Koenigsegg Pulls out of Saab Acquisition Talks

By Rob Sturtz - November 24th 2009
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It looks like Saab's days are officially numbered. Saab has been in discussions with Koenigsegg Group AB, a Swedish sports-car maker, but Koenigsegg has pulled out. There are no apparent buyers for Saab, who just announced earlier this month that they would be closing 81 of 218 their US dealers. Here is a quote from George Glassman, owner of Glassman Saab of Southfield, Michigan which pretty much sums it up:

“It is not what I had hoped to hear, but I believe it’s a dead issue. In the interim, if you know of a McDonald’s, Burger King or Dunkin’ Donuts that would like to occupy my showroom, let me know."

Any takers?

Source: Bloomberg

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By - January 29, 2010
george pretty much said it...we have had many dealerships close where we are, and saab are pretty much non existant