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I have had to rebuild my Transmission and Motor.!!! The truck is currently at Five Star Ford having the fuse panel replaced due to poor design where the panel is taking in water burning out the main relay switch. The automatic door locks stopped working. Due to water leaking in.. the sun roof stopped working. This truck is like some women..they may look good but inside she ugly. More trouble than what she is worth. Chevy/GMC here i come.
We got the Navigator new. It is a wonderful truck but I'd say over the past couple of years we spent money getting few things all fixed on it. Changed four set of brakes, battery drained due of having the lights remaining on and leak in exhaust plus add we had to spend good bit on new catalytic and get emission system repairs. So far engine and tranny both have been great at 180,876 miles still comfortable to drive. I say if ever find a clean 2000 Navigator make sure it was maintained as faxing a Car fax report on it seeing if original owner ever had it fully serviced. We got our Navigator in May of 2000 it was been the best truck ever hope can keep making it run until 350,000 miles thinking of no other mechanical problems with Navigator its a great truck driven and bought being in mint shape got all serv. records and maintenance papers ever decide on selling letting new owners know what all has been taken care since we owned it.
I have a 1999 Lincoln Navigator too and I am having a problem with the lights staying on, battery drain, etc. We think we may have figured out the problem. We are finding that the rear hatch releases on its own, thereby turning the lights on and draining our battery.
Bought it used a few mths ago. Drove it quite a lot with no problems. Now at 185K miles, wear and tear has set in. Have found out that all parts on it are still factory. So, even though it is costing me a small fortune to replace them all (starter, flywheel, upper control arms, idler arm among a few others still needing replaced)the truck went strong without the slightest of problems.
I purchased a used 2003 Navigator in 2008. The first couple of years were good but it has been somewhat of a moneypit ever since. Had to eventually convert the suspension to a coil system after spending thousands replacing the entire air bag suspension to no avail. I have lots of problems with the backup sensors not functioning properly. The CD changer has stopped working altogether. I have been cut numerous times by the handle on the center console. I have replaced the motor in the passenger side power window. The spring has broken in the passenger interior door handle, so no handle there and am being told it will be around $600 to replace. Honestly, I feel as if I work just to pay for repairs to this truck.
My 2008 Navigator is Metallic Red and I love it. Prior to purchasing it I had looked at alot of luxury SUV's. It is so easy to drive and has a comfortable ride. One of the deciding factors was the 3rd row fold flat seats with a button. I have owned an explorer, expedition and an excursion previously and I knew that I wanted an easier way to haul things without having to man handle folding or removing the third row seat. And then when I haul the kids and friends it's as easy as pushing a button to bring them back up. My kids love this vehicle because it is comfortable and there is alot of plugs for them to use with their electronics. On one 24hour trip we had a x-box and 2 laptops running and charging most all the time. The center console in the 2nd row is huge. Kids can store lots of crap for those long trips where I go crazy if the vehicle is a mess/disorganized. Only issue that I have had with this vehicle is the window motors on both front windows. Repair cost was $220 on each window. And this vehicle was previously owned by a rental company and we know how some people drive those vehicles. A very dependable vehicle. If you want a vehicle that looks good and can still carry the kids...this is the one.
Recently purchased this 1999 lincoln continental. Have not been able to drive the car since leaving the seller's lot. There is a problem that causes the battery to go dead due to the interior lights staying on too long and or coming on by themselves through out the day. What can I do to stop the lights from running down my battery? What electric part do I need to fix this problem?
I bought my 04 Nav new in 04 and I have been very happy with it with these few exceptions.

The air suspension on these SUVs are not good at all. Every person I have known that has had one has had problems with the air bags and this makes the pumps run all the time, eventually burning them up. I paid thousands to fix the system twice and then replaced it with a standard system.

Other than that, the emergency brake electronic release went out in 07 and I never replaced it because it's hundreds of dollars to keep me from just releasing it by hand and I can do it by hand, no problem.

The hood paint cracked up like it had the wrong primer or something and I have just put up with it, but, it looks crappy and I should have taken it back to the dealer.

The chrome on the console handle becomes loose and this is very sharp in a place where you are meant to grab and lift up to open the console. I have replaced it 3 times and my wife has cut herself twice on it.

It has 150k on it and it began having what sounds like a valve tap at about 130k and it has become pretty loud, again something that is expensive to fix and I decided to what till it brakes. But, it's so loud now that my wife won't drive it cause she's embarrassed by it.

All and all it's been a pretty reliable decent car and I'd buy another if the economy wasn't so bad. For now, I'll fix what I can and drive it till it gives up :)
I have a 2004 lincoln navigator i notice my air pump keep running,all the time after two weeks of that, one morning my front end was lower then the back, i turn on the truck, and sit there for 15mins the front rose at the normal level, after two weeks of that i took it to the local dealer ship, they told me the air bag rings was bad the cost 489 dollars, when i drove it home i notice my air pump is still running all the time, before making it home my air suspension light came on, then my front end went down i took it back to the dealership they told me my air pump was leaking and it needed to be replace cost 700 dollars, i had a 2000 lincoln navigator with the same promblem i wish ford do a recal on there air suspension, because the cost of the labor is to much.
We brought this truck used with 65,000 miles on it. It has been one of the best trucks I have owned, I know have 210,000 miles and still going strong. I replaced the air shocks with coils, had a tune up at 150,000 miles. And had to replace the starter but the truck still looks good and drives great....
We purchased a 99 Navigator new. It's been the best truck/car I've ever owned. Until last yr., the car didn't require any repairs beyond normal tire, brake, oil changes etc. Over the last yr. I've had to replace the AC & fuel pump. We've halled a trailer for 10 yrs. up north. There is very little rust & the truck has 145,000+ miles on it right now. We live in a snow area & it handles terrific better than the explorers we had. Can't say enough about this vehicle.
Paint on rear door is chipping. Told by local body shop this is a factory defect. Door is aluminum skin and paint doesnt stick well.
Automatic headlight sensor doesnt always turn left headlight on at dusk. Was pulled over and given a warning as a result. Dealer was NO HELP when asked about it. now I make sure to turn lights off when turning off truck.
My Navigator has 29,000 miles and has been a pleasure to use, it does everything very well, and is very comfortable on long journeys. I have had to replace all 4 tires at 24,000, probably because my daily journeys are not on freeways but mostly on side roads with lots of corners and stop start type driving. I fitted Bridgestone Duelers instead of the origional Pirelli Scorpions due to price and the poor mileage I got from the Pirellis. They are just as good in tearms of grip/noise etc, hopefully better for mileage. I have had to have the key remote replaced (stoped working) the gear shift switch replaced (jammed in drive) the passenger window regulator (window stuck open) and the vehicle has (applied its ABS/severe juddering through the steering wheel and brake pedal) several times for no apparent reason whilst turning a bend at below 30 mph on dry 80+ degree road conditions
probably had the potential to been one of the best full size suv. However my 2003 had minor electrical sensors failing from day one, like doors then runing boards then suspension replaced rear and compresssor. Dealer was inept changed sensors when the air bags was gone. now i have replace four coils and spark plugs engine still running lean. So they told me to get rid of the vehicle after they replace all my vacuum lines couldnt find the problem . So while car shopping for Toyota 4 runner no more american car for me i actually thought of chev tahoe and decided not to . Went to a Ford Dealer and they are charging me two grand to fix my two cats and replaceed four spark plugs change the boots and should solve the prblem . My engine has been running lean and to rich causing coils and plugs to fail but lincoln dealer was inept.
Some problems with suspension when it get cold the truck won't raise up right away! I don't know what to do about that.
1 of the best & reliable vehicles I've owned. It's never let me down. Purchased it in 2001 with 15000 mi. The Lincoln dearler's wife drove it personally. Some say the engine seems sluggish but I've loaded it with 7 passengers & full luggage and drove the moutains of Kentucy, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, the Carolina's and it moved with impressive strength. So I dont know how much power a vehicle of this size should have, but it took the mountains like a beast. Was a little disturbed when I had 2 pay $1900 when my heat when out. The $1900 included a tune up. The alternator when out but I was able to drive 19 miles home; my other cars stalled out when the alternator died. Over all it's worth every dime I paid 4 it. Now that I'm buying a boat it will come in handy again.
Have had the vehicle for 2 yrs and besides brakes and tires it has been good.
too many minor electrical system bugs
a bueatiful vehicle inside and out but lacks power
I had to replace the brakes after 80K, other than that has been a real beast and never disappointed. Just rear-ended a big GMC truck this week, and bumper and hood were distroyed and coolant was leaking, hoping its repairable, any ideas?
purchase in 2004,had to repair air bags in 2006,had a few electrical problems due to age of truck,other than that a very good truck.
awesome vehicle.... bought the 1998 with 37k. now has over 260k all original drive train. replaced frnt shocks..couple coils... intake gasket.. and heater coil.(most expensive repair) mobile oneoil in engine...less thn regular trns services... brakes are great since changing to performance friction products 3x the life and better stopping power