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It was well taken care of I bought it with 245,000 on it other than a couple minor rust spots on it for Minnesota $1100.00 I replaced the alternator, one rear brake caliper one relay by the way all the same $16. I thought I had battery issues it ended up being anti-theft issues you have to turn the key 8 times on and off within ten seconds to reset 1999 Ford Expedition . So it seemed to have a dead battery after it sat over night
I paid $6,000 cash for my 1998 Pacific Green Expedition Eddie Bauer with tan interior in 2005 with 134,000 miles on it. I now have 297,000 miles on it. The repairs I've done to it is $600 on rebuild front end, bushings and alternator. Changed bout 4 COP's and maybe two plugs and also trailing arms. The interior and body are great. I change the oil every 3 months. No spitting out plugs with those aluminum heads either. This car runs great and people can't believe it has this much mileage on it. I took it to the Ford Dealership to get No. 4 cylinder COP and plug, because I couldn't get to it. Everything works except the moon roof, needs adjusting, so I disconnected it. I'm really happy with this car. Maybe it was built on a good day. I fix what I can myself, like brakes, oil changes, etc.
I bought my Expedition in July 2001 has 305,452 miles. Never had problems except for brake wear plus had a light indicator on dashboard but mechanic fixed couple things as lasted for 16 years. Rides, drives and comfortable still peppy its probably better than newer Expeditions might be wrong - I absolutely love this SUV. Everything is great on this SUV very fast with lots of power have done on plenty of trips plus been through chains still very dependable. Did get routine stuff done after my 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance its working even engine and transmission are both still original. Overall I really have so much fun driving the Expedition though single its the best ever owned after owned few cars in the past Expedition is my favorite vehicle had.
I'm probably one of the FEW people left who have owned this truck since new...17 years now. I bought this truck at the beginning of the LARGE SUV heyday and gas was a $1.25 a gallon!! Overall, this truck has been SUPER reliable. It has a few design weaknesses, but no real surprises. The things it falls short on, were evident on day one; it guzzles gas and the early models are underpowered and only tow about 1/2 the tow rating well. I have 130,000 miles on it. Pretty low for it's age. I have only fixed and replaced little things. Brakes are a weak point because they were too small from the get-go; they warp disks before the pads wear out. Just replaced the starter after 16 years; it was getting tired. The 4 wheel drive system and powertrain have been pretty bullet proof. A/C system was undersized for this size vehicle, especially in hot/humid climates, but have not even recharged the system in 17 years. I've never had to replace the muffler or even a light bulb. General fit and finish and Ford's lousy paint job complaints are my biggest gripes and all came with the vehicle. If you can afford the gas, there are few vehicles out there with this much overall space and utility!
i was driving with no warning that my brakes were not going to work had to push the peddle to the floor at first had to see if i missed the peddle almost couldnt stop what would cause that ? it seems like we traded one problem for another
I own a 2000 XLT 4x4 5.4 triton.The engine at 148,000 seized and needed a complete rebuild including new heads which are aluminium,1 of Fords new ideas,junk.Now that it has been completely rebuilt ,the body has rusted,the sunroof has blown out crusing at 70 mph,and can't buy a replacement for it,the frame is rusted,brake lines rusted out and was replaced.Torsion bars completely rusted,now when it rains the vehicle if you leave the battery cables connected it will try and start on its own till the starter either burns up or the battery goes completely dead.Anyone who needs a completely rebuilt engine with around 1000 miles on it contact me.I will sell it and any other parts new rotors in front wrangler radials and so
I have a problem with my truck draining my battery after sitting for tewnty four hours. I need advice or help.
I am only 17 and this is my 6th vehicle and this is by the the best one I've had, I love it, I just got it two days ago, but the people let their kid draw on the leather seats and so I have to get that off, but other then that it's great. It has 176,xxx miles on it I am kind of worried about, but as long as it gets me to CA and OR state I am fine with it :)
I would recommend this suv to anyone and everyone!
We have had our 2003 Ford Expedition for about 5 years, and never had any issues til recently, the security systems kept locking up, and we took to Ford dealership, and they said the computer was bad, so we wrote down the numbers on the old computer, and the dealership charged us to put a new computer in it, about 2 weeks after getting the truck back the truck did the same thing, so this time they said it was the door locks sensors in the back, so we paid to have that changed then 3 weeks later the vehicle does the same thing, we check the numbers on the computer and it is the same numbers we wrote down before they supposedly replaced the computer. Does anyone know if all the computers will have the same numbers on them..or should each computer have its own set of numbers??? We have the reciept showing where they say they changed the computer and charged a lot of money for it. So if you do know if the numbers are suppose to be different please let me know. So we can get this taken care of. Thank you all in advance
I have had this vehicle for 4 years with no issues. purchase with 80K miles now have 128K miles on it...
Best vehicle ever... purchase in 1998 with 18k miles on it, just sold it with 265k miles on it, never had any problems other than changing out several ignition coils. I bought a 1999 with 78K miles and it has been great so far...
This car has earned it's nickname; The beast. It has 260, 000 thousand miles on it has the original drive train in it. Have had to replace all the ball joints, wheel bearings, fuel pump, 5 batteries, rear wiper motor, rear window motor, front power lock motor.... all in all for the miles it has Been great. At 210, 000 miles we used it to tow a car and trailer across the country either no issues. Rocker panels on both sides have completely rusted out, and when you use the remote to unlock the doors, it adjusts the mirrors to the sky. Has gotten US through the rockymountain pass numerous times with ice packed roads. The only car I truly feel safe in.
I have a great looking black Eddie Bauer 2000 Ford Expedition, that I bought from my sister who purchased it new. It's been repainted all-black, tinted the windows and added 22" chrome spoke wheels and 295x45x22 tires so, it looks newer to most people. My annoyance is three of my passenger doors won't open most of the time by the new remote. Also, my odometer light goes on and off. However, my biggest problem is the 11.8 mpg around town but, get 16.4mpg on highway when cruising at 70 mph.
This is another one for the good reviews column. I have a 2004 Expedition that currently has 357,000 miles on it. Other than normal wear it has been a phenomenal truck. It is out of service now because it has blown the same spark plug out for the third time, resulting in it needing to have the head replaced (or another engine).

Overall, an excellent truck - however, I admit I replaced this one with the same make I have before the Ford.
I've owned my 04 Eddie since 2006. Had the hood and rear door repainted because of bubbling paint on the front edge of hood and around the inside of rear door and outside handle. I called Ford in 08 about the problem and they stated they only warranty their paint for 3 years. Wow! Not impressed. Had 1 bubble spot come back on hood due to obvious aluminum contamination. No warranty on that! I have 130000 miles on it now. The vehicle does run great. I've had no other problems other than replacing 1 tire sensor gage.
I've owned mine for about 6 months now. 160K miles. Replaced front ball jnts, and battery. Just passed Missouri safety/emissions checks (2013), no problem. Runs like a beauty, ...I call her "Big Red!" I felt like I was getting ignored when I took it in for the work and safety checks, ...they had nothing to report on her! Told me to just keep rolling! I like it! I'll report back later. Only reason for any 4 stars, is that I haven't owned long enough yet!
my family bought our 1998 expedition new... through my older brothers abuse (for two years) and my abuse for the past three years, this vehicle is the best, it is about to click 200,000 miles and it has been jumped, slid around, on two wheels, went over a year at one point with no oil change, went for countless off road/mudding experiences, and still running strong. 5.4 is a great engine and has made me ford loyal! hope you have the same experience.
2005 Expedition 5,4L, 4X4, Fully Loaded, w pw,ps, pb, abs, p rear side windows, p sunroof, all tinted glass, two-tone, Aluminum wheels, auto trans w OD, tire pressure sensors, chil-locks, leather interior, AM-FM CD w Surround sound, rear DVD Player w surround sound, rear passenger Fold down bucket seats, then electric fold down seats to make way for cargo bay that can expand cargo bay to the back of front seats. We can carry our chlidren that are the size of football players, and grand children w their lock down Baby Safety Chairs, AC front and rear regulated grom front or rear, Suspension second to none, corners as if on rails with proper tires.
Heres the kicker, some stories are familiar, as if its on a timer, shortly after 100k it all starts happening, dsmn japanese parts, belts went shortly after getting, then went for long time then it has quut twice, once for ignition electronics, now its throttle body and sensor the very next day after rebuilt transmission reinstalled. Costs were about the same as others, but still managed to get parts cheaper, its only $5000 for a new block in Canada and thats the installed price. Engine has a tic but thats Ford, that can be easily remedied with new or reconditioned heads, easy and cost effective if done befote it lrads to clogging sensors. Recommend new air filter after costant checking, goto keep it breathing easy otherwise sendors with cause electronics to make damaging adjustments if left for too long.
I bought a 2005 expidition eddie bauer, had 82k miles,only 3 wks and the altinator goes $130.00, cd player jams full of discs $260.00,8 months later the battery goes $125.00, 11months its time to get it inspected now remind you its only been less than a year and the engine lighe comes on and wont go off, first garage TRIES to fix it only to tell me to bring it to a ford dealer AFTER putting $1820.00 in parts and labor and couldn't fix it, goes to the dealer and after $920.00 in parts and labor they tell me it needs a whole new ENGINE for a mere $8000.00 and cant be inspected because the engine light wont go out...yours truly FRUSTRATED and BROKE both me and the truck. and do you think ford would work with me? nooooo...
Bought this Eddie Bauer Expedition in June. Had 78k miles on it. Was a trade in with a bad engine knock. Pulled oil pan, #8 rod bearing bad, crankshaft ok. Put it together, have put about 3k miles on it since repair. Drives good. Has 4x4 and air suspension. Not great on gas milage but try not to drive a lot. Great to pull with. Looking for third row seat as it was gone.
We got our 2003 Expedition from a friend with 204,000 miles on it last December; as a 3rd car for guests to use at our B&B. So far, it's worked well - I'm changing out the spark plugs this week (100,000 miles + on the old ones) and keeping an eye out for problems, but so far it's been a great "carriage" for us.
I have a 2005 limited ford expedition but not thrilled with the driving. Air suspension compressor gets me sick constantly turning on. Advance Trac w/ABS light on dashboard is annoying. Love the interior, the electronic button for 3rd row seat, very roomy and exterior looks great. Not too happy with the stability of the vehicle. I had a 97 Eddie Bauer for 13 years and loved it..never had to replace the engine or transmission. My only concern was the ABS, It locked twice and failed to stop very scary moment...If anyone can share other problems please let us know so we can have an idea...I think Ford is not as bad people make it seem it just depends on the vehicle and maintenance...
Bought my Expedition in 2002 used, it is 2013 now and I replaced the tranny about 6 years ago but other than that no major repairs just basic maintenance, brakes, tires etc. Was the vehicle of choice when needing to pull someone out who was stuck in the snow or mud and its a good solid 4WD vehicle, lots of dirt road miles in the 220,000 currently on it and still going strong. All in all a pretty dependable vehicle will probably keep it until it needs put to pasture.
The vehicle is a tank and that is what I wanted, but it is a very unsophisticated tank. Very crude and old technology like the tail lights that are "vented" to keep them from over heating and like the engine with old push rod design and crude fuel injection in the throttle body. Engineering is all slap on changes and no system redesign to "integrate" changes.
bought my 05 n 06 w 28000 miles been happy w it drive alot nows has 134000 miles just replaced the tranny now the motor starting 2 sound like a lifter noise was told could b bad cam phaser bad lifter or rocker or thurst bearing problem which means new motor truck paid 4 soo dont no what iam going 2 do like the truck so i whould buy another 1
I have a 2004 Expedition that I purchased in October of 2005 with only 1600 miles on it. It's now 10/17/2012 and I have over 121,000 miles on it, and KNOCK ON WOOD, it is running perfectly! Aside from the normal wear and tear that a car goes through and a hole on the roof of the truck that I am going to get fixed. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Expedition!
if you have less than 97000 miles on the 2006 expedition xlt get rid of it quick. it becomes super expensive after this.88k mls. transmission coolent hoses $600,97k mls.fuel module $400,97700mls rebuilt transmission $3300,98000 mls. gear box 4x4 notyet repaired but i know it's going to be expensive. then theres all the blistered paint.
Interesting idea from Florida comment on Aug 11th about putting in another old school engine and transmission. I have considered doing that myself, finding an old 4x4 pickup with a 302 or 351 and having it rebuilt and swapped out professionally. The expedition has good looks and a good ride, but the 5.4 engine and transmission i will not repair or replace ever again, I mean ever!! Ford didn't need bailout money from the government because the people have been bailing them out for years with this garbage hi-maintenance 5.4 Triton engine.
We bought our 2005 Expedition XLT 5.4 4X4 used with 20,000 miles. It had been a fleet vehicle with great maintenance records. We changed the oil religiously eveery 3,000 miles and followed the service schedule. At 54,000 without warning, no warning lights, nothing, the engine blew up on the highway with cruise set at 65. The engine was damaged beyond repair. After $4,800 we had a new engine (Ford Rebuilt). Now at 107,000, with the same religious maintenance, the new rebuilt engine is knocking and ready to go. The piece of garbage E4OD transmission is slipping and overheating (Had an E4OD in my Powerstroke and it was junk too.) Clearcoat is failing on a large part of the Expedition. Ford had a great vehicle, with a lousy engine and tranny package and crap paint. Since I don't owe anything on this Expedition. I'm putting supercharged 5.0 with a properly matched tranny, and having it repainted. Far less than buying a new one.