Drive Belt/Fan Belt

These belts can be used individually or grouped together as part of the belt/pulley system that is driven by the engine crankshaft to run such items as the air conditioning compressor, alternator, and power steering pump.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Drive Belt/Fan Belt

  • Belts may become dry, cracked, or glazed
  • Belts may emit a chirping or squeaking sound

Drive Belt/Fan Belt Related Repair Advice

  • On older vehicles, belts with a “V" profile were the universal drive belt design, but more modern vehicles use the flat "ribbed" design
  • The term "serpentine belt" referrers to a ribbed belt that drives multiple accessories.
  • For optimal performance and reliability, belts should be replaced at the interval recommended by the manufacturer. We recommend replacing all of the drive belts as a set, so that they wear evenly.
  • We recommend replacing drive belts if related components are being repaired and the belts have signs of wear or have over 30,000 miles on them
  • High-quality drive belts are less likely to squeak and/or prematurely fail
  • Leaking valve cover gaskets can cause premature drive belt failure. Engine oil will damage even a new belt.
  • A water pump will require replacement if it begins to leak coolant or become noisy. Leaking coolant can damage the drive and timing belts.

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