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Ford Bronco (10 Reviews)
I have owned my Bronco for ten years,I am a woman. So ,I did get my oil changes regularly and have had to do the usual repairs , you know when something small goes, or brakes ,some front end work.I love this Truck it has always been reliable and I don't care about the mileage because of the safety part and getting through the snow. I am 5 feet tall 64 years old and I have a stool for when ever I need to check anything. Yes it is funny to see but I am safe. I want another one,mine has over 300,000 miles and the only thing wrong with it is the body is rusting off of it. The non Ford people or men keep telling me I should not and I am having a hard time finding one but I hope to find one soon,before snow.
At 287,000 miles this beast is still rolling along with minor trouble. A 5.8Liter Automatic with. O.Drive. 4x naturally. I'm a pro mechanic with a Mobil repair business so I am constantly on and offloading tools, parts, etc. No problems even with this truck having been in an accident while previous owner was off-roading. Got my moneys worth 10 times over. Can't kill it. Only drawback to this last series of the Bronco is the cost and extent of effort in raising the truck for greater ground clearance and big wheel/ tire set up.
My '96 Eddie Bauer has been and still is an excellent vehicle. I now have over 315,000 miles and going strong. It has passed the emissions test every year with no problems. I've change the water pump, and starter, idler pulley, tension pulley, last year the drive shaft because I didnt want to rebuild the cardon joint. I had the transmission rebuilt 2 years ago because the torque converter was acting up and the mileage on the vehicle was enough to just have it all done. This truck is remarkable. It goes where I want it to. I leave it running with the A/C on for hours during work, drive in some of the worst traffic you can imagine just to get to and from work. It would be great if Ford builds a truck this good when I finally do decide to buy a new one. I'm not trading this one in either. It's a keeper.
my bronco has idled high ever since i got it.we've adjusted everything possible and can't hear any vacuum leaks.what could it be?
We bought our 96 Bronco XL w/E4OD & BW 1356 manual shift xfer case and manual hubs new in May 96 and it has been one of our best vehicles! No major issues exc. for 4WABS Module (burnt 2 microprocessors); two yard Modules turned-up bad too.
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i own a 89 xlt the thing i hate is the gas mileage about 8 to 9 mpg's with the 351 with 68,000 origanal miles, its an awesome off road power house, ltd diff, duel shock towers,lower geared trans and transfer case, im looking in to putting out lock hubs and a 5 speed trans, it has all towing gear i need front and rear reese hitch, lighting, and power,
Love this truck. Gas mileage an issue 10mpg. 140000 miles. Runs good. Emmission struggles every year but passed after 5 tries.
2nd vehicle, not fuel friendly but best winter vehicle you could own in Alaska.
Bought mine in 97 with 88k. To start fresh I did a tune up brakes shocks front end alignment. Continued normal service changed tranny pump at 200k and main bearing looked great did not even change. I recently traded it in at 260,000. Quaker State, Fram, Prestone, and motorcraft. What a great truck! Sad day when I traded her in.
Bought this Bronco New great for hunting but the 351 had no power and with 10 MPG and a 35 gallon tank we just use it for hunting