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1994 Mercury Sable

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1994 Mercury Sable Problems

Engine -- Verified

If you experience difficulty starting the engine when cold, stalling at idle, or hesitations during acceleration, it may be the idle air bypass valve. This valve helps the vehicle idle steady when the accelerator pedal is not pressed.

Engine -- Verified

White smoke coming from the exhaust could indicate that a head gasket has blown or there is a cracked cylinder head. Our technicians tell us that removal and inspection of the cylinder heads will be required to confirm a crack is present.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Worn motor mounts can cause the motor to rise during acceleration, causing a clunking noise and possibly damaging the AC hoses. Damage to the AC hoses can cause a loss refrigerant resulting in no cold air from the AC. The motor mount will need to be replaced prior to repairing the damaged hose or the problem will continue.

1994 Mercury Sable Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., January 18, 1999

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1986-1995 Taurus and Mercury Sable models and 1988-1994 Lincoln Continental models in high corrosion, cold weather states because the rear subframe mount plate nuts may corrode and fail, causing the subframe to drop. If the subframe drops, loss of vehicle control and functionality can occur. Dealers will install subframe rear mount bolts, reinforcement plates, and plate nuts.

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Drive Train, April 23, 1997

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1991-1995 Taurus and Mercury Sable models equipped with the 3.8L V6 and 1991-1994 Continental models for an issue with the speed control cable. In cold weather states, the speed control cable could freeze. This could cause the accelerator cable to stick. To deter moisture and ice build-up, dealers will add a rubber boot to the speed control cable.

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Electrical & Lights, April 15, 1998

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1993-1994 Taurus, Mercury Sable, Lincoln Continental, and Lincoln Mark VII vehicles for a concern with the headlight switch. The headlight switch may cause the headlights to flash as a result of an internal issue. Dealers will replace the headlight switch and the wiring harness if necessary.

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Engine, March 31, 1997

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1992-1995 Taurus and Mercury Sable models with 3.8L engines, 1994-1995 Taurus and Mercury Sable models with 3.0L engines, 1992-1994 Tempo and Mercury Topaz models with 3.0L engines, 1994 Tempo and Mercury Topaz models with 2.3L engines, and 1992-1994 Lincoln Continental models in certain cold weather states for an issue with the engine electric cooling fan. During high winds, low temperatures, and drifting snow, the fan could become blocked or frozen with snow. This could cause the fan not to rotate and ultimately overheat. Dealers will install a harness with a circuit breaker to protect the fan motor from overheating.

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Suspension & Steering, December 15, 1994

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Monroe has recalled certain 1990-1994 Taurus and Mercury Sable vehicles with Monroe aftermarket struts installed for a concern with the weld mounting on the sway bar bracket where it attaches to the strut tube. On some vehicles, this weld did not fuse properly, which can cause the sway bar to drop and possibly contact the tire, damaging it. Monroe dealers will replace the affected struts.

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1994 Mercury Sable Questions and Answers

belloyd, 1994 Mercury Sable, 3.0L V6, Independence, MO

this condition is not consistant. Some days it seems to be worse than other days. Fuel economy is at half normal ranges.

primrose, 1994 Mercury Sable, 3.8L V6, Mahanoy City, PA

while driving motor shut off, tried to start cranked with nothing turning over tach bouncing up and down noises coming from electric fuel pump and from what seems to be under hood. After being to...

dancinbeans27, 1994 Mercury Sable, Columbia, SC

it takes multiples tries to actually be able to move my car shifter into reverse. when it wont move the car is making weird noises like a hum and sputter spaced out. it's weird. please help.

Visitor, 1994 Mercury Sable, 3.0L V6, Montpelier, IN

I got a 94 mercury sable transmission is slipping when taking off in forward or reverse drives fine wants you get it moving can you help me

Visitor, 1994 Mercury Sable, Glendale, AZ

temperature gage doesn't work. It stays at the cool side even with the heater or ac on. It moves very little.

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1994 Mercury Sable Reviews


The car is great if Ford will fix the problems that the car came with when they produced these cars.
The 3.8L engine have bad head gaskets and they go out because of the engine design. They should still fix this problem.
The transmission is another issue that Ford never fixed. Slips due to some cylinder inside of transmission.
The A/C unit was poorly designed so it will not hold a A/C charge.
The steering pump always makes noise.
You can not adjust your own timing on this engine due to where the timing mark location, under the engine where you cant see it.
Best part about the car is the room inside.
Save your money and do not buy this car.
That is why people give them away or sell them before the headaches begin.

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