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Ford Excursion (12 Reviews)
We have owned this vehicle from mile 1, and since we bought it brand new in 2000, we've put 250,000 Miles on our 2001 Ford Excursion, and it's still running like new. I've kept track of everything we've done to it in the 1/4 million miles that we've owned it, down to the light bulbs, and I have to say that the reliability is impressive. This is by far the best heavy duty SUV ever made. The 7.3 diesel engine has plenty of power to pull anything, and still gets 15-18 MPG. The interior is spacious, plenty of room for all seven kids and all of their luggage. It holds up well and stays together considering the abuse it gets from the youngsters. The driver seat seam on the left recently opened as is slowly growing, and the rear seats and showing some wear and age. The third rear seat gets a little uncomfortable after a while, but I've still fallen asleep in it. The body has no rust on it, and no paint chips. Going on vacation and being able to pull the 10,000 lb. camper without a sweat, and at the same time have room for everyone inside is easily achieved with this vehicle. The ride isn't the smoothest, but hey, it's a 1 ton SUV! In fact, put a heavy trailer on the back and the ride actually gets smoother! Being able to remove the rear third seat and fold the middle seats creates an enormous amount of room inside the vehicle for almost anything.

Reliability is the best part of this vehicle, especially when you have the 7.3 diesel. The injectors and injector pump are original, and the only things we have replaced on the engine are all 8 glow plugs, injector/glow plug wiring harnesses, glow plug control module, water pump, drive belt tensioner, fuel filter bowl valve (due to the change to ultra low sulfur diesel) and the camshaft position sensor, which was recalled anyway. Other than that, absolutely nothing has been done to the engine besides oil changes. It doesn't even burn or leak a drop of oil either.

The transmission did go out at 104,000 and was replaced, and the additional cooler and inline filter was added to prevent the new transmission from overheating. Haven't had any problems since the replacement, and the fluid hasn't darkened at all.

A brake caliper slide pin did seize up and was replaced. The rear A/C evaporator was replaced due to a leak. Both front hub bearings developed play and have been replaced. All of the door lock actuators slowly quit working and have been replaced, even the rear one. The outer plastic grip on the shifter did break, and has been replaced. The auto darkening mirror did malfunction and darkened 3/4 of the mirror all the time, and has been replaced. A running board light socket was replaced due to water contamination. Even though not a single bulb has burnt out in the front of the vehicle until a side marker bulb just burnt out today, both rear brake lights, reverse lights, and top third brake lamp bulbs have been replaced three times. The top rear door support shocks/struts weakened and were replaced. Both lower ball joints were replaced after play developed. An interior bulb was replaced. Just recently the tape player quit playing any tapes and just ejects them saying "Tape Error".

We recently hit a full size deer at 60 MPH while pulling a trailer, and I have to say I was glad I hit it in this vehicle instead of one of our small cars. The only damage to the truck was a broken grille and a dented bumper. That's it. They really built this truck tough!

We also have modified the transmission slightly, added a power chip, K&N intake, and Silverline 4" turbo back exhaust, and have since then picked up another 2-3 MPG and 100 HP, which was well worth every penny of it.

If only all vehicles were built like the Ford Excursion. This is truly one of Ford's best vehicles ever made, and it's a shame they discontinued it. Even though the kids are growing up and moving on, my Ford Excursion will be my daily driver 'till the day I die.
I bought this brand new in 1999. Not much to say that is bad with this beast other than it's not the greatest when it comes to gas. Love how much space it has and it is super reliable. It's a keeper for life!!
I turned my truck on today and a gas can with water above it showed up on my dash.. what does this mean? looked in the manual and no picture showing this.. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
lost in vegas
We have 4 children and often carrying even more than that!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Excursion!!! We use it for everything! We haul furniture, kids, pull our 30 ft camper and more. We own the 2005 and would love it if they started making them again!! It was our best purchase!!
This is my 2nd 2000 excursion limited love both of them,when my wife drives the mileage is 12mpg,when I drive it is 14,got to pay to ride,love the feeling of looking down on all the other cars. Just wish they still made them
This is the best Truck ever made period
We have had our excursion about nine months. It is awesome. It takes our family of six and our stuff with ease. It is expensive on gas but that is to be expected. I recently had the transmission serviced, the battery was disconnected during this process. Now the vehicle is back I am getting better gas mileage. I have discovered it is because the transmission is now learning our driving style, so it is shifting earlier. I say all this to advise you to disconnect and reconnect your battery when you buy one of these beasts, so your transmission is working to your style and not the other owners. You can read more about this in the manual.
This vehicle has opened up our families recreational options to camping and lots more stuff. Have fun with your excursion.
The last 6 years have been great. I love, love, love my 2004 Eddie Bauer. It's reliable, easy to handle, and hauls our 5 children and their 'stuff' with ease. The only 'issues' I've had were electrical and involved the A/C (wiring), the window control, and the side mirror lights-no big deal.
Its this or the H1 for me 7.3 turbo diesel rocks.
This is the best vehicle, I have ever owned. There's alot of room in all 3 seating areas and is great for long trips. I have the 6.0 turbo diesel and it gets around 15-16 mpg in the city. I owned a 2002 Excursion V10 and that was also a good car, but could never compare to the "Limited" model with the diesel engine. It's too bad they don't make them anymore
It IS an amazing truck. Although gas mileage is only 9-14 mpg, it is a travel truck and/or off road truck. Mine personally is off roading and for being wrecked 3 times, it is still running great. I could not be more proud of how long it has lasted me. The turning radius is really bad but what do you expect in the biggest SUV made in American history? Brakes on a 11,000 lb truck are the best they can be. The interior is amazing and has SO much room. Never had a problem before I wrecked mine and even then, it wasstuff that would of never happened if I had not of wrecked it.