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I bought my Ford escort back in 2004, when it was only two years old and had only 23,000 miles. I currently have 141,000 miles. No major hang ups. I put on a considerable amount of miles due to my work's location along with other things. I do have one major hang up that I find troubling with the car, and that is the thermostat. The original lasted around 90,000 miles. Since then I have had not one but three replacements from good places! I idle the car more when it's cold, but eventually the thermostat becomes useless. I never had a problem like this with any of my other cars. The reason why I kept getting it fixed is because the rest of the car has been doing great! The engine runs like its new! It gets decent gas mileage. I really like it over all. Other than the thermostat, I have never had a car which performed so well!
I got my 1995 Ford Escort GT back in 2001 with about 75,000 miles on it. It now has about 235,000 miles on it and it's running strong. I definitely believe this is one of the most reliable cars on the road. If you can get your hands on a GT model of the Escort go for it because the 1.8L engine that's in this car is the most reliable one out there. I love my GT!!!
This is really an '88 Ford Escort Pony not a '90, but the drop down list only went back to '90. This has been a great car. My brother bought it new in '88 drove it until it had 146K miles and decided to sell it and buy a new Escort. I bought it from my brother in '93 with 146K miles and today (06/17/12) it's got over 518,700 miles and still running on the original engine/transmission (never been rebuilt). This one outlasted the new Escort my brother bought by several years. This car sold me on Escorts, I now own 5 of them, an '88 Escort Pony 2dr hatchback,88 Escort GL 4dr hatchback, '94 Escort LX 4dr sedan, '97 Escort LX station wagon, and '02 Escort SE 4dr sedan. Total mileage on all my Escorts is about 950K miles with the '97 station wagon only having 32K miles.
My 98 Escort was my first and only new car purchase.I have had the clutch replaced,and when they did that they found the rear main seal was leaky,the oil sending unit had a drip,and a couple of soft plugs had to be replaced also.I also had the altenator replaced.the timing belt has also been replaced and car runs ass good as new again.It now has 207 tousand miles on it and still averages 35 mpg. The ac works like new and has never had to be charged up.All other things have just been generral maitanace things.The paint is a bit rough but has sat outside alot.All my other cars died befor they even got near 100 thousand,all were american made cars.Thank you Ford for making such a dependable car, I hope to see 300 thousand miles befor I pick out a new model of Ford to purchase. But I will keep the Escort unless it is wrecked for centimental reasons.
I have a 2002 Escort with 211,000 miles. I bought this car used 6-7 years ago with around 60,000 miles on it. I have only had to do maintainance like battery, brakes/rotors, belts, alternator etc. I do all this myself so it's been a very low cost car to maintain. Recently the A/C has developed a leak somewhere, so if anyone has had this problem, I would love some advice. I absolutely LOVE this car!!
My Grandma bought a 95 Escort LX Sport Appearance Package Model in '99 with 32,287 miles. She drove it back and forth to Decatur, IL until '03 5 days a week. It never broke down on her. I started driving it in 2010 with 129,400 miles on my learner's permit. As of today that Escort has 145,356 miles and has never broke down on me. I replaced the battery (that had been in there since 2002) and replaced four Delta Majestic tires (from '04) with Finalist Tires. I love the car and will continue to drive it until the body rots out. I love the car and it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever experienced. I love the Escort and hope it never dies.
I just bought a 2000 Ford escort for my daughter. I have had problems after problems with this thing. 1. engine mount broke 2. new tires 3. then noises from every direction 4. clutch manifold went out 2 tims within 2 weeks 5. would ramdomly die. 6. Now the car shut off when I tried to jump it off sparks went everywhere but the car will not even turn over. There is power in the battery. When the key is in and you turn it to start it will barely turn. The car is copletely dead and I mean nothing at all comes on. can some one please help!
Great car! I love this car.
Can anyone help? Car has lost the ability to accelerate. It is hard to get it to 35mph. Could it be the clutch slipping?
1093 Ford Escort Wagon Have replace the clutch 4 times. Struts 4 times. A/C quit working 2 yrs ago. 2 heater cores. 6 windshield moters. 2 radiators. Got it from my dad 98 with 27k. Has 130k. The frame has rotted away. It gets 37 mpg on the highway. Looking for a US built car. Either a Chevy or a Ford.
I love my Ford Escort, 2002... 120,000+, runs great! I will definitely want another when the time comes!
this is my 3rd 91-95 best cars ever. i do all my own work, parts are cheap
i bought a 1993 escort new in 93.We have 323000 miles on it. Have changed regular maintenance stuff. It is a five speed and on the highway gets around 40 mpg. My son tried to trade it in for cash for clunkers and the dealer wont take it because of good gas mileage. Just bought a 1999 escort hope we have as good luck.
My Mom bought me the 1999 SE for my first car earlier this year. She had over 555,000 miles and now from me driving her she's got 556,155 miles and she still runs fantastic! No noises, doesn't break down on me,I just keep up with regular maintenance and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better car. Very reliable
my car is a good car but i want more power and a lil better mpg. i have the dohc 2.0 and for some reason when siteing for a few or driveing in hot weather if the a/c or heater is not on it starts to over heat and i dont know why but it the winter it will read cold... Iv changed the theremostat a few times its not that and its not my water pump what can it be... also when stoping my car makes a clicking noise that sounds like it comes from the front passenger side could it be worped rotor throughing things off making it click? and what can i do thats cheap to get a lil more power and better mpg...
The 2001 Ford ZX2's engine is reliable and fast. Interior is fine just need to updated with your own style. Suspension and steering is tight yearly maintenance of tie rods and alignment is a must. Brakes is tight and can be upgraded to high performance for more stopping power.
My 2002 Ford Escort has 120,000 miles on it and still has the original exhaust. Runs well except for the engine noise which seems to be a common problems. When I'm ready to trade it in I would definitely buy another Ford (Focus)
We bought our 1995 Ford Escort in 1996 (new) and it still runs great. It has over 291,000 miles on it. My husband did regular maintenance on it and we have all used it as a commuter car. It still gets close to 35 MPG.
I got my car in 2007 with 108,000 miles for $500 dollars - it had a blown head gasket. It now has 155,000 miles and I have had no major problems.
Modifications: Magnaflow muffler from Howard's Muffler in Victorville for better mileage; Performance chip from SLR motorsport to increase MPG and gain horsepower; K&N Air Filter; tinted windows from the Tint Factory in Redlands; added a Pioneer DEH-900 with 4 Polk speakers; tires are Hankook 727 (the only tire brand I buy). This car has never let me down. I change all fluids as recommended and this car averages 33 mpg a great improvement from the 26 mpg when I purchased it. Overall: I would recommend this car.
I bought my 1997 ford escort in 2009.12000k on it. It gave me lots of problems. please don't by this car.
I've had my 1997 escort for 3 years now it was given to me as a present and as a first i couldn't have had a better car, only dislikes are the electronics are wonky in the cold and it takes a little time to start in the cold.
I bought this car in 2003 and now eight years later have yet to have a problem. I've only done routine maintenance on it and it has performed very well. It is a reliable car which is more than I can say for all of the GM cars I have owned over the years. I'm at 112K miles and its still going strong.
1997 Ford Escort - I got this for my first car in 06 and love it. It doesn't give me any trouble. Very reliable. I will be driving 2 hours away for school this Fall and I'm not worried about it at all. It's serviced at Metro Ford regularly which also gives me confidence for this fall.

I think my 97 actually drives much better than my dad's 05 Focus. But I'm not big on newer cars. I plan on keeping this car until I'm done with my Bachelors degree or maybe Masters... who knows. I really do love it!
Have owned this 1995 for 10 years. 1.9L automatic in showroom condition. It is still going strong with 165,000 city miles. Neighbor has a 1996. The only reason you don't see more of them on the road is probably due to the fact most people who purchase and economy car are not inclined to take good care of it. Good care defined as regular fluid changes (oil, trans, brake, power steering) and other preventative maintenace. The only design flaw I am aware of is under-sized tire rods, which typically have to be replaced every 40 to 50,000 miles. They can also develop idle issues as they age, but compared to MAJOR problems of other vehicles I have researched these escorts are a blessing to own. The exhaust on this 165,000 mile is original and the AC has never been serviced. The paint job has less orange peel than most newer cars I have compared it to. The transmission performs flawlessly, despite the fact some guy at a tranny shop told me it would probably need rebuilt around 100K. Every time I change the oil I also remove two quarts from the tranny fill tube - using a plunger - and put the exact same about back. I am tempted to purchase another 1995 or 1996 escort even though I don't need one, just in case someone rear ends me.
i have had mine since 2000. No problems. Excellent car and condition. Love it. This is 2011.
Not really a ford person but the 95 escort has to be the best car on the road..
I have 2
good on gas
great power.
Great Car!
Parents bought this Escort LX for like under $1,000 with 26k miles on it. I bought it from them with like 99k miles on it after I blew the head on it. I've had it and ran it hard for 29k miles and the most Ive had to do to it is change the oil, change the front brakes (caliper locked up), belts, hoses, radiator (cause I put a drill bit in it by accident and was getting ready to move to Florida and didn't have means or tools to change it.) Fuel pump (wrong diagnostic it was really a bad Mass Air Flow sensor) and the M.A.F. I do run full synthetic oil in it because the lifters rattle a bit. But the synthetic quiets them down. But overall I love this car. It will rot in my front yard before I sell it. I'm looking at modding it and fixing the crash damage from my first wreck even though it will cost way more than what I could sell it for. The 1.9 engines last forever if you take care of them. Last time my dad has oil pan off to re-seal it the factory swirl marks were still on inside cylinder walls of all 4 cylinders.
Car has a very rough idle that nobody seems to be able to fix.
Bought the 2000 Ford Escort second hand for daughter. It has been a great running car for her with minor maintenance. She got it for her 17th birthday and just turned 24, so she has gotten the money we invested in it. My son liked hers so much that when it was time for his, we got him a 2000 Escort ZX, of course, the boys want those 'need for speed'. Now he has been in 3 accidents where he has gone up under pickup trucks. He finally learned his lesson but he has never done any mechanical work but he decided his last accident he would do his own repair because his father refused to. The car is very friendly for the novice to learn on. He had to do some body work and replaced the radiator and front end. Still a work in progress but engine wise it has been a great running vehicle.

I have to say this is ONE model of Ford that have felt it was worth the money.