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Scion tC (10 Reviews)
Bought this car in 2007 with 20k miles on it, and it now has 100,000k miles and have never had any major problems with it. The only issues that I've had are instances such as interior console lights "burning" out and my power door locks failing, but then working again, and then not working again, all on their own. Sometimes my interior vent fans just don't turn on, and my radio freezes up. I believe my car has some interior electrical shorts and issues because of these problems. My sunroof will randomly get stuck open, and there is no manual way to close it. My key has fallen apart to shreds, and the unlock button is gone. Also, around 90k miles, I began to notice a creaking/ grinding noise coming from the front suspension. I have had this checked out by the dealer, and was told there were no issues, but the noise has gotten substantially worse. THIS CAR EATS THROUGH TIRES! This is the other area of grip I have with this car. Because you can only put low profile tires on it, there is very little grip during any type of rain (forget about driving in snow), and the tires do not last long at all. I can get 30k miles out of one set if I'm lucky. I'm on my 4th set of tires since I bought the car! My last set, I drove them down until the steel belts were fraying out of the sides (by complete accident). The interior has held up very well, with the occasional scratch here and there, a loose panel every once in a while, but they pop right back in. Otherwise, the engine and transmission have been great! Gas mileage leaves something to be desired for such a small car, but it's not terrible. Excluding tires, this car is affordable to maintain, and I would recommend it to someone who is not bothered by constant tire purchases.
Great car only problem was hit a pot hole at 45mph and tore up my upper and lower controll arms, hub, crossmember, tie rod, and the A-frame... but good car none the less
LOVE my Tc!!! It has been a great reliable car. The Tc may not have all the bells and whistles, but it had everything I wanted for a decent price. We have had ours for 7 years now and would purchase another. The down side over the years were the low profile tires, you hit a pot hole and forget it!
First year I've got mine, it was good. Runs smooth with no problems. Second year I started to notice that the tires are giving me problems, since they are sporty and low profile tires its just always giving me problems. The pressure tire light is constantly on and its always getting to me because I feel like something is constantly wrong with my tires. I always go do my oil change at the manufacturer where I got my car, everytime I go in they will reset those lights off. But after a couple hours when I drive off, it comes back on again! I've had the car since 2005, going on my 8th year now. At this very moment, the check engine light is on and now my car is having weird noises. Its soo stressful, now dmv wants me to smog my car and I know with that CEL it won't pass smog. Damn!What should I do? What is wrong with my car?
Pros: Incredible Value - Great Design - Brakes/ABS - Extremely Reliable - Fun to drive with stick shift - Tons of customization options - Only one significant repair in almost 7 years (below) - Glass roof with moonroof/sunroof combo

Cons - Minor, intermittent rattles - Catalytic converter replaced (for free w/ warranty) at 55,000 miles - Handling is so-so unless you upgrade the suspension components
It's been plagued by problems since I purchased it.
have been gm for 40 years,this is so much better all around then any gm.
The Scion tC is a great, reliable car. Excellent reliability. It's a Toyota, but more fun. No big repair bills or problems. Just normal.
my 2006 scion tc is great!!! I love everything about it!!! So far,GREAT!!!!!!!