The Biggest Stars in Inexpensive Cars

June 2, 2017

Here at RepairPal, our passion is saving money on car repair. Aside from using our comprehensive repair estimator, another great way to save on auto repair is by sticking to affordable models, as luxury and exotic cars can be exceedingly expensive to maintain. Opulent vehicles are a time-tested symbol of status, concrete proof that the motorist can not only afford the head-spinning price tags, but can also afford to keep the high maintenance machines running. Street sightings of Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Maybachs often leave us wondering what kind of celebrity is behind those tinted windows. Is it a famous actor, maybe a rapper climbing the charts, or even a professional athlete? However, we rarely ponder the identity of drivers of less impressive cars.

Celebs are just like us right? Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think.

For whatever reasons, some of the world’s most successful celebrities choose to drive affordable cars rather than getting behind the wheel of a motoring monument to their wealth. We at RepairPal have compiled a list that just might surprise you. Take a look.

celebrity car 4
Image Courtesy of NY Daily News

To start off our list we have one of the most iconic cool guys in American stardom: Clint Eastwood. One would think an actor who built his career on westerns and guns would drive an expensive vintage muscle car, say a 1967 Shelby GT500 or something. Wrong! Eastwood’s vehicle of choice is the 1992 GMC Typhoon, a small sporty SUV that sold for a hair under $30K. However, the reasonable price tag, the Typhoon is undeniably an American beast fit for an American icon. The turbo charged V6 with all wheel drive rockets the SUV from 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds, a performance Road and Track admitted surpassed Ferraris of the same time period. Although the Typhoon will presumably not break the bank for Eastwood, it seems a fitting car for his persona.

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Image Courtesy of HonestJohn

Next on our list, we take a trip across the pond to inspect the vehicle of a star more known for riding on a broomstick rather than the front seat of a car. You guessed it, Daniel Radcliffe, British actor famed for his portrayal of the young wizard, Harry Potter, drives a surprisingly affordable car. When Radcliffe came into control of his fortune at age 18, which catapulted him to being one of the wealthiest youths in the UK, he didn’t celebrate with a flashy Aston Martin, but rather the compact Fiat Grande Punto. Perhaps it was the eco-friendly benefits of the Punto that tempted Radcliffe, a known advocate for the environment. Or maybe he just wants to blend in with the other motorists of London. Whatever the reason for his frugal behavior, Radcliffe surely fits the bill for big stars in affordable cars.

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Image Courtesy of Gawker

Now we head into the realm of professional sports, an occupation famed for flashy cars, giant estates, and other flagrant displays of personal wealth used to compare career success. Our sports star driving a notably affordable car is none other than Ron Artest (or rather Metta World Peace, but that’s another story). Artest, known for his distinguishingly eccentric behavior on and off the court, has a car with matching the personality. However, World Peace’s vehicle of choice barely breaks the bank, it was actually given to him for free by George Lopez! The gifted auto was a custom Hyundai Genesis, decked out in Lakers’ purple and gold. While the tricked out wheels, seats, and headlights give the car a flashy demeanor, the vehicle itself retails for 30k, presumably before any of the custom additions.

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Image Courtesy of Celebrity Cars Blog

We all know that men aren’t the only ones who delight in saving money on autos, so our next spot on the list goes female actress Jennifer Lawrence. The star, most associated with her role as the heroine of The Hunger Games series, has been the highest paid actress since 2015 with her films grossing over $5 billion across the globe. You would think Lawrence would have chauffeurs driving her around in a white Maybach or maybe a tasteful Phantom drop top with all her dough, but this is not the down-to-earth actress’s style. Instead, Jennifer chose the Volkswagen Eos, VW’s front-wheel-drive retractable-hardtop convertible. The Eos, appropriately named after the Goddess of Dawn, complements Lawrence’s support for feminism and, with a price tag of only $30k, it doesn’t break the bank.


"The 15th richest person in the world, Amazon's founding partner and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is using the 96-model Honda Accord."

Our last celebrity might be the wealthiest on our list, but his ride is undoubtedly the least expensive. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has an approximate net worth of $70 billion, but you are not going to find him cruising around town in an exotic supercar. To the contrary, Bezos drives a 1996 Honda Accord! Yes, you read that right. Despite being probably able to buy one of every car on the planet, Bezos has stuck with a ride that current resale value comes in at around $4,000. Maybe he emotionally attached to the accord, or maybe he keeps it to remind him of his humble beginnings. Or, maybe he just enjoys living life on the edge with the chance that '96 Accord won't be where he last parked it! Regardless of his reasons, Bezos rounds out our list of big stars in affordable cars.

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