RepairPal Voted Best App or Mobile Website for Finding Car Repair Information, Prices, and Quotes

February 21, 2017

RepairPal Voted Best App or Mobile Website for Finding Car Repair Info Prices and Quotes

Thanks to our loyal users, RepairPal has been voted the “Best App or Mobile Website for Finding Car Repair Information, Prices, and Quotes” in Auto Connected Car’s Tech CARS Awards.

As RepairPal users already know, automotive repair can be a treacherous place, and technology is doing its best to shed some light into the dark space of car repair. The people have spoken and they have said that RepairPal’s price index, Fair Price Estimator, and Certified network of trustworthy shops make us the best advocate in car repair.

The winners of Auto Connected Car’s competition were selected through online voting and also provided room for comments so that voters could voice their opinions.

One voter wrote that "[RepairPal] has the best user interface," while another voter recognized our mission for gender equality in the auto shop, saying “RepairPal is such a fantastic and EASY resource. They’re really trying to make a difference and help consumers, especially women. I love them!” Another pleased user praised our certified shop network: “Shops are excellent. The rating system is super helpful. I love that I can get an estimate before I go to the shop and prices are guaranteed.

We want to thank our loyal users, as well as our certified shops, for vocalizing your support and winning us this award. With your help, we can take the mystery out of auto repair and get drivers the best repair available for a fair price. More information about the awards can be found here.

RepairPal is working to mend the lack of trust consumers have in the car repair industry by providing them with in-depth knowledge and resources that connect them with dependable and reliable car repair shops near them.

Our goal is to establish an auto repair process that is less stressful and much more trustworthy for everyone involved. Our website hosts a car repair Estimator that gets rid of that "ripped-off" feeling. We also provide matches to local Certified shops that are guaranteed to do repairs with quality parts, a fair price, and a trained, awesome staff.

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John Stahel is an automotive expert at RepairPal, the leading online source of auto repair resources and estimates. With many ASE Master certified mechanics on staff who have decades of experience, RepairPal knows all the fine points of car repair.

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