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Toyota Matrix (23 Reviews)
239K miles 300+ miles to the tank. No major services ever. Runs great though now I will be. Needing a new compressor. Has never left me or my college aged kids stranded. Think a lot of mechanics scare you into repairs due to lack of business. I was told 4 years ago that I had a transmission problem and needed work inside transmission to this day I have not had any problems with my vehicle nor ever has required to have the transmission serviced. Only general maintenance. Proud female Matrix owner. 12 years and still running strong. Hallelujah!!!
Bought this car new in 2007. I live in Canada, and drive it year round. Have 202000 km on it and still runs like new. I have rust proof the undercarriage, and the body still looks immaculate. Except for a tranny flush and regular maintenance the car is amazing. Work with buddies who have Hyundai's with all the gadgets and they are constantly visiting the dealer to get something serviced under warranty. I personally have done all the maintenance for this car, and it still amazes me. I love that I can put an 8 foot ladder in this car and drive. My car was built in Canada and I am happy it helps build our economy. The newer model matrix might look a bit more sporty, but the full back side windows reduce the piller and you get a great view of your blind spots. This car is a winner in my books.
Bought new in March 2007 and now have 165,000 miles... NEVER needed a single repair. In fact this car has never seen a mechanic except to have new tires installed. On my third set of tires and third set of brakes. I have easily maintained it myself, only needing oil change/tire rotation every 5k miles and an occasional air filter change. At 100k I changed the Transmission fluid, coolant, spark plugs and belt. That's it.
I have not been easy on this car, but it has never failed once. The Matrix has a Corolla engine... without a doubt the most reliable engine ever built. If the maintenance schedule was followed from new, a Matrix should last well over 300k miles. Mine still looks good and is still fun to drive. I wish they still made this car.
I bought my Matrix new in Jan. 2005. I have well over 200,000 miles on it and I've actually had very little trouble with it. On the downside, it seems like I have to have my brakes repaired a little more often then other cars that I've had, the air conditioning in my opinion is very poor, it doesn't keep it cool much at all in the front seat with the vents pointing right at me, I doubt it gets the back seat very cool. The gas mileage is decent, I don't notice having to put anymore tires on it that any other car I've had. The seats are comfortable and there is quite a bit of room in it. It's no cadilac, but I didn't expect it to be. It's been very reliable for me. I put a lot of miles on it in nine and a half years,and it's still going strong.
My heater control gear box went in my car. The dealer is saying it will cost $3000.00 to fix. I have only had the car for a year. Toyota is not living up to standards or their mission statements. I'm very disappointed in this purchase. I have a standard warranty however; this particular problem is not covered! I will be writing to the corporate office on this issue, its not fair that I have to pay for this default in the car, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!
Oil Cap plastic cover has been frozen on , mechanic broke his remover tool trying to get it off, can't change the filter , only oil! Now to go through the cost of getting it taken off some how with out breaking any thing! This is a bad design by Toyota , should not be made of plastic!Seems to a common problem , should be a recall before we have to by engines for clogged filters!
my matrix was given to me by my father, he bought it new and used it for his job. It just flipped 306,000 miles and runs like new. All the miles he put on it were all highway miles and he regularly changed oil, literally changing it bi-weekly. I absolutely love this car and drive it everywhere and plan to put another 300,000 on it. Only thing i dont like is that the odometer stopped at 299,999 miles and i have to go off the tripometer to record the cars mileage, not really a big deal just annoying. Another thing i like is that even though its a compact car, 5 adults fit very easily and comfortable in it. I'd definately by another one
We bought our 05 Matrix XR halfway through 2004. Wasn't my first choice of car, but couldnt trust VW reliability at the time. Car is very roomy for its size, and is peppier than the corolla sedan. Ride is rough, was stiff when new, just beats now. Gas has been ok, nothing really impressive, tank too small for long trips. My biggest gripe is the emissions, sensors. We have replaced tires too often on the front, a new alternator at 90,000. cat converter, ox sensors, on its 3rd MAF sensor, and is getting read for new belts, and pulleys. Have 125,000 now, but have beware, this car has been drove decent, oil changed regularly, hasn't left me yet, but has not been cheap to maintain. Certainly not the indestructable Toyota that people say. I would say its not much better than many other cars I have owned from Olds, Nissan,Chevy, VW. I still hang on to it though, its a good commuter car.
8 years and 120,000 km and just had first non-routine repair - front break caliper seized. Mileage is excellent. Haul four big guys and golf clubs with ease. As it passed 100k km engine seemed less peppy than when new. Great car. Hope to see 200+k km.
We've had our Matrix for 4 years, put on 33,500 miles and get 36mpg highway with 5sp manual. Hauls as much stuff as Saturn VUE or similar SUV on smaller platform which is why we chose the Matrix. We didn't want all the options (seems Toyota only offered all the options or none) so we went with the basic model. We have not had any service issues but the CD player recently started skipping. Our dealer offered little help and suggested we look for an aftermarket player. The Matrix handles well in snow and rain but offers bumpy ride on uneven roads. It does all we ask it to do so overall we are satisfied.
Original owner, 98k miles. The 5-speed transmission recently required a rebuild. The bearings split and came apart causing 1st and 2nd gear to cease. Regular maintenance and no harsh driving or racing. Most of the miles are commuter miles. The A/C is weak. No mechanical problems otherwise. Repair cost on the transmission was $1250 but included a new clutch (which was used at approx 75%)
I have 126,000 on mine, the only repair other than the ordinary brakes/hoses/oil/tires, was a $286 repair to the AC for an electrical switch that went out. Car is still getting 30/24 MPG and not burning oil a bit. Outstanding vehicle.
I have over 160,000 miles with no major problems. With the seat down in the back, I've amazed sales people, friends, family, etc., with how much I can haul.
The front seats are comfortable with good lumbar support.
It's a great family car! My daughter calls it "zippy" even now.
Es una nave esta camioneta, se las recomiendo
2005 Matrix ECM (computer) broke at 80K. It destroyed the transmission and blew one of the engine exhaust valves.Toy. corp. said "to bad your out of warranty". The costumer reps are kids in their 20s with no communication skills. Ride is bumpy, uncomfortable on long trips over 2 hours. Instrument panel takes 30 seconds to come on. Not good at night. Front tires wear very fast and uneven regardless of rotations. Nothing like my old Corolla that was made in Japan and gave me 12 years of service. Still ran good when I sold it. My Buick century also outlasted the Matrix.
Love the car, but had one problem that has me very concerned. My alarn system locked up the ignition system and I couldn't get it started. Had to have it towed and the dealer wouldn't cover it under the warranty. So, it ended up costing 200 dollars including the towing. Furthermore, the dealer couldn't give me a definitive answer that explains what happened. They just said a wire had come loose under the dashboard, which sounds like bull to me. So, if you have that problem we should ban together to see if it is a defect in the car. Other than that, had an enjoyable and problem-free 50,000 miles with the car. Love traveling with the car. Can pack everything that I need in the car. I think of it as my cool middle-aged station wagon.
This car has been a huge disappointment in MPG.. Advertised as 31 Hwy and 28 City (?) and the best we have done in almost 6 years is 28 on the Hwy (steady 70 mph) and about 22 around town. Wears out front tires way too fast (14K miles!), or maybe it was the Continentals that it came with. Other brands seem to do a better (about 20K miles which still isn't good). We also had a Mercedes E320 V6 up until last year that had almost twice the HP, torque, and weight and gave better mileage than the Matrix, 24 around town and 30-32 on the Hwy... Both numbers OVER the estimate for that car. And it was a LOT more comfortable.. Also more expensive and not as reliable, so it had to go. The Matirx AC system has needed an almost annual refill of refrigerant which has gotten really expensive. Mechanic can't find a leak, probably because it's too small. As someone else noted, the rear brake light is near impossible to replace and I've found that the rear wiper is a real hassle too; one mechanic who tried mangled the new blade getting it installed.
Have had to replace 4 hub caps and notice other Matrix without hub caps too. Awesome for loading! This car can carry anything. havent had to do any major maintenance until 100,000 miles and its minimal too like driving belt and hoses and brakes. I completely recommend this car.
Air conditioning went out at 80K. Screwy panel illumination when turning on heater, takes about three minutes for lamps to illuminate panel completely. Changing top center rear brake lamp is almost undo-able, almost forcing one to take to dealer to replace lamp in order not to break plastic bezel. Same can be said the cabin overhead lamp. Car emits rich gassy fumes upon start up.
Car is suppose to get 29MPG, it's closer to 24. Not very good MPG for a small car for city driving. Pros: Very flexible in payload to carry items like Xmas trees, bikes, rugs, and water heaters.
gray, trd system, suspension, 10000 milles, my baby
I love this car
Good gas mileage for a crossover vehicle.