is a great daily drive car & is awesome on long haul trips. Very dependable.
A dependable daily driver