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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2000 Toyota Corolla

2000 Toyota Corolla

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2000 Toyota Corolla Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an evaporative emission (EVAP) system fault. Our technicians tell us these EVAP system faults can be difficult to diagnose but it is not uncommon to find a failed charcoal canister or a loose or worn gas cap.

Engine -- Verified

The mass air flow sensor on higher mileage cars occasionally needs to be cleaned or replaced if sluggish acceleration is experienced or the Check Engine Light is illuminated with a mass air flow meter sensor fault code stored.

Engine -- Verified

Occasionally, the timing chain and sprockets need replacement due to premature wear and problems with the variable valve timing system (VVTi).

2000 Toyota Corolla Questions and Answers

Pete G, 2000 Toyota Corolla, White House, TN

I was looking to buy this Corolla, but the man said it uses one quart of oil to every two tanks of gas.It doesn't smoke and there are no leaks. Has 139,000 miles on it and runs fine. So my que...

love2race, 2000 Toyota Corolla, San Pablo, CA

you know how the throttle cable is connected to the transmission itself, Now would the transmission fluid leak out if the rubber piece broke off.

love2race, 2000 Toyota Corolla, San Pablo, CA

how do we change/replace the throttle cable?

love2race, 2000 Toyota Corolla, San Pablo, CA

how much would it cost to replace the throttle cable wire and is there a specific way of changing it

Ndofor Daniel A., 2000 Toyota Corolla, Upper Marlboro, MD

My car did not pass emission inspection. The problem was reported as follows:
Fault codes:
P0300 Random/multiple Cylinder misfire Detected.
P0441 EVAP Control System Incorrect Purge Flow
P0446 ...

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2000 Toyota Corolla Reviews

Just a heads up to all those folks out there who think Toyota Corollas are such "Great Cars"
Toyota Corolla really should be Total Crap , at least where the interior comes in among other things.
When you go to buy a used Toyota Corolla watch out for:
1) The door handles (interior and exterior) ALWAYS break and are CRAP.
2) The rear view mirror fulcrum breaks so the mirror has a tendency to "bounce" more CRAP
3) The door panels are made of a material similar to peanut brittle and will crack EASILY , more CRAP
4) Interior dome light won't come on (door switch is $20 and fails) more CRAP
5) The molding around the doors is cheap veneer plastic over other cheap plastic , more CRAP
6) The dashboard is cheap plastic and the "color" can easily come out - like if you wanted to clean it with solvent more CRAP.

And that really is only the beginning , in 1998 they came out with a motor that is all - aluminum with a steel cylinder sleeve -more CRAP!
This engine is notorious for "mystery" oil consumption and you MUST use 5W30 SYNTHETIC and have it changed EVERY 3,000 MILES if you want the odometer to even come close to 150,000 without blowing out the connecting rod or main bearings.

You can go here to see the Technical Bulletin written by Toyota themselves!

Don't believe me? Go on the internet and look , or better yet , when you look at a used "TC" ,Toyota Corolla (Total Crap) Car see with your own eyes everything I just said is TRUE

I just replaced surpantee belt still making noise. now mechanic's thinking tension, timing chain?

I have a 2000 Corolla with 97k miles.

I find it hard to believe people are having problems with their 1998-2002 Corollas. I basically do no maintenance other than change the oil, do the brakes, and get new tires. I have never parked the car in a garage, this car has lived its life out in the streets of Boston through many a winter. I'm simply amazed at how this little car can take so much abuse! The car has never given me any problems, has nice peppy acceleration, and is very fuel efficient. Not to mention I haven't had a car payment in years. What a great car!

I bought it with 30K as rental. Had to replace the clutch on 60K, blinker switch on 140K, sway link pins on 150K.
That was all till 175K. It does burn oil.
The most reliable car ever.

Great car! This one has saved me a ton of money over the years. Still gets around 34 mpg and very few problems. 123,000 miles and still going strong. I do have to clean the mass air flow sensor every 30K now, but that is very easy to do. I am just now replacing my struts (recomended every 60K) as they have seen their day. Overall great vehicle.

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