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Lincoln MKZ (5 Reviews)
My MKZ is a dream. I have 21,000 miles on it and have averaged 40.8 for the total MPG.
Its a little tighter that my old town car when getting in and out but the pluses outweigh the minuses. GPS is a little to get used to over my Garmin.
The ride is quiet but not quite as smooth as the town car was.
Car has required no maintenance except oil changes and tire rotations.
On a 3000 mile trip I learned to let the car worry about when to be in electric and gas engines. I would buy another without hesitation.
Bought 2011 Lincoln MKZ new. Have had for four years. Had to replace battery much earlier than most. Had to replace diver's side door latch. Had to repair air conditioner's sensor for over $600! I really expected
more for my money from a name like "Ford Lincoln MKZ."
80K miles largely trouble free with regular maintenance. Now the following failed at the same time:

Air bag sensor - ~ $1000
Front power transfer unit ~$1200
Driveshaft - $1000
Wheel bearing seized - ~$800

Internet is filled with stories about PTUs and driveshafts failing. Not much I can do about airbag because local mechanics won't service them. 80K and 7 years might be considered the useful life of this car
Purchased vehicle new and now have almost 40k miles. Had to replace brake pads and service rotors at 25k; replaced two batteries, and tires at 32K (I replace earlier than most people I think). Have really enjoyed the ride and luxury of the Lincoln. The engine is strong enough for me and am not into handling as much as smooth cruising.
Going on 4 years and the car still runs exceptionally well. I have had no problems with it.