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Kia Spectra Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- problemcar and 19 others

There is a fuel smell under the hood especially in the morning when I start it when it is warming up. The smell is strong inside the car also. I have found fuel at the end of the fuel rail, but can't find where it is coming from. Checked wires hoses no luck.I did have an emissions code set once, changed the gas cap, hasn't helped.
also off and on turns over several times before it will start. almost like it isn't getting fuel. Don't know if 2...

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

Drive Train -- Verified

Reprogramming the transmission control module with the latest Kia transmission software may fix abnormalities in the automatic transmission and erroneous transmission-related Check Engine Light illumination. Software updates are commonly most effective on newer vehicles. Higher mileage vehicles may exhibit a similar symptom caused by a component failure. However, whenever major transmission repairs are performed the transmission software ...

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may erroneously illuminate, signifying a fault with the front oxygen sensor when no fault exists. Replacing the electrical connections at the oxygen sensor with a repair kit available from Kia will commonly fix this problem.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The original alternator was incapable of supplying sufficient power to the battery when the engine was idling with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning). A new, more powerful alternator and reprogramming of the powertrain computer will commonly correct this problem.

Kia Spectra Recalls (Recent)

Engine, April 25, 2011

RepairPal Expert Overview:

On vehicles driven in areas where road salt is used, the straps that secure the fuel tank may rust and break. A broken fuel tank strap could allow the fuel tank to drop and contact the ground, which could result in a fuel leak. With any fuel leak, there is always an increased risk of a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel tank straps and attaching hardware with zinc-coated parts. This recall is scheduled to begin during June 2011. The Kia recall number is SC090.

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Suspension & Steering, May 20, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

On certain vehicles the steering tie rods may have a metallurgical defect causing them to brake. This could lead to loss of steering and an accident. The dealer will replace the whole rack which includes the tie rods free of charge. The KIA recall # is SC-047

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Kia Spectra Questions and Answers

jbin, 2000 Kia Spectra, Washington, DC

Category: rpe
Subject: It lights up the dashboard to indicate D
Technician: no

-- Details --

I have a Kia shuma automatic transmission 2000 model.It lights up the dashboard to indic...

knight17118, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Crosby, TX

leaking break fluid down the front of the master cylinder

Visitor, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Chicago, IL

i got a smoke coming out from the bottom of my car but is not leaking from oil its the anti freeze and also the radiator have a cap so theres something like to much pressure

jnortiz, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Sun City, CA

my 2002 kia spectra starts and runs good but when I come to a stop sign it starts shaking and idling rough idles normal in neutral or park

anthonynjfl, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Tampa, FL

are there any places in tampa that will help customers pay the bill by providing payment plans?

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Kia Spectra Reviews

I purchased my 2007 Spectra in August of 2007. I have 118,000 miles on it now and thus far, other than the oil, the only parts I've changed are the thermostat (once), the brakes all around (once), a park light and a headlight. Twice the car didn't start for me in 6 1/2 years, and both times it was because I'd left a light on all night. I don't care that it's not pretty, it has been a blessing that hasn't put a dent in my pocketbook, something I appreciate as I drive past so many pretty cars on the bed of the repo man's truck. I never expected this car to be so amazingly dependable when I drove it off the lot 6 1/2 years ago.

I paid $5000 cash for this car with 19,000 miles. It has been the best car i have owned. I changed all tear and wear parts at approximately 125,000miles as preventive maintenance. I changed the breaks at 130,000 and the clutch at about 150,000 (the mech said clutch was still good). At the time I bought this car, I had also bought a dodge truck.... Big difference in quality. I had to change all of the suspension parts and breaks on the truck at 60,000. The only problem with the kia is that the dashboard is delaminating and peeling back at the defroster vents. Also, the upper catalytic converter goes out at about 190,000miles(common in kias). Currently my kia has 251,000 miles and still going strong. I did change the battery at about 160,000m. Excellent car. Would buy another one except they jacked up the prices!!

I have a 2005 Spectra Bought brand new and it now has 310,400 miles on it. Same engine and transmission. Timing belts done every 80k water pump done once and oil changes every 4k, I have gotten my money worth from this car that at the time I thought it was going to be just another throw away car later down the road but I keep saying to myself when it dies I'll get a new one. It still runs really well in fact almost to well and I think I'm going to have to just go buy myself a new car because I don't think its ever going to die. I've been really impressed at how well this car has held up. I sure wish they had continued to make these cars, I would go out and buy another.

I bought the 2005 Spectra in March of that year, it was my second KIA...it is still going strong and has moved me several times towing trailers as large as a trailer used to haul a backhoe. I have changed the transmission oil once, oil and filter ever 6000 miles and I spray used oil on the under body, on the paint all parts liable to rust under the hood and behind both bumpers.
put 20,000 km on a year average and have no complaints. I took it in to the dealer for new gas tank straps and that is about all..brakes, tires, oil changes.
When I move from this Country of Canada I will give it to one of my kids who I am sure will have a great second car which will last for years.

how many liters of oil for engine for kia spectra 2008

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