Honor, Courage, Commitment: Read Jacquie's Story About Finding A RepairPal Certified Shop When She Needed It Most

Kathleen Long
February 2, 2017

Cars never break down at convenient times. For Jacquie K., it was especially difficult timing. She lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona and was in a military funeral procession on the way to the cemetery in her Jeep Cherokee when, as she puts it, “the radiator literally blew up”.  

She wasn’t in her own neighborhood, so she didn’t know what shops were nearby or whom she could trust.  She called her insurance provider, USAA, to see if they could offer her any suggestions. They referred her to a RepairPal Certified shop nearby, Sun City Exxon Auto Care. Jacquie called the owner, Raymond Sanchez, and explained her situation.  He immediately sprang into action, making Jacquie a priority. He towed her car to his shop, changed the radiator and the hoses and got the job done the same day.


But Jacquie’s woes weren’t over. A few days later, fluid was leaking from her vehicle. She called Sun City Exxon to explain and get a recommendation for a shop nearer to her home, but they insisted on taking care of her, towing her Jeep back to their shop and fixing the new issue for free. After doing a diagnosis, it turned out that her transmission line was the issue.  After automotive experts quickly repaired this issue, Jacquie was back on the road, just in time to see family and friends before being deployed overseas.

Jacquie is a member of the United States Navy, serving the United States as Master At Arms on her current deployment in Africa. She has seen her fair share of the world and has encountered many difficult situations, but even she could only describe the breakdown of her car as “dire”.

Jacquie proclaimed that she will, from now on, refer all her friends to RepairPal and Sun City Exxon because of their service, kindness, and professionalism. Stories like this help to validate and reinforce the quality of RepairPal Certified shops. We are delighted to serve USAA members, and all consumers who need our help, with our nationwide network of the best repair shops in the country.

Depicted below is Jacquie doing security for a military sealift command ship stationed near Kuwait during a previous deployment.


RepairPal is working to fix an industry not known for trust and assurance and arm consumers with individual knowledge when it comes to getting their cars repaired.

We want to make the auto repair process less stressful and much more trustworthy. Our website features our Fair Price Estimator, eliminating that impending “am I being ripped-off?” feeling, while also providing matches to Certified shops, guaranteed to do the work at that fair price with quality parts and a trained, awesome staff.

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Kathleen Long

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I'm the VP/ GM of RepairPal's shop network. I'm excited to be an advocate for the independent repair shops that help to keep us and our cars on the road safely and securely.

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By , February 02, 2017
Way to Go Raymond Sanchez , When in Boca Raton, FL. Look Us Up Be Glad To Buy You Dinner. And Ms. Jacquie K If You Find Yourself On Shore Leave In Ft. Lauderdale , Please Do Not Hesitate To Reach Out To Our Family To Help You And The Crew Around Town. All American Auto Repair, Kevin D, Millard 561-751-1360