Ford Announces Another Escape Recall

July 27, 2012

On the heels of last week's recall of 2013 Escape models, Ford has now announced the recall of over 400,000 2001 to 2004 Escapes equipped with V6 engines. It turns out that because of inadequate clearance between the connector for the cruise control cable and the engine cover, the throttle can get stuck open when the accelerator pedal is depressed to the floor, or almost all the way to the floor. This risk exists regardless of whether or not the cruise control is in use.

One would have to suspect that because of the age of the affected vehicles, some of the engine covers may have deformed over time, reducing the necessary clearance. If the fault had existed when the vehicles were new, we would have heard about this problem then. As a safety precaution, Ford is recalling a rather large group of vehicles equipped with this type of engine cover.

Ford engineers have developed a remedy that will increase the engine cover clearance in order to eliminate this concern. If remedy parts are not available when the vehicle is brought to the dealership for repairs, the cruise control cable will be disconnected until parts are available.

Ford suggests the following if your throttle becomes stuck open: “You should firmly and steadily apply the brakes without pumping the brake pedal, shift to neutral, steer the vehicle to a safe location, and shut the engine off after the vehicle is safely stopped.”

This is sound advice for anyone, anytime you feel your vehicle is accelerating unexpectedly.

Ford will be contacting owners of the affected vehicles beginning on August 6, 2012. If you think you have one of the affected vehicles and do not hear from Ford soon after the notification date, contact your local Ford or Mercury dealer. They can check to see if your vehicle is involved in the recall.

For more details regarding this recall, please click here »

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