Have You Checked Out the Velocity Channel on Comcast?

Natalie Josef
June 19, 2012

I was scrolling through the Comcast listings the other night when I saw a show called, All Girls Garage. Intrigued, I clicked on it and started watching. I was only going to watch for a second, but before I knew it, the show was over and I had really enjoyed myself.

The premise of All Girls Garage is simple—hire some pretty girls who know a lot about cars and have them work on repairing and upgrading classic automobiles. While the advertising was a bit tedious and the dialogue not perfect, it was a lot of fun to watch attractive women who really—and I mean really—know their stuff.

This got me intrigued about the Velocity channel itself, so I did a little research on it. It’s pretty new, having only been established in late 2011 by the Discovery Channel. They describe themselves as an "upscale male lifestyle network," but I am sure that anyone who likes cars will be interested in the program, though I doubt we’ll be seeing any super hot guys on an All Guys Garage show.

Velocity features more than 400 hours of programming showcasing the best of the automotive, sports and leisure, adventure, and travel genres. Shows include Chasing Classic Cars, Million Dollar Collections, Motorweek, and What’s My Car Worth?

The channel also offers very specific programming for special interests, including a show devoted entirely to the world famous West Coast Customs. CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus and his crew of craftsmen take automotive dreams and turn them into shiny, custom realities, including the dream cars of celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Justin Bieber, and Inside West Coast Customs is the perfect show for fans of high end custom car fabrication.

Intrigued yet? Check out the Velocity channel here »

It’s only available on Comcast, so check your local listings.

Natalie Josef

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