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BMW 325xi (21 Reviews)
I had this car for exactly one month. It was my first car, I was a very new driver, and it is certainly not a car someone who is new to driving should have. It far overpowered my abilities as a new driver. I would recommend that only experienced drivers use this vehicle. The brakes were spongy, despite being performance brakes, and this made me exceptionally uncomfortable. I really had to slam on the brakes in order to get the car to stop.

I am writing this review mostly so that I can inform others of the safety features this car offers. I totaled this car by running it straight in to a tree at around 40 mph. I came out of the accident completely unscathed. I had burns from the air bag on my arms, and a mild concussion, but otherwise I was perfectly okay. I can say confidently that I may be dead right now had I been driving another car. This car did its job extremely well, and it kept me safe even in a very serious head on collision. If you are looking for a safe vehicle, this is the one for you!
Having owned four BMW's ( a '92 325i; a 330xi; a 323i; and a'01 325xi) I can say that a person does not own a BMW; the car owns you! And I am saying this having owned British as well as Italian cars!! My latest (the 325xi) has been towed more times than all the cars I have ever owned - combined!) (Please be informed that I drive with care Never an accident in 54 years of driving, and I am assiduous in maintaining the cars I own.) The cars are safe (structurally well-built), and extremely enjoyable to drive;more enjoyable than my Mercedes. BMW has taught me a valuable life lesson: fun is very expensive!
Since I have stopped servicing by the dealer many problems have gone away. I have 93,000. Rolling windows and their repairs is the most annoying problem.
My 2006 325xi us had 192000 miles only change head gasket and water pump on 182000 miles never had any problems and I live in north Dakota its really cold some times is going to -40 f but car still can start normally love ir love it so only I can say change your oils every 5000 miles you shoulbe ok
Don't touch this year/model with a ten foot pole. I have spent over $20,000 repairing this car since I bought it new. It has 150,000 miles on it, well maintained, but has developed problems once every few months since about 50,000 miles. Power steering went out, entire climate control system, radiator, valve gasket, sensors, solenoids, brakes problematic due to 4wd, among other problems too numerous to mention.
Love the car
Unbelievably good in the snow
Hate that it needs premium gas
Brakes have been a problem
Also have replaced two window regulators
Bought this car used in 2010 with 90K miles-first mistake buying it; second was keeping it. Nothing but problems. Oil leak, coolant leak, air conditioning had to be replaced, power windows had to be replaced-both motor and glass-cause it exploded while driving. Now sunroof is off track. in 2 1/2 years I have owned this car it has been in the shop every 3 months for something. The only good thing about the car is the brakes. Will never buy another used or new BMW again and will not buy any vehicle from the BMW dealership I bought this one from-within 6 weeks of owning the car had to have a complete tune up. Cannot say anything nice about BMW 325xi.
just got her with 80k she drove like new but overheated the first day the dealer fixed her now she has much more power feels like a brand new one a big difference from the 1999 323i i just got out of
I just purchased this car yesterday in jet black. On the way home it drove fantastic. Best car I've driven in a while! There are some posts with people that don't agree that this is a good car but i'm very pleased with it. I had it inspected and everything and the dealer paid for the right front control arm and never changed the cars price for me and I did not even know him! So all in all this car checkout to be a great little car for weekends, but if I could make a comment it would be that the steering is a little on the heavy side but yet again its a pretty heavy car. And I love the smell of the leather seats and the touch of the steering wheel.

Great Car for now and the future (I Hope)
Wipers Won't Park. For some reason winshield wiper will not Park when it is shut off. This started happening in late 2011. I have read some info that it could be the motor or the relay.
this car has been great. Thumbs up
I will never purchase a BMW again in my life. I have had nothing but trouble with this car. I bought the car about one year ago. After regular oil changes and tune ups. I was randomly driving down the road and the car caught fire and blew my engine. Of course the insurance is dragging there feet. I am very dis-pleased with the BMW 325xi.
LOVED my girl! Bought her used at 92k, had her for 3 years until totaled in an auto accident at 133k. This car was fabulous -completely sure footed in the snow and on ice and cruising 100+ on the freeways. Biggest word of advice i can say is to get the Sport package...You will not regret!!
I did my own 90k service -parts ran at about $300 and did a tranny service which was relatively inexpensive too.

Oil change every 15k at the dealer -$100 but worth it -they look your car over and let you know what it needs. One time it was a brake light sensor thing -their quote was $300 but the part was only $25 so I saved $ doing myself. At last oil change (130k) valve cover gasket was leaking (dealer cost $490), front arm bushings were worn out (dealer cost $510), and both brakes needed replacement (dealer cost $1321). These were the only problems I ever had with her and if I had done those repairs myself again I would have saved a ton of money. So yes at 130K she needed expensive repairs but at this milage things wear out and need to be replaced! For what you get, completely worth it!! One of the funnest road trip cars!!
I bought this car a little while ago, because it seemed to be a good first sports car according to a good bit of the reviews I have found. I was not disappointed with it at all. I got it for a fair price, and even after getting every repair it needed, it was within the market value of the car. Though admittedly complex, the climate controls work great (I thought my a/c was broken, but what I thought was a defroster was the button to turn it on). Though it takes some of the speed from the vehicle, the all wheel drive gives unprecedented control around corners (I didn't realize how fast I was taking them until my friend pointed out that I just did over 40 around a greater than 90 degree turn), and helping you dodge the odd cat or dog. I was fortunate to find one that had every upgrade available, including the Kardon surround sound system. The seat adjustment controls are intuitive and make it easy to get the perfect position in the car. The gas mileage is just above 30 MPG on the highway, but noticeably less (around 17-22ish) in the city. I would definitely recommend getting one, as it is easily one of the best vehicles I have ever driven.
We actually own 2 of these models! One has 170,000 miles and is still a great car! The other still a baby at 60,000! Repairs are expensive...but there is a store in New Hampshire (also available on line) that you can purchase parts and if you are handy at all make a few repairs yourself!
had problems with battery as well and brakes go bad a little faster than i would think but all in all a great car and a great drive.
Love it and still no issues at 72,000
Excellent drive, reliable in snow and fuel efficiency is impressive too.

Brakes go bad soon. Had to change axle, alternator. oil seeped into cylinder. After dealer service works well.
This car is fun car to drive, but no fun paying for overpriced parts and repairs. There is an obvious design flaw with the power windows that constantly need to be repaired at $500 per occurrence. Brakes, tires, even oil changes are very expensive compared to Japanese or American made cars. The car eats batteries, too. And the radio is the chintziest piece of garbage I have ever seen in a car. For the price of this car, these things should be much better.
A great little car.
All in all a great car - what you would expect from BMW. The biggest problem we have had is with the electrical - the battery keeps dying (even after replacement) and we do not know why. I've been told by AAA that all the electrical gizmos on the car drain the battery but it should hold a charge for more the 24 hours. The other knit is that the heating a cooling is a little complicated to figure out, but after you get the hang of it it works well. With AWD and superb handling a great all-season car for New England.