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Toyota 4Runner (68 Reviews)
Purchased a used 2005 Toyota forerunner V6 with 76,000 miles based on Consumer Reports and reviews. Other than a new battery and a starter, we've had no issues for several years. At 133,000 however, dash panel light and computer code revealed misfire in # 6 cylinder. After some research, I discovered "head gasket," and # 6 cylinder issues are quite common in high mileage Toyota forerunners. See or google: 2005 toyota forerunner "head gasket" and you will discover as I did, that Toyota has lot's of # 6 cylinder & head gasket issues on high mileage Toyota's. So much for low maintenance costs! $4, costs are nothing to sneeze at my friend.
I traded a 2011 Grand Cherokee because minimal problems. In Feb of this year bought a 2015 4Runner there are two things slower gear and lacks of power. Big key the SUV is overall best love every bit of feature standard the SUV is great believe bought for great priced after getting out my lemon of Jeep.
I had my 4Runner since 2002 brand new. There isn't a SUV would drive but a Toyota 4Runner its the best ever. I used to take into a Service Center on S. Prentiss Drive now 222k miles the dealer get serviced Oaks Toyota works on my SUV. Still very comfortably handles, runs and drives great the 6 cylinder is peppy. I did go to O'Reilly changed out spark plugs and air filters but luckily let dealership service oil changes and rotations etc. It's in mint condition never going to get rid of it did get AC repaired in June 2013 but overall very dependable. I would definitely buy another in a heartbeat this 4Runner is great ever driven to Colorado and Tennessee its the best ever had.
I bought my 4.7 V8 4Runner new in 2007. This may be the best auto I've ever owned! The 4Runner belongs to a select few that is body-on-frame construction, giving you more control and rigidity in off-road conditions. At 78,000 miles I haven't had a single mechanical or electrical problem. Absolutely ZERO issues. There are no rattles or shakes, even when driving on rough terrain. The components are solid and still look quite new. Trans shifts all five gears seamlessly. The i-Force V8 is smooth but powerful. Performance in rain and snow is like no other. It remains solid, confident and willing. Lock the differential and go 4X4-low and you'll be able to have more fun. The down-hill-assist is a nice option for steep down hills. This SUV, built actually by Hino, may not be for everyone but its build quality and performance may impress. I am a very happy 4Runner owner!
430000 miles would drive to California love this truck
Great road handling. Best SUV ever owned has 45k miles no problems gets good gas mileage will never get rid of my 4runner a great SUV with comfortable and great features.
My 92 has never had a problem /She keeps going even when its something wrong. So this truck is like one of the kids apart of the family, strong till the end!!!!!!
I have put 40,000 miles on my 2010 & have no complaints. Gas mileage is really better than I expected it to be. It is comfortable & handles well. I just pulled my 16' fiber glass bass boat with 50hp merc 3,000 miles and averaged 19.1 mpg from Kansas to Florida & back. If it were a heavier boat I would want a larger engine but would have to go to a Sequoia which I love to drive.
I've had my 2010 4runner since new and never had any issues except for a blown speaker at 5000 miles. To the author of the post with the 2012 4runner who was complaining about the recirculating air. Just hold down that button for about 5 seconds and it will stay on till you turn the car off or press it again. This will keep outside air from following into the car, regardless of hot or cold.
I own a 2011 4Runner, 4x2 with 92,0000 miles on it. I have enjoyed it until today when I carried it in with a roaring sound. They came out to tell me my rear wheel bearings are bad. Not a cheap fix. Bearings are right at $400.00 each and Labor was going to run me another $550.00 + the tax. So as of today not to happy with my 4 runner :(
Gud Day All,

I have a '97 that i purchased way back in '99, SR5 verison, and I love that truck. Currently i have 220,000 miles on her, and still running strong!!! I have a oil leak that is dropping i believe on the manifold which is causing smoke coming for the engine bay out of the passager side wheelwell. The compressor (heat) acts up once in a while, but it works..still good on gas, and i just love my runr...Thanks
My 4runner get stuck between 35-45 mph, the automatic gear does not shift, and looks like my rpm spinning to 3, and the car speed is stuck to 45. not sure what is the problem
does not happen all the time, but its been difficult to drive the vehicle, on highway, when you need speed the vehicle is stuck at certain speed....
i purchased my 4runner 2 years ago brand new and its probably the best car i've ever owned and i've owned many cars, looks great and makes me feel good driving it. never anything wrong with it. the only problem i have are the dealerships that sell and service these cars, just horrible service. dealer experience is why ill never buy another Toyota, not the car itself.
This is specifically about the Heating/AC System. In cold weather, it will not stay in the recirculating mode. It cuts out after about three minutes. Thus, outside air is sucked in. This may not be a problem for many people, but for those of us adversely affected by exhaust fumes, it borders on life threatening, especially when caught in heavy stop and go drive time traffic. I have talked to two dealership service managers and both told me there is nothing they can do about it. I hope somebody who matters reads this post.
I LOVE my 4Runner! I bought a 94 about 5 years ago and have kept up on maintenance so it runs like a champ. The 3.slow engine can be frustrating when going up hills but it is great for 4wheeling and driving in the snow. I put KM2 tires on it and even with the slower engine my 4runner can hold its own in the mud and snow. They just dont make em like this anymore...
When shifting into overdrive there is a knocking or rattling sound which comes and goes when shifting into overdrive it is comming from the engine or transmission. Brakes seem to lock causing car to lunge foreward. Has anyone had these problems.
Brakes are aweful, and Toyota needs to fix this issue or I will never buy another Toyota. When you step on the brake pedal, nothing happens for the first few inches of brake pedal travel, so you tend to jab the brakes at that point as you are not stopping at all. Then the brakes activate all of a sudden and you are nose-diving. The modulation is terrible! You expect more for $40k, to say the least. Also, it is very easy to setoff the stability control going around corners, which is very disconcerting. The suspension is unsettled, which makes the vehicle feel tippy.
I have a 2001 Toyota 4-runner two wheel drive v6? I have aprox 250,000 miles and have had to do NOTHING but change the oil and brakes. What a GREAT vehicle. I have always driven Jeep or Lexus. I know they are related but I hope to never own another Lexus. This car if very plain and a little small creature comforts but is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. I am the second owner and I bought it in aprox 2005.
I had a 2003 4Runner and traded it for my 2005 4Runner in 2009 with 35,000 miles. It is the sport edition V8 4WD. I love everything about this vehicle. Although it rides a bit stiff, I can't complain. The Jensen sound system is amazing, although could have had a better stereo system. I can't get some local stations, however the ones that come through are clear. Not a crucial downfall for me. Just recently the check engine light,VSC Track and VSC off lights came on with the vehicle skidding icon. They stay on for a few days and go off, coming back on eventually. I took it to the dealership and they diagnosed it as the Air intake valve malfunction. They said it needed valve assembly x3, pump assembly, and gaskets x2 @ $2500. Labor $1100. They said it was common with the V8's. Has anyone had this same problem? Would love some suggestions. Other than that, I have had no other mechanical issues with this vehicle and recommend it to friends, minus the 4WD. I would most likely purchase another 4Runner minus the 4WD.
love the car no problems till now try to start just hear relay click nothing works on switch headlights and horn are good would be gratefull for any ideals
I am another victim of poor 3.4 engine design. SLUDGE. Only 1220,000 miles. I have all reciepts from my oil changes and regular service from the Toytoa Dealership.

My very last Toyota.


I finnaly traded my 2003 yesterday, it had 74500 miles and 8 years. I am going to miss it a lot. It was the Sport Edition in black.
The dealership only gave me $9000 for it, and i took it with a smile!
Bought 2011 SR5 since i am on a budget now.
Halloween 2009 kids dropped eggs on my hood, and i had to bring my car for a paint job, went to Maaco BIG MISTAKE, horrible job and they devalued the price of my car. DO NOT GO TO MAACO!

The major problem was the paint rims that peeled off after the warranty was out. You can buy replica on line for $161, factory ones are $350.
Slight issue with the driver side door lock, when it was under warranty. The driver seat had a slight side to side motion that Toyota never really fixed to my satisfaction, i beleived the problem came about because of the valet parking, those guys just slam the seat when sliding it!
If i was you i would get the hood protector, i am going to get it for my 2011, and maybe even the clear film for some of the paint and front lights.
My 2003 had front and rear brush guards, still need to buy it for my 2011...
Overall my 2003 was really a great truck, off road and all.
I would tell anyone to buy a 4Runner.
When the original tires need to be replace go for the Michelin!
The front suspensions needed to be changed, it was getting rough down there.The reason for me to sell it, was i could not stand the fact of loosing of the car value.

Just bought the 2011 SR5.
Drove it back home 65 miles from the dealership.
I miss my bucket seat from my 2003 Sport Edition. The engine is smoother since it is a five speed and not a four speed like my 2003.It looks bigger in and out.
Too new to rate...But for now i give it 5 stars.
i have a 94 ben a pain. new hg timing belt water pump exhaust shocks blow out in wear and know my rear end is going out. one thing after another. hoping this will end soon. doing the rear end tomorrow
we like our 2003 4runner but it is not that roomy for a family of 4
the ride is rough like a truck and it is not really a good winter truck
280,000 miles, never a major repair and still going. great SUV
I have bought 5 of them. Sold 1, wife wrecked 1 and at last count I still have 3. All Ltd.s. I oviously like them and will buy another asap just to keep as a spare. Enough said.
the V8 4.7 is a turd because of the piston engine knock at cold start. Toyota apparently does not have a fix for it.
1990 4runner ..this was my 1st truck when i bought had 165,000 mi on was 6 yr old i put 565,000 mi on it with no prob ..went throw 8 sets of tires and a lot of brakes shoes it has the org stater !!! itnever let me down on the road or just tacking my kids to school its ben a great truck
I have had a Cellica and Camry previously and I bought the Sport Version of the 2005 4 Runner, without 4 whl drive. The only regret I have is that it is too stiff of a ride for me...I like a little bit more of luxury and comfort when I drive. My husband wanted the Sport Version to take his surfboard to the beach...I like how it looks, but wish I had gotten something better on gas and cushier....We also bought a 2001 MR2 and a 2004 Tacoma SR5....We like Toyotas for their reliability, but I wish all of our cars were a little more comfy to ride in.....