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Volvo 960 Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The sway bar bushings commonly wear out, causing a knocking noise from the front of the vehicle. Replacing the worn bushings should correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

The intake manifold gasket will often be a source of vacuum leaks. This will cause a rough idle and the Check Engine Light will illuminate. Replacement of the gasket is required to resolve this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

The gear position sensor on the transmission may fail, resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light and/or a no start condition.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front control arm bushings wear out, resulting in alignment issues and squeaking and/or knocking noises from the front end. Worn bushings will require replacement.

Brakes -- Verified

Vibration problems from the rear brake rotors are common and require replacement of the pads and rotors, and the installation of special shims. The symptoms often occur when the brakes are used heavily from repeated braking, braking from high speeds, and braking while going downhill. The entire vehicle can vibrate and shudder, like it is being driven over train tracks.

Volvo 960 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., November 16, 1994


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Volvo 960 Questions and Answers

miss missy, 1992 Volvo 960, Bakersfield, CA

lights blinking on the TRAC SYSTEM what do i replace i acn't find any information on this part

Visitor, 1992 Volvo 960, 2.9L 6 Cylinder, Hanover Park, IL

Low beam goes out at night while driving and comes on later.

Visitor, 1992 Volvo 960, 2.9L 6 Cylinder, Toms River, NJ

do i need to lock the cams on the 2.9 when installing timing belt. They use a special tool at dealer.

jimboz, 1992 Volvo 960, 2.9L 6 Cylinder, Palmyra, VA

In reading recent links, the gear box selector switch may be bad or loose wiring. Where is this located and how much does the part cost?

jimboz, 1992 Volvo 960, 2.9L 6 Cylinder, Charlottesville, VA

I recently had my transmission changed, the new one has 30,000 miles on it and has started not shifting correctly just like the old one. The lights are flashing on the indicator. E and D flashing a...

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Volvo 960 Reviews

The Good: Car runs like a top, great engine and transmission, and at 151K exhaust is finally starting to go. Seats are super comfortable.
The Bad: Brakes don't last in stop and go traffic. Steering wheel linkage replacement was worst repair. Rear wheel drive, had to get snow tires to make it driveable. Are they really made in Sweden? The LED's on the radio are about half gone. The leather is cracking on the seats. Rack and pinion replaced around 110K. A/C leak in condenser @ 120K. Batteries every 4 years on the dot.
Bottom line; Getting really cheap miles in a comfortable,safe car that my kid drives to school every day.

just bought a used 960 year 95 i hear a high squeal sounds like the power steering pump but not sure on the drive home the check engine light came on but the car seems tobe running fine. The fan cuts on and stays on awhile after thecar is turned off is that normal? Im going to get the light checked out to see the problem.

my engine light wont go off why? my air conditioning dont work ,the heating is fine ? also i have to keep check the oil,and keep puting oil in?away from what is say the car run well,last week i hit a bad pot hole and blow two tires on the left side and now the gas gauge not well sometim it look like there is no gas in there but i knwo that there is gas in . .Are you in staten Island and where is your shop?

The volvo is a great car.

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