Obama's Inauguration & Cars: What's Hot

By Andrew Blankoff, January 14, 2009

One of the hot topics about next week's Inauguration celebration in Washington D.C. is the incredible number of visitors - the city is clearly going to be packed.  What's interesting is that chauffeur services are also overwhelmed with requests for black Lincoln Town Cars.  Apparently this is the "IT" car for society's who's who of Washington D.C. 

While I wouldn't be caught dead driving this beast of a car, it's remarkably inexpensive to maintain.  When I looked up an oil change on the RepairPrice estimator, it's just $22-$40 in the Washington D.C. area.  That's about a third of the price for the same service on my Audi. 

And, if you happen to stumble upon an available black Lincoln Town Car for Tuesday's Inauguration, this bumper sticker magnet offered by Amazon is a must have.

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