Closing of Pontiac Will Spark GTO and Firebird Demand

By Roy Preston - June 17th 2009
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When GM announced it will end the Pontiac Brand that GM started in 1927 as part of a restructuring that will close 13 plans and half of its dealerships at a cost of 21,000 factory jobs, my son and I were shocked.

My love of Pontiac started with a 3-hour ride on a Greyhound bus with $300 in my pocket to buy my first Pontiac (a 1966 LeMans 326 V8 with a 4 speed).  Since then, I've always owned at least one Pontiac.  My son currently drives a 1974 Trans Am to high school, and he loves his car.  Everywhere he goes in that car people stop and stare.  Someone is always asking him if it is for sale.

Now more than ever, with the announcement that Pontiac won't be making new cars, I see Pontiac muscle car prices skyrocketing.  Americans, Australians, and Europeans are buying anything that says GTO, Firebird, or Trans Am on it, and they're going to pay top dollar.  We're hanging on to our GTO and Trans Am for now.

Pontiac GTO

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For some time I've believed that my 2000 Firehawk (all black inside and outside - I call it the "Batmobile") is a future gold mine. Mechanics have said, if I had kept two cars I owned in the 1960s (a RoadRunner and a Buick Gransport custom Skylark convertible), that would have been a million right there. Well, some day --- :-) JLF