What does a Porsche Volkswagen merger look like?

Rob Sturtz
October 28, 2008

Porsche increased its stake in Volkswagen to nearly 43%, driving up Volkswagen's stock price and causing billions to be lost by hedge funds. With so many automotive mergers, don't you wonder what sort of influence Porsche may have on the "People's Car"? While these companies have very different markets, there may be some unusual economies of scale. Here is our take at what may be the 2010 Porsche Beetle 911.

Rob Sturtz

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By , October 28, 2008
Finally, the perfect car for me. A cute as a button Porsche VW - does it come in red with black spots? Where can I preorder?
By , March 06, 2014
Great image, I was always trying to imagine how will a vw beetle look like if modified to be a porsche