Announcing the Winner of the RepairPal Father's Day Contest

Tai Nicolopoulos
June 17, 2013


Some of the best advice we’ve ever received were from our fathers, and this is especially true when it comes to taking care of your car. 

This Father’s Day, RepairPal’s celebrating dads everywhere by asking, “What is the best car-related advice that your father has given you?” using the hashtag #DadsCarAdvice

We received numerous entries via Twitter and Facebook and we’re thrilled to congratulate Jay Dusek of Tampa, Florida as this year’s Father’s Day 2013 Car Repair Contest winner! His winning advice from Dad? “Find and know a great mechanic!” (So true, Mr. Dusek!)

Our lucky winner Jay will receive a $300 credit to use towards car repair or maintenance at a RepairPal Top Shop.

Dads Across the Country Weigh in on Car Care

We also wanted to share some runner-up entries from the contest for your enjoyment—some really useful (and amusing) information here, courtesy of Dad.

“Never ever let the fuel get below ¼ tank.” – Twitter contestant @fredstu13

“When checking your tire pressure, don’t forget the spare tire! If you get a flat, you’ll need it.” – Facebook contestant Adam Christie

“Chech that the gasket came off with the old filter while changing oil or you’ll have a huge mess.” – Facebook contestant “Bonesaw” Moeller 

“Everything is on there [the car dashboard] for a reason.” – Facebook contestant Larry George Jr.

Wishing the RepairPal community a Happy Father’s Day!

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Tai Nicolopoulos

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When I first heard about the "Growth Hacker" role at RepairPal, my first thought was "I wish I had known about these guys the last time I took my car to the shop!" Now I am happily spreading the word about our fair price estimator, the RepairPal Certified shop network, and the friendly ASE Certified master technicians who write for our advice section. I've even learned a little bit about cars!

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By , November 17, 2013
The advice I got came in 3 rules 1: Go slow... 2: GO SLOW... 3: If you are going to hit something, hit something cheap.
By , April 21, 2014
this is very helpful. thanks