Five Great Car-Related Gifts

Natalie Josef
January 12, 2011

Well, folks, today is my birthday and since I am an adult and still have to work, I thought I would talk about presents, because no matter how old you are, it’s always nice to get presents.

There are some great car-related presents out there that will make your special driver very happy. Here are some of my favorites:

Custom License Plate Frames
I am a huge fan of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers specifically. For Christmas, my partner gave me a Steelers license plate frame and it was one of my favorite gifts. They are inexpensive and you can find a custom one for any interest you might have, whether it’s a sports team, a band, dogs and cats, or funny sayings. There are also websites where you can personalize your own frame and have it say anything you want—you also get to pick the material it’s printed on.

Car Emergency Kit
For your favorite worrywart, why not get a car emergency kit? This gives people peace of mind and is especially good for those who live in areas with extreme weather. Most commercial kits include things like water, flares, tools, blankets, and other things that will help you through even the most difficult of emergencies. Another idea is to customize the kit for the recipient. Maybe she thinks chocolate is more important than a flashlight during an emergency, so go ahead and load up her kit up with Hershey’s. Maybe he would love a pack of cards or a few cigars to pass the time while waiting for a tow truck. Whatever the case, cover the basics and then add that personal touch—your recipient will love it!

For the Commuter
Long commutes are still a reality these days, so why not help out by designing a custom present for your favorite commuter? Maybe throw in some cool Briko sunglasses or some driving gloves by Mercedes-Benz. Find out his favorite author and get some books on tape/CD. Buy an iPod shuffle and make her a special driving mix of her favorite songs. Maybe he won’t get so lonely on that long commute if he has a GPS system featuring a lady with a sexy British accent. You can also throw in some gift cards for gas and coffee, a heated smart mug, or a comforting massage seat.

Gladiator Garageworks
If someone in your life loves to work on cars and also loves things to be organized, consider gifting Whirlpool’s Gladiator Garageworks. This is basically a PalmPilot for tools. Instead of using old Tupperware and a beat-up dresser to store all those sockets and wrenches, this present comes with organizational pieces designed to fit specific tools. There are boxes, drawers, custom wall systems and flooring, and even appliances and workbenches. (Is he always complaining about having to come inside for a beer? Well, you can remedy that by getting him the Chillerator Garage Refrigerator!) Whether you buy a whole system or just a few components, your car enthusiast will be drooling and speechless before falling onto his knees to thank you.

For the Neat Freak
I love my dog; I love taking him to Golden Gate Park and other places where he can run his little heart out. What I don’t love is dog hair and muddy paw prints all over my seats. We recently just got the Sta-Put Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover. The material is perfect, has a nice, neutral color, and is machine washable. It attaches to the headrests on both the back and front seats, so everything is protected. We absolutely love it. Other ideas include all-weather floor mats, a garage utility vacuum, car seat organizers, and gift cards for car washes.


Natalie Josef

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