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2007 Honda Odyssey fully loaded and full of trouble. 13 miles, brand new purchased off the lot. From day 1...nothing but repairs - doors go out, Windows stop working. Constant engine problems that are, thankfully, covered by warranty. Some repairs are done twice because the replacement part was faulty. All repairs done at the dealership. And, amen, that we bought the extended warranty as at 62,000 miles the entire engine blows! Upset that an engine with 59,000 miles was put into my van, but happy I didn't have to pay the $14,000 tag for repairs.
Still, to this day, trouble, but budget does not allow for a new vehicle.
Will not purchase Honda again.
I love my 2000 Honda odyssey. It has 292,754 miles and still running. Only have one issue and it's with the dash lights staying on followed by total loss of power. Hoping it's just the alternator. My odyssey has been a life saver and for it being 16 years old with high mileage and only having this one issue IM SOLD ON THE HONDA ODYSSEY!! My family wont own any other mini van.
I purchased the 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring in 2005 and have averaged $12,00.00 per year for maintenance. I have 153,400 miles and I have replaced the PAX tires three times at $1,300.00 each time. I think I am about to replace the tires again. I just finished doing a maintenance summary with Excel and I was surprised how much money I have spent on the Honda van.
Has been a exclent van, have 212,000 M. Just replaced timeing belt, water pump, drive belts, had two broken motor mounts. Cost $1385 dollars. Work was done by Honda. Other things I hear about the odyssey I have not had. My Honda dealer don't charge what other people said they paid for motor mounts. I paid less than $700 FOR 2.
I have had my Odyssey since 2008 and have driven over 100,000. It has been a good car overall but now it is starting to have some problems. First of all, My Nanny crashed the car. Minor accident from stationary at a light and she did $7000 worth of damage and the front was destroyed. That's very concerning that the bodywork is like paper. I am concerned how this would hold up under a real impact.
Secondly I have the issue with the brake judder when breaking. It's annoying but at least my breaks haven't tried to stop by themselves...... yet.
I have had issues with the air conditioning since last summer when the car overheated out of the blue. It was stationary running in my driveway and all of a sudden it just overheated. The AC has been funny since.
On top of weird AC, the electrical system seems to be breaking down. My central panel keeps overheating, switching off my navigation system/entertainment and a couple of weeks ago I had a leak through my ceiling where the water just literally Poured into the car. No windows open at the time of the leak. The leak seems to have destroyed more parts of my electrical system, the sliding doors no longer work, the indicators and temperature gauge to name a few things are not working. We left it to dry for a couple of days and now the car wont start at all. It appears that a cell in my replaced battery is not functioning. This car is becoming a money pit now and it's not that old!!...... It's very worrying. Also, I'm now terrified of fire. I have heard arcing in my dash for a while, and now I realize that the doors won't open when the electrical system screws up. I am actually wondering how on earth I would get my toddler out of the car in the case of fire. Think we might be a bit screwed there...... I don't think I would buy this car again......
I bought 2000 Odyssey brand new and I am totally satisfied. Got oil changes every 3-5 thousand miles and transmission oil changes every 15000 thousand miles on an average. I think the book suggests every 30000 miles. I was worried about transmissions going bad and so I got frequent transmission oils changed. Transmission is just fine even at 147000 miles. I have not change the Timing belt yet and book suggests I do at 105000. I know I am taking a risk and I will get it done soon and shopping around.
In electrical system, the LED lights behind the clock, and other places blew out. Very hard to replace so I just got used to without having them.
I always put Sams club gas. So the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter light came on which is no big deal, I think.
I used my odyssey for long trips, as a work horse truck hauling sofas, and once I hauled load of granite stones and I know that was foolish of me. AC is fine and I have not filled any freon.
Other than that tires, brakes, and regular maintenance. Hoping to get at least 200000, TouchWood.
It is not just a van but a light truck.
I just bought mine going on 17 year old Honda Odyssey with 220,000 miles on it. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician and I am very impressed with this van. Of course it is a Honda and they are by far the best vehicles on the road. The only problems this van has are owner induced or just normal wear and tear. If your van does not drive like a brand new Accord then it is time for a new set of struts. My personal recommendation is to use KYB struts. This van has had regular oil changes and timing belt replacements but that is about it on maintenance so I am doing 17 years worth of maintenance to it all at one time. Here is what I've done to mine and my brand recommendations for the greatest performance and reliability based on 20 years worth of experience. It is getting New Bosch IR infusion plugs, Standard/BWD/Belden wires, all new Gates belts & hoses (radiator & heater), complete Gates timing belt set with new tensioners-idlers-water pump, Fel-Pro valve cover gasket & distributor O-ring, KYB GR-2 struts, Beck & Arnley front motor mount, Wagner/Bendix Pads & Rotors, K&N air filter, PCV valve, Standard distributor cap & rotor, flushing all brake fluid and replacing with high quality DOT-4 fluid, servicing transmission 4 times with Honda fluid, oil change with 15,000 mile Mobile-1 & Fram synthetic filter and a new Exide battery. Other than oil changes I don't expect to touch a thing for the next 50,000 then it get new plugs, cap and rotor. When changing plugs never forget to always use anti-seize on the threads and dielectric grease on both ends of the wires. My van runs and drives like a brand new van. I hope these recommendations help someone out there because at this age all these things either have been done or need to be.
This is my first odyssey but I have had 3 other Honda cars. I like everything about my odyssey except the second roll seats need to be taken out in order to hall large items such as 4x8 plywood etc. I know this is not a truck but other vans have seats that fold into the floor for more room. I have 38000 on my Honda and it has served me well.
Great mini van. Only have 4000 miles on it but have taken it on a 1000 mile trip. Ran great. The suspension is much stiffer than our old 2002 mini van but that makes it handle all the better.
i love my odessey! i wanted a 2002 body style for along time. i like the size of the doors for easy entry. they can be dent magnets, i have seen alot of banged driver side front fenders, as well as lift gates. when properly matained they are awsome multi-use vans. i have seen alot of pass. rear vent widow problems... they stick. i plan on investing on a new paint job, and carpet kit soon. i think they are classy and i plan on keeping it for as long as i can.
I bought a 3003 Honda Odyssey new from Brown Honda. In 2010 had Problems with vibration at 50-60 mph Brown Honda of Toledo replaced both front axles at a cost of $825 but the vibration continued, then they blamed it on tires so replaced tires- no improvement- returned to dealership 3 times (75 miles round trip)and got the runaround- the vibration continues and it seems nobody knows how to correct it. I hate to trade my troubles off on someone else. it only has 68000 miles and had 53,000 when the trouble started. Had tires balanced so many times that the aluminum rims are nearly ruined from wheel weights.
I had the braking problem when I bought the van and they have to replace the rear brake drums.

The door locks are not working properly.

The sliding doors are always hard to open. It seems like they are clued to the door during hot days. The only way to open them is to bump the door from the inside.

The van has 120k miles on it and the transmission is acting up. Shifting from 1st to second gear is rough and it needs to be be replaced.

It is consuming engine oil quite badly and I have to add at least a quart for every 3k miles.

Also, the wiring connection to the clock and a/c and heater board always loose and sometime we are not able to control the fan and a/c and heater.

The ride and cornering is good.
I bought this from the owner when it was less than six months old. I have loved it and had no problems with it except for the air conditioning has started not to work. It cools but the blower fan is tempermental. Sometimes it works but not others. Hit a bunp (not a major one) and it shuts off. After almost eight years of running, this is not a deal breaker. I drove Caravans from the time they came out until I got this Honda. I will never go back to Dodge. Service was bad, last car was a red lemon. Honda has been great and I have no complaints.

No kids but it hauls anything and a sheet of plywood lays flat in the back. I regret that I did not get the electonic rear hatch, but that is the only regret. At this point I have no plans to trade as I still have a lot of life and pep in this car.
2007 Oydssey purchased in 2008 with 24000 miles. Then nothing but problems. Two recalls.
50000 miles AC goes $500. Alt goes out next $400. Next at 80000 miles wheel seal goes $500. Then AC again $1000 at 85000 miles. Wheel issue ruins front tires $200.

2000 Oydssey purchased new but it was a Canadian modal sold to me by an American Dealer. transmission fails at 95000 miles. Honda American turns their back on me tells me sorry its a Canadian modal so we do not have to honor the recall. Nor are we going to replace the transmission it is your problem.

Today my dealer applies to Honda America for "Goodwill Help" to repair AC the second time. Guess what they declined to help.

Burned twice. Never again no more Honda for me!
From the day we bought this car in 2002 the doors didn't work right. To this day the doors stutter and fail to close half the time. The clock light never worked, either. The car seems to have lots of very expensive to fix flaws. Very unhappy with the van.
my first odyssey that i had.never passenger side window had a bent rod ,unable to bring it up to close unless i push it up.brought it to the honda dealer took 4 days to get it fixed.took the car home 1/2 hr away.this time the door could,nt be opened from the outside,back to the honda dealer.turn out the mechanic forgot to attach a cable to the door switch.i made 3 trips back and froth 1/2 hr each way times 2 for my wife had to follow me because i had to leave the car there.initially i cursed this car out,i thought that i had a wife let her frustration out on the salesperson to be compesated of all the trip back and forth time and gas.they were going to me a free tank of gas.never i said this was a bad experience .within ayear or so i'm going back to a toyatta.
After 165000 miles, the car still works well. Have never had anything go bad until recently. I always do my own maintenance; oil, filter and rotate every 5K miles. Except I had all belts and hoses replaced at 120K miles by the Honda shop . The "Check Engine" light came on. My OBD2 unit did not register anything, however, the unit used by the folks at my local Autozone showed a lean mixture present. This could be a number of things but more than likely a bad PCV. Autozone charges about $70. Have not done it yet as there has been no deterioration of performance.
front wheel wear and tear on right side of the wheel. In 5 years 5 sets.
We allign , rotate and all Honda keeps saying there is no problem.
Also had to change the transmission for a common jumping at 40 MPH. The 6 to 3 cylinder goes off also, after 5 years this car is starting to give big headaches
A very dependable and trouble free workhorse that has served our family well in all climates and duty cycles and still going strong & great guns at 261000 miles. We have maintained it meticulously as per the manufacturers suggested service schedule and it has never let us down. We did a 5000 miles road trip recently to California and back without any incident. We drove it to the tops of Rocky Mountains in Colorado to elevations in excess of 12000 Ft. MSL with a full load and our beloved Odyssey took the challenge without a complaint. BRAVO Honda for making one of the finest vehicles I have driven.
Of all the cars I've owned in my life, this 2001 Honda Odyssey is the absolute WORSE car I have ever owned.

Before the car even had 60K miles on it, the transmission had to be replaced. 6 months later, the bearings in A/C were grinded into a complete pulp and shot through the lines killing both the A/C and the evaporator.

The automatic doors have never worked right, and one is permanently stuck in the closed position. I use to spend $$$ on just replacing the fuse cause it was cheaper than spending $70 at the dealership to do the same thing, but now, changing the fuse doesn't even work.

Buttons on the dash have been falling off all over the place for the past 3 years. I keep a constant supply of super glue in the van now.

I am now in the process of replacing all the rear shocks and rear wheel bearings and hubs. Apparently, they all decided to "go" at the same time.

The navigator completely blew and my car was in the shop for 2 weeks because they had pull the entire unit out of the car and send to the original manufacturer because the dealership had no clue what was going on with it. The original manufacture said several circuits "blew", but had no idea why.

I had to replace the battery because I discovered that most batteries can't handle the electrical system in this car, so I had to purchase the biggest, bad-dest battery they had. At least the headlights are a little brighter now (but not by much).

I put in a new starter 4 months ago because a dealership wanted boo-koo bucks to do it and I did it for less than $100 myself. I think I broke one nail in the process.

The rear brakes constantly squeak and every mechanic I've taken them too can't get it to stop.

I once owned a 65' Mustang, and that car was FAR more reliable than this piece of crap! After I fix this next round of problems, it's outta here!
This car is the workhorse vehicle for the family. It's hauled kids, dogs, camping gear and pulled a U-Haul trailer from Oregon to Texas. We acquired our 2000 Odyssey in 2002 used with 35,000 miles. All in all it has been a great vehicle for us. The car is now 10 years old and we have driven it from Oregon to Texas and back 3 times now. Most of the repairs have been minimal and for things that have worn out due to age. The only thing that failed us was the transmission at about 98,000. We found out there was a class action lawsuit filed against Honda becuase the transmissions were failing in our model year betweem 96,000 and 102,000 miles. Sure enough, the transmission started to fail and we were lucky to have it happen in right in the middle of the 96K to 102K miles. Our Honda dealer in Beaverton, Oregon replaced the transmission at no cost except for the labor. I had to write a letter to Honda in order to be reimbursed for the labor portion of the repair. Last summer (2009) on our migration back to Oregon from Texas, we lost the air conditioning and the engine started to over heat in 90+ deg. weather. We made it to Colorado Springs with the heater running full on to keep the engine from overheating. The local Honda Dealership in Colorado Springs replaced the thermostat and talked me into a rear break job at the same time (we were actually due for brakes). We made it to Portland, Oregon, but the engine started to overheat again. The Honda Dealer in Beaverton, Oregon replaced the radiator and we were good to go. However, both repairs combined was about $1,200 (ouch!) For the most part our 2000 Odyssey has been a great car for us. We typically hold on to our cars for awhile. I have owned 2 other Hondas before this one, a 1992 Civic (which I sold in 2002 for half its original value) and a 1980 Accord hatchback. The only other quirky thing the Odyssey does is that the automatic sliding rear doors tend to be sluggish in extreme temperatures--usually under 30 deg. or over 80 deg. F.
Bought used with 24000 miles in 2003, currently has 137500 miles and still going strong. My biggest complaint, the transmission, it went south at 103000 miles. Honda would not fix or replace under warranty. I had it repaired by a transmission shop, it went south at 23000 miles. Luckily, I had 24000 mile warranty. The transmission was replaced with a rebuilt at no cost.
Similar to Kathy, have owned this car since it was new. It has been a great van, a significant improvement from the Dodge Caravan it replaced, and is very comfortable on long trips. (especially those > 2 hours). A lot of flexibility: seven people can be seated comfortably OR the middle two bucket seats can be removed (would probably save some MPG if not using regularly) to carry (for instance) equipment, the third "magic" seat is heavy yet sturdy and folds into the back so the entire van behind the front bucket seats is flat...a 4'x8' could fit there. MPG between 18-25, nothing in its size is close, and horsepower is plentiful @ ~ 200! The salesperson recommended using premium gas every fifth fill-up or so...the manual says the van gets another 10 HP when you do. Oil filter is standard Honda (the same one fits my 1985 Accord). The only annoyances are minor: the tray in-between the front seats can sometimes be cumbersome to fold and unfold and the A/C is used to clear the characteristically-common (for Hondas) fogging up with inclement weather (with icy weather, it fogs and gets icy on the inside of the front window). I've never had automatic lights, so I don't miss having those. Overall, it's a comfortable touring vehicle and has a tight turning radius for its size.
I have owned this car since it was new. It has been a great car and is very comfortable on long trips. The well in the back is great to keep groceries from rolling all over the car. The rear seat easily stows for extra room. This car has all the bells and whistles, except automatic headlights. Strange, but I can deal with that. I highly recommend this car for anyone who has kids, travels a lot with friends, or needs interior storage for their lifestyle.
Excellent vehicle and now has over 100,000 mi. Brakes cost $800 but only after 80,000 mi.

VERY HAPPY with the car.
This exl model has been the best new car i've ever bought. I have 101,000 miles on it and it has never been to the dealer for repair. I bought the extended warranty and never used it. The person looking for user friendly oil filter replacement should turn the wheels all the way to the right and you can see the filter without getting under the car. Put on an oil drain module like a Fumoto valve and you dont have to jack up the van to change oil. Also be religious about changing transmission fluid. I try to do it every 30,000 miles and the shifting improves immediately. Use Honda z1 ATF.

The AC works pretty hard in hot weather and I would like to see brighter headlights.

Also e religious about changing
The Odyssey has been in the family fleet since 2004, and my personal city commuter since 2007.

Pros: large and comfortable in the day to day and longer trips, high quality interior, that late 90s Honda magic (that has been subsequently engineered out of their newer vehicles) of excellent visbility, handling, pep, durability and economy. Great city beater.

Cons: Multiple tranmission failures, squirrelly dealer service (but eventual OEM-paid replacement), spotty door operation. Also, large size makes it a dent and scratch magnet when street parked.

The 2000 Odyssey rattles a lot in the front end. I have it checked everytime I get the oil changed and they can't find anything causing it. It drives me nuts.