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BMW 530xi (9 Reviews)
Purchased used New Year's Eve 2012. What an unbelievable automobile! I've never driven anything like it, such an intelligent vehicle.
i have bmw 530 xi 2007 and it shows practcal filter [diesel] filter
band my vehicle is not a diesel . i tried to reset through the cluster and it didnt let me . does any body has an answer how to reset it
I am on my third Bmw wagon and loved them all. Now at 130,000 miles the front differential has exploded and parts are hard to find. The AWD system may be the undoing of the old reliable wagons. The rear tail lights are a constant error message and the typical junk radiator at 100,000 miles. I think simple is better and the technology of AWD is a costly repair.
I bought my 530xi in November 2005. It now (10/2011) has 107,000 miles on it and is out of the service contract. I have been fortunate that there have been few mechanical problems. I have followed the service requirements to a tee. One problem that keeps occurring is that the Flat Tire warning keeps coming on (about every 6 weeks). I put new tires on the car and it still happens. While it might be a bad sensor, I do find that the air pressure is lower each time, and I do have to put air in one of the tires. The mechanics can't figure out why.....especially since I have new tires. I'm not spending the money to have the sensor replaced. The left speaker in front keeps going out.....has done this since the first year I had the car. Turn the volume up loud and it pops back on. And, the 6CD changer is crap! It has never worked properly since about a year in. It doesn't detect CD's that are loaded. But, that's "cosmetic" and I can live without that. I plan to keep this car as long as the repair expenses are less than what I would be paying for another car.
I was driving and all of a sudden the abs, ebv,awd, and dsc lights came on. I just had the water pump and thermostat replaced, can that cause these signs to come on. i also had the battery checked and it needs to be recharged, would that have an effect on it? now when i turn the car off it makes a cranky!!! any feed back would be great
Overall, a great car. Due to poor design, after the drains for the sunroof clogged, the battery compartment filled with water. Make sure you check or verify the dealer has checked the drains to avoid expensive repairs. Various circuit boards and wiring needed replacing.
Great car. Wonderfully balanced. 55K miles....not a problem.
i think there are problems with the cooling fan system and BMW is covering it up.
Recently bought this car, very luxurious. Beautiful car, many compliments.. Brakes can be a "little" squeaky when slowing to a stop. But, that is very slight.