UAW to lend assistance to the Big 3!

By Bret Bodas - December 3rd 2008

The United Auto Workers called an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss ways that the UAW could help assist the Big 3 during their plea for assistance from Congress. UAW president Ron Gettelfinger said that his union was ready to make new concessions despite a landmark cost-cutting labor contract signed just last year, as he urged Congress and the Bush administration to step forward with a multibillion dollar auto industry rescue plan. The UAW, whose membership at the Big Three Detroit car manufacturers has dropped by half in the past five years, said it would let General Motors, Ford and Chrysler delay payments owed to a massive health-care fund for retired workers and suspend a program that pays laid off workers for up to two years.

Watch the recap of that meeting with Neal Boudette and John Stoll from the Wall Street Journal!






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