Our Favorite Automotive Deals for Amazon Prime Day

July 11, 2017

Happy Amazon Prime Day! So what does that mean exactly? Amazon has set out to declare a day of killer deals on their website and that day is today, July 11, 2017. Our team has already scoured through their lists and found some of our favorite car-related deals on the site today.

Time is of the essence – you'll need to act fast to secure these deals. Good luck and happy shopping!

1. Seat back protectors and organizers (set of 2).

seat back pockets

Our favorite 5-star review: "So far so good. I like that there are pockets on the bottom half as well. Most other mats seem to have just a row on top. The size is also larger overall. This is a definite plus- the kids can't 'lift' the bottom up and stick their feet underneath the mat (which defeats the purpose). If it holds up over time in terms of strength, will probably switch out the ones on our other car which are smaller." -genevabound

2. Make your car hands-free with this Bluetooth receiver.

bluetooth transmitter

Our favorite 5-star review: "I only bought it to stream my music from my personal phone (LG G5) in my work rig ('14 E250). The sound is crisp and even louder than using the 3.5 jack straight to the aux port (using wire from plug to plug)! Also, I connected my work phone to it (iPhone 5). Where it exceeded my expectations: Not only can you take calls (with excellent clarity I might add), while it was streaming music from my G5, a call from the iPhone comes in, we talk, hang up, and music on reconnects and continues seamlessly! No need to touch your phone or anything else. Safe and seamless. Long press up or down on MPOW to adjust volume, or click up or down to change track. So no need to wake up phone while driving. You'll need to power it off or disconnect bluetooth when you leave vehicle or you'll miss calls or continue streaming media. But I don't consider that a draw back. Hope this helps!" -Richard

3. Snow foam car wash that smells awesome!

foam wash

Our favorite 5-star review: "I received this car soap along with a bunch of other detailing items as a secret Santa gift. I am very glad I was introduced to it. I am very passionate about detailing cars and do it on the side for money. This soap works really well and lasts a very long time. It works very well with a foam Cannon and I also use it for handwashing. People always compliment how good it smells." -Eduard Astakhov

4. A super compact car battery charger.

battery charger

Our favorite 5-star review: "I have only used this charger once and it did everything I expected it to. Build quality is good ... Just be sure to allow plenty of time to charge your vehicle battery. I wasn't in a rush, so it was no big deal. Make sure you read the manual because this charger can accommodate many different types of batteries. You have to select the mode that matches your battery type (i.e. wet cell, AGM, etc.) See my photos.

UPDATE Six weeks later: I decided to top off the battery after leaving it disconnected for about six weeks. The battery only took about 10 minutes to reach 100%.

UPDATE April 2016: After my boat battery sat disconnected all winter in my garage (with temperatures occasionally down to -30 degrees F), I hooked up the charger on a mild spring day. The battery reached 100% in under 60 seconds. So it basically kept its charge all winter. I still let the battery charge for about 12 hours just to maintain it since I won't be launching the boat for a few more months." -Zippy

5. A portable air compressor for your tires.


Our favorite 5-star review: "I'm one of those people who always likes to be prepared. And while we have an air pressure machine/tank at home, what happens if you get a flat and you're not at home? Of course, filling a tire with a big hole in it won't help much, but if it's a slow leak from some other cause, a portable tire filler will definitely come in handy. That's why I was happy to get Raniaco's portable air compressor machine. It's very easy to use. Simply follow the enclosed written instructions, and you'll have no issues. It plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car." -Bobbett Jascor

6. Power inverter that plugs into your cigarette lighter port.


Our favorite 5-star review: "I liked this power inverter so much, I just ordered another one for my wife's car." - David Miller

7. Extremely useful car pocket organizer.

Our favorite 5-star review: "I like the product very well. I have two comments. [TIP:] I used the Command removable picture hangers (velcro) to keep it secured to the console. I'm always looking for places to keep a list, a note, etc. in my car." -Dottie Soland

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