1992 Infiniti Q45 Reviews

1992 Infiniti Q45 Reviews and Owner Comments

1992 Infiniti Q45 (1 Review)
Body, Interior & Misc.
Drive Train
Electrical & Lights
Exhaust & Emissions
Heating & Air Conditioning
Suspension & Steering
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*Infiniti Q-45* Great automobile, best in it's class by far. My Infiniti is 18 years young and I still get nice comments on this car and awe when they hear the older year when they've guessed much newer year. Proud I are. So is my Infiniti dealer/and personal mechanic. Rides and handles very well-always use the best in touring tire -keep them balanced and rotated and your $400 set of tires will last a long time. Mine do. I recently had the fuel injectors cleaned and engine tuned up. Runs like a new one! still. Lots of nice amenities that come standard as always with the Infiniti. Only repair this car needs now is the A/C just went out. Not bad for the age. Looking at the new M series for the future, but for now my baby is keeping me happy.