2003 Infiniti Q45 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2003 Infiniti Q45

2003 Infiniti Q45 Problems

Check Engine Light and Engine Stalling

The crankshaft angle sensor or the camshaft position sensor can fail and cause loss of engine power, an engine that cuts out, and other drivability problems. This will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Certain models have been involved in a recall to replace the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. For more information on this recall, please click here»

Fuel Injector Problems are Common

It is not unusual for one or more of the Fuel injectors to fail. Common symptoms would be a rough idle and possible illumination of the Check Engine Light.

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2003 Infiniti Q45 Questions

where is fuel injection located (1 answer)

my 2003 Infinti Q 45 has check engine, slip abs and traction along with vdc (2 answers)

mechanic checked codes cleaned throttle body, changed all 4 tires, and car drove fine for 3 days once car gas drops pass half tank all lights return and car begins to lose power, I have been dealing with this for weeks, it runs then dies, clear codes and keep gas filled and it occurs again, I can...

Interior Lights (1 answer)

Need to know how to replace the bulbs in my clock and driver door and steering wheel? Took it to the dealer and they want $175 dollars to replace the bulbs.

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2003 Infiniti Q45 Recalls

The Side Air Bag May Not Deploy as Expected

The wiring connector for the seat mounted airbag may experience increased electrical resistance and may not deploy. In the event of a crash, non-deployment of the side airbags could increase the risk of personal injury. Dealers will modify the wiring connector to correct this concern.

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2003 Infiniti Q45 Reviews

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I want to keep it for ever!
I love my Infiniti 2003 Q45 and until recently I did not have any issues. After taking the car to the dearler because the Fob kept deprograming they isolated it to a shorted Dome Light. To repair this is 650.00 but I hate it now that they disconeccted it as I have no light when it is dark. Anyone else have this problem?
Have proble white smoke comes aout mofler q45 infynity

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