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My car stop while sitting waiting for a train to pass i pushed in the lighter wated for it to pop out then the car made a thump and quit.Now the dash light up when you turn the ignition key on but it want do anything what should i do or check?
Overall the car is great. I'm less than pleased with the Flexfuel mapping. My 2012 ran extremely well and was not a flexfuel. 2014 engine reminds me of my '84' Wellcraft with the old Chevy "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder engine. I will most likely get a new one (2016?) when SYNC 3 is the tech.
Buy any other car and you'll probably get something better! Recently traded my 2013 Focus for a Toyota after the Focus (at only 39,000 miles) decided it would occasionally stall and not restart. Two Ford dealers couldn't fix the problem, let alone figure out what was wrong. Besides that, the car suffered from rattles, noises in the front end, trim and molding coming loose. I thought I would avoid the transmission issues and opted for the 5 speed manual but I still had problems with the clutch "shuddering" similar to the way the PowerShift transmission acts (I've rented quite a few of these too). Bottom line - this is a junk car. It may be mildly fun for the first 10,000 miles, but don't expect much after that. Ford has lost a customer for life with me.
Good car and its good on gas. Bought the little Ford Focus used in 2011 with 43,000 miles now this car is most dependable ever never put repairs until getting new A/C condenser. Runs well no other problems with Focus no rust living in Ohio this car might be better than a Civic or Corolla of this effective year. I have automatic tranny shifts smooth no problems out jerking or hesitation gets 35 mpg. Just love my 2007 Ford Focus it was a Enterprise rental but shipped to a small local dealer for me in purchasing a low priced budget car. Steering can be lacking and did get 5th set of brakes changed at 118,000 miles might coming from car being driven as rental getting all brakes replaced but engine is better with lots of good performance for small four banger motor just love my little Ford best purchased I've made.
My 2014 Ford Focus is in the shop as we speak. The trunk began to randomly open on the freeway.
I bought one year old.I have only had to do minor repairs.My biggest problem is driver door lock won't lock with key fobo
r interior door lock.All the other doors lock just fine other than this , I wouldn't trade it for anything.It has 90000miles on it.
2010 SE.Bought new in Denver.Been a great car.58000 miles,with the only problem,injector went out .Ford replaced under warrenty in about 2 hours.Reliable,and good in the snow.31 MPG combined driving.It has been a better car than my 2003 Honda Civic.
Got my 2001 Focus from coworker with 156300 miles in May of 2013. Very good price, too good to reveal. Now have 169500 miles and only two problems have happened in the last 2 months. #1 the fuel pressure regulator malfunctioned and caused rough running till replaced after some difficulty diagnosing. Ford has none in stock so I pulled one off a junker. Will cost over $100 at Ford. Two days ago my pass. side front window fell out of clamps and broke both of the attaching clips to the actuating cable that attaches to the electric motor. I got the rear clamp/clip from the junkyard and installed but the unit for the front clamp/clip is different. It has two indentations to hold the cable ends. They appear to be very tight and am not sure I will be able to effectuate a repair easily. The car gets 25+ mileage and has the Ztec eng and is plenty peppy for me and I am not known for not keeping up. LOL>! Also replaced the tailgate struts, spark plugs and 2 bulbs. Been a Ford fan since 1948 when my folks moved from Philly to Kalamazoo in a 1929 Model A 4dr. sedan. Neat Huh?
My brand new Ford Focus Titanium had to be towed back to the dealership with 250 miles on it. It had to have the clutch replaced with 800 miles on it. It is now back in the shop because it drives terrible. You never know if it going to react to the gas pedal being pushed or if it will roll backwards on a hill. It is an automatic. The transmissions in the 2014 Ford Focus are junk. It skips gears randomly. Ford says all of this is normal. It may be normal to them but check out the reports coming in about this car before you think about spending your hard earned money on one. Ford makes a good car but when I get this one bought back, I will spend the extra 2000.00 to get a Fusion. It has a different transmission in it.
I have a 2010 Focus with about 45000 miles and the air conditioner when out. The ford services quoted app. $1900 to repair. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the air conditioner going out so early? Headlight had to be replaced at 40,000 miles. I bought the car brand new so I am the only driver. No accidents.
I have only 43,000 miles on this car and it squeekes like a rusty bed spring.

The heat shield was loose and has been fixed
Front sway bars and sway bar link was replace but sound continues.
It sounds like the fram is coming apart. I hate this and will never get another Ford. it is an embarrassment.
244,000 miles on my 2001 ford focus wagon and still going.
Bought the car with 104K on it. I do my own repairs and replaced the steering rack and did the belts and waterpump. changed all fluids. A previous owner (2) used the car to haul chicken mash or something so rear springs were weak and one front spring had issues. Got the camber/toe set front and rear and have gotten 20K out of it so far. Now have issues with the fog lights and rear wiper not working.

As the car is set up it handles quiet...has a good sound system.
I would buy another Ford Focus. I have 105000 on this car and it need a crankshaft pulley replaced. This is my first repair other then tires and brakes.
I purchased this car new and loved how it drove and handled as well as the utility it offered (hatchback). There were too many recalls (7 or 9). The front suspension got noisy around 30K and was repaired under warranty - struts and links. One front spring broke and was replaced under a corrosion recall. The engine starved for fuel when the gas tank was under 1/4. There was a 10 year service program to replace the fuel pump but I did not do this in time and the fuel pump stopped working after the car sat a few months. By this time the car was 12 years old and was due for a timing belt replacement. It also had a leaky oil pan. I did not want to spend that much on a 12 year old car, so I junked it.

I drove it 111K miles and only spent $400 on repairs (rear wheel bearing, battery and front rotors). All other parts were original, even the brake pads! For this reason, I was not unhappy but feel there were too many recalls and quality issues.
Bought 2009 Focus in 2012; now has 59k miles. Traded in an F250 on it and now get 35mpg around rural area & over 40mpg on long interstate driving trips compared to 12mpg best of times on truck. Feels like I got a presidential bailout at gas pump. Excellent mountain-goat type of car for my mountainous area in any weather.
I am the original owner of this focus since I have owned it I had the rear door latches replaced twice and there still not working again, the transmission went out without warning,the trunk release is not working and do not know what relay or fuse to replace on it,the cd player has acted up since we bought this car as well
hi keep my building materials in back of my ford focus 2011 model now one of the lights his not working
Bought my focus wagon new in 2006. I had the latch on the hatch replaced in the first 6 months after losing stuff twice out the back on the road. Replaced the brakes and first set of tires around 30k miles, replaced another set of brakes at 50K and 2 more sets of rear tires before hitting 100k miles.
Changed the shocks and struts around 50k miles. Needless to say, I'm not happy with how Ford engineered the suspension and brakes on the car.
Now, at 104k miles, the low-beam lights have gone out and I have replaced all the fuses, the bulbs, and the relay and it's still not working.
I bought my 2001 ford focus new. It has been a thorn in my side. It only has 60 thousand miles. The steering is bad, I have had BOTH ty-rods break while driving the car, the front coil also broke while driving the car. The radio comes on and goes off at will. When you try to turn the radio up it goes to zero ,when you try to turn it down,it goes to 16 or goes off. My 1600,00 dollar NEW car has cost me about 4500.00 to repair. The last time I took it in ,it was almost 300 dollars,and the mechanic told me the trans is going. FORD stands for FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. I would not recommened a ford to anyone,ever.I let people know how when asked.
I rated my car based off the experience I have had with it. I bought it used in '07 in Alaska with 41k miles. It was a rental car prior to being sold for $10k. My credit was not the best so I got the cheapest car on the lot that looked clean to keep mayments low. Cd player died in '09. Has been wrecked twice and repaired twice. The A/C fan died in '11, but was fixed by a local mechanic. It's having electrical issues from what I think was the repairs done in '09 from accident #2. That is odd because the same repair shop fixed it after accident #1 and it worked great. Other than cosmetic issues like my broken glove compartment handle and my broken armrest (those were our fault), it has been very good to me. Until I get the vehicle checked I cannot be sure if the electrical issues are just the car or the poor workmanship of the repairs done in '09. I paid it off this year. Rebuilding credit for a future car. In the meantime- it's going to be mine. I want a nicer newer, but that conflicts with my desire to save my money and be debt free...especially if it is still running just fine.
I have a 2003 Focus. I love my car. It only has 68,000 miles on it as I don't travel a lot. I have had only one problem. The ignition switch locked and I had to have a locksmith remove a small part inside the cylinder. That was not expensive. I found out what to do from checking the internet. Lots of luck to the rest of my fellow Focus owners. I hope you are as happy with your car as I am.
Has anyone report an unsual increase in miles on the odometer
My dad has a 2005 Focus and I absolutely hate that car. It's cheaply made and stuff is always going wrong on it. The steering has never been right and the brakes squeak like crazy. The dealership checks them every time, and I'm sure they've been replaced, but insists there is nothing wrong with them. They are so loud you can't drive with the windows down and I always wear sun glasses in his car because I'm really embarrassed to drive it. Literally everyone around you, outside or inside their cars, stares at you.
I own a 97 Ford Escort and would not trade him in a million years. You could not give me his focus for free... I wouldn't want it.
This is a very good car so if your looking for a car that is dependable then this is it.
Hello, my 2001 ford focus; 89K~ Ive had it 4years now, iits been a good car and needed some repairs. Such as replace a/c unit, engine mounts, rotars, and now head gaskets. Other then that, tthis American Car has been a good car to me Ive gotten my ware n tear in. It also needs to stepup its game to compete with the EUO's. Same compliants fix prombles do a free recall, save me money or somewhere near down the line get exposed like Toyata. I bought American for a Reason, I may convert my Currancy Next!!
I have a 2003 ford focus zx3 and bought it brand new. I would not recommend this car to anybody, ford made these cars cheaply and they are severely flawed. My car is almost 8 years old and only has 81,252 miles on it because i cant keep it running long to put very many miles on it. and repairs are costly. Not and ideal car for some one looking for something cost efficiant. My list of repairs are below.
20k airconditioner leaking freon
23k radio/cd player broke
28k igniton had to be replaced/ altenator had to be replaced
29k trunk release but quit working
34k air conditioner broke again
36k new tires
71k evaporator core leak in the a/c
72k Door handle will no longer opent door have to leave window rolled down open from passenger side.
72k window lever broke
74k new water pump and pump housing
75k missing very bad
75k new spark plugs and wires and new ignition coil
75k blown fuses & all but 1 light went out so had to replace bulbs
76k gas & temp gauges were inaccurate and hung up.
81k water pump adaptor cracked
81k rough start and alot of vibration and noise when in park/reverse usually stops when the car warms up
81k makes a grinding noise whenever you run over a bump in the road
81k when in reverse with your wheels turned makes an extreamly loud and embarassing squealing noise
We have 184k miles on our 2002 Ford Focus hatchback and it's been a great little car. We just replaced the front struts, sway bar links and outer tie rods, rear shocks and all brakes on the car. The exhaust has been replaced with a Summit Racing stainless steel exhaust. Our son has owned the car for several years and it's been dependable and economical to maintain. It has always had full synthetic oil in it and we've used AMSOIL 5w20 since we've owned it. We'll keep it on the road as long as we can!
Manual transmission coupe. I put approximately 20,000 miles on it in nine months and have no complaints. It handles really nicely and does what you ask it to do. Mileage is really nice, averaging 35mpg combined, around 50mpg highway.
Mileage so far is 20K. The only problem was replacing two tires at 18K due to broken cords within the tires, could not balance them.