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2005 Ford Escape.....Biggest P.O.S. vehicle I have ever owned. YOU SUCK FORD AS USUAL. Didn't want to purchase vehicle, but I was in a pinch and needed one asap. Having to put a couple courts of oil in it every week, with no leak found. And it being hard on gas. 4 months after purchasing, out of the blue, it starts running like it's running on 3 cylinders and then just stalls driving on the interstate. Took to a dealer and they run diagnostics on it and tell me the ignition coils, plugs, amd ecu (computer) need replaced. 2000$ JUST FOR PARTS at the dealer.
At auto parts store: Coils=430$ Plugs=32$ Computer=525$ Total=987$. I bought everything and installed myself which took maybe an hour. Computer I purchased is supposed to be ready to go. Already flashed, no key, no programming, no dealer needed. I install, and anti theft light is flashing on dash. Car won't start or even so much as crank over. Parts store gave me another replacement telling me it was wrong computer, and as of this very moment, same issue as first one. I HATE FORD AND I HOPE THEY GO UNDER!
Bot 2001 v6 automatic used at 50,000 miles and it had a factory tow package. original owner had it zebarted and took good care of it. I have 225,000 miles. Door handles had to be replaced. When i got it, I drained the transmission and put B&G transmission additive in it along with the correct Motocraft transmission fluid and also changed the transfer case fluids and the radiator fluid (use the green stuff) I need to change the struts. I bot a fuel pump in advance so I wouldn't get screwed at the dealership ( you can change the fuel pump yourself without droppine the tank, access is under rear seat) I use synthetic blend oil (10-40) because of the looseness of the engine.
I have a 2012 Ford Escape which was purchased in October of 2011. Last March (2014), I remote started my car and a huge amount of smoke and a loud "bang" came from under my vehicle. Come to find out the A/C broke away from the car and was filled with grime. Only found out about it when the A/C only blew hot air. It was $4,000+ to have it repaired. Thank god I had the extended warranty. Here we are in March of 2015 and I just dropped it off at the dealer this morning with the exact same issue. Will never buy a Ford again and I've already started looking for a new vehicle as this one will be traded in the day I get it back!
Have had this Escape V6 since the autumn of 2003 and I have just under 100,000 miles on it and this vehicle has performed flawlessly.
I have always been spot on with oil changes and a weekly wash weather permitting but this vehicle still looks good and is still reliable as I head into yet another winter with it.
As one of the previous posters mentioned, it is big enough to be big and small enough to still be quite economical.
Wish they were still making them, would buy another in a heartbeat.
Oh, it is also a great vehicle for dogs.
I bought 2003 in 2002 the only major part i had to change so for was the alternator and stuff like tires wipers etc. not bad for 13 years so you have to remember most of us and i am speaking for myself i use my escape for an every day work horse i use it for work i hall a lot of heavy stuff in it and it never stops its on the road 7 days a week from morning till night so i will say that this is the best vehicle i have every owned and i have owned many to compare it to
I have a 2005 model and the open door lights stay on most of the time; the horn beeps twice when locking the door and the alarm horn goes off around the same time every day. The Ford people don't seem to know what's wrong so they want to try this and try that all at a cost to me. I'm preparing to buy a new car and it was going to be a Ford; but now I think I'll try another brand. No reason they can't fix this right first time and at a reasonable cost.
Bought this as a 'Certified Pre-Owned' with 24k miles, now at 38k. Dealership wanted to sell me new brakes at the 27k oil change, so I asked how I could've worn them out so quickly, when CPO states at least 50% brake life remains, or they change the pads? Dealers are crooks, so I never let them do any work. Bought new pads, when I went to change them, I needed a new tool! They changed the caliper bolts, so that was another $8. Only issue I have had is the sunroof leaking, pass side drain backs up & it leaks from the right front corner of the sunroof. The driver's side drain line is broken so it leaks onto the carpet next to the A pillar. Otherwise, the truck has been fantastic, even did a 2400 mile trip in one week, got 32mpg as well on highway (4cyl. front drive). Usually gets around 20-22mpg with daily use. I do miss the room of my Explorer, but that was mostly in the cargo area, so overall I am quite happy with this truck.
Engine replaced at approx 50K miles (warranteed). Not covered under warrantee: tension pully, V-belt (twice), alternator, electronic component for windshield wiper fluid, rear window cable/motor, NW&T brakes. Noisy ride!!!
Owned this 2003 Escape since Sept 2002. Best vehicle I ever owned. Spent a few bucks on recalls. Spent a few hundred on some small repairs and approx.$2000. on brakes over the years. This vehicle is dependable as hell and I highly recommend it. Preventive maintenance makes all the difference girls!
I took my Ford Escape 2008 to Firestone. They said i have a hole in my condenser and that with the air conditioning recharge the total price would be $615. Then they said that may not fix my problem.
Bought my Escape from a local credit union (Repo) with 150k miles on it. I now have 195k miles and only recently had to do brake work on it to the tune of $825. The cost should of been only $150 but it was mis-diagnosed by the local tire store. Master cyclinder would have fixed it if they had gotten all the air out when bleeding the brakes. just changed one tie rod end (original) which only cost me $8. Mine is a 3.0l V6 and get 23-24 mpg. Funny how those with bad experiences have more of a tendency to voice there opinions.
Transmission needs repairing $2000 with 94,000 miles; $600 repair to ignition - they had to dismantle the steering column; very disappointed in expensive repairs to a vehicle that did not make 100,000.
escape is the biggest pile of crap I have ever owned or driven. multiple problems and fords extra care warranty is the biggest rip off in the industry it covers very little most repairs get denied and its like trying to talk to the wizard if you want to try and dispute their denial.
I bought my 2005 Escape with 4 cylinder motor brand new off lot, never had a problem untill 2010 when Transmission went out. Put new tranny in at 2300 dollars and has been great. This vehicle is now going on 9 years old and is still running strong love this car would buy another.
Worst vehicle I have ever purchased. The 6 cd changer works when it wants to, the odometer light works when it wants to. the sunroof switch does not work, so the sunroof will not seal well, so everytime it rains, it floods the inside of the vehicle. Have just had all 3 catalytic converters replaced, along with egr valve and dpfe sensor....and check engine light came on two days after i got it back from the shop and gave them over $2000 to "fix it". Have also had to change the ABS sensor, brakes, belts and it it is leaking oil on the engine and needs new rear struts. Can't wait to get it running good enough to get rid of.
2010 Ford Escape...I have had this 2010 Escape back to the dealer 6 times for the same steering problem...Driving down the street and the power steering QUITS never know when it will work or when it will fail..This the most dangerous SUV ever put on the road by Ford!! If you go online you will find that is is not an uncommon problem, yet FORD has done nothing to recall these Escapes..I suppose it will take a dozen accidents or deaths to get the the federal government to step in and demand a recall & a fix!!
The repairs are too expensive. Alternator - $895.00 - located under the motor

Catalytic converter - 3 at $800.00 each just for the parts
NEVER BUY THIS CAR................
I purchased my escape on February 13, 2013. It had only 11967 miles on it. On day three, I had to get it towed b/c the temperature went to hot, check engine light came on, and the vehicle wouldn't move. The dealership claimed it was a bad sensor and that the problem was fixed. The vehicle broke down four days after being fixed and left us stranded in the dark in a dusty field. I'm completely unsatisfied and will never purchase Ford again. My paper tags are still in the window and it broke down twice.
Does anyone know why there would be gas leaking out of my gas tank from the bottom... There is no rust on the tank and there are no holes in the tank,... I just filled the tank up and am wondering if I just over filled it... It's been a couple hours and it hasn't leaked since i got gas.... Is there a spot where excess gas would leak from other than coming out of where the gas goes into the tank... No gas sprayed out of the top part of the tank where you put the gas nozzel in.. Please help me figure this out.. It has been one thing after the other with this vehicle and I'm tired of putting money into it... Thank you for the help..... This is a 2001 Escape 4x4 automatic V6
We have a 2012 Ford Escape with 6,000km and we are getting a dull, low - clunk,clunk,clunk coming from the passanger side rear. Happens pressing gas, break or driving on uneven roads such as dirt/gravel. Anyone know what this is?
I am so disappointed with my 2008 Escape. Every time that vehicle goes to the dealership they always tell me it is something different that needs to be repaired and that it isn't covered under the extended basic care warranty. I have filed a complaint with the NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION.I received a owners questionnaire and I hope get some some results on a safety issue with my 2008 Escape. "RECALL" . Ford knows they have a steering wheel column problem. The BASIC CARE warranty doesn't cover the steering column ($913.00) out of pocket and other owners that have the same problem are paying over ($1,000.00) for this repair. My car suddenly died on a bridge a day after the steering column was replace. The dealership informed me that the problem was just a fuse. The dealership and I have had many words and they commented that they didn't charge me for the fuse. WOW! Every time the vehicle goes to the dealership the invoice says the company performs multi-point inspection (2-11). What! I sat on the busy road side waiting for a tow truck for 1/45 minutes with two minor children. Sioux City Ford hates to see me when I come in for service/problems with the vehicles. I hate my 2008 & 2012 Escapes. I wish I would of looked around or at least asked more questions to the sales person before I signed a loan for $27,000.00 for 5 years. I was a fool and don't trust anyone.I hope you read this complaint. The over all rating for this vehicle shows at the top says over a (4) stars. Take a moment and read the other two ratings. Research this and see how many other people are having the same problem.
New 2012 Ford escape makes a static noise in the bake passenger rear side of the truck. This happens 2 to 3 times a week. Ford claims they can't find a problem anyone else having this problem??? Air conditioning really loud.
I will never buy another one....I have had mine Escape for 4 months and its has been in shop 3 times...the last time it was towed as it would not move.You could press gas pedal down but it would go no where. While driving it I lost all power and had to drift it off the road, luckily both times I didnt have traffic behind me or there might have been an accident. First time I took it in for this trouble they said computer didnt show a code and nothing was wrong with it, but yet it had me sitting on side of the road. Two weeks later it did same thing but this time I had it towed to dealer. I have read in internet where ALOT of people have had this problem to the point it has gotten dangerous, as they almost got hit or cause accident. I think FORD needs a recall. It scary when you try to push gas to go and you just slow down especially when traffic is coming. I will not feel safe in this Escape...wish I had NEVER bought it and just kept my CHEVY trailblazer!!!
my escape drivers seat and along the console got hot what might be the problem
we are having all kinds of things go wrong we are blowing break lines left and right the accelerator cable is giving us hell and come to find out all the issues we are having is what has been recalled but we just got it used in 2010 so we are stuck with it broke abs light and brake light always on and feels like the front end is falling apart
Purchased my Escape in Sept/Oct 2009. It currently has almost 65k miles on it and I learn that the a/c compressor, condenser, and accumulator is bad. I received an estimate from Ford and they want almost $2,000 to fix.

I think this is ridiculous. They put defective parts in the car. I have a 2001 Toyota Celica with over 170k miles and the a/c is running just fine. The only thing I've replaced on the Celica is tires, a battery, windshield wipers and kept up the oil changes.
pulling a u-haul up a small hill. Car down shifted to 2nd gear, rpm and mph dropped. Would not up shift to drive. Had car towed to dealer. They could not find any problem, but thinks that it was not exhausting propperly and that the exhaust was flowing back into the engine. Check engine light did not come on at anytime. Do I have a problem?
I bought the vehicle with 208000 miles, It needed the tranny rebuilt. After rebuilding the transmission i was able to drive it. It ran rough and was hard starting, I replaced 4 coil on plugs that were obviously cracked, was still getting a miss at idle in gear and a code for cylinder 4, so I changed that coil pack too, it was better but in overdrive it had a miss , stumble, or hesitation whenever you gave it some throttle but not enough to kick down. just a stumble in overdrive when kinda lugging it. I changed a bunch of sensors to no avail, every sensor! Still had the stumble. I replaced the 6th coil pack and it still had the stumble. So I purposly drove it up hills with the throttle in that spot to make it miss enough to through a code. It would then through random misfire code and cylinder 1 and 3 misfire. I thought it must be a fuel problem, I verified that it had good fuel pressure and a new fuel filter. Still stumbled in overdrive. I put a tank of premium in it and 5 diferent types of injector cleaner in it at once and (techron) and I prayed to GOD and begged him to have mercy on my soul.
The car drove smoother and smoother within 20 miles was driving like a new car!!! Thank you LORD!! That is my true story, I wasted a lot of money on several sensors I didn't need, first thing I should have done was injector cleaner and replace all the coil packs. Good luck with yours.
James at Alaska Mobile Automotive.
Bought new and love the vehicle! We have stuffed it to the gills and taken it up mountains to Yellowstone - still plenty of power in the 4cyl and great gas mileage. 80K on it now and beginning to see the start of maint items - it's in for a trans-to-axle seal replacement ($440 - gasp!) and needs new tires this winter.