3 Tips for Safely Driving in the Rain

By Kimberlea Buczeke - January 11th 2017


We've all been on the road in bad weather and know the tension driving in the rain can bring. The rhythmic thump-thud of the wipers and the feeling of the wet road under your tires. The sensation that, if you're not careful, you might lose the control you're so used to having over your machine.

The next time you see storm clouds on the horizon, though, remember these simple tips for driving in the rain. They'll help you get where you're going safely.

1. Stay In The Center Lane

If you're driving in the rain, stay toward the center as often as you can. Roads are designed so there's a very slight incline that makes water wash toward the sides. By driving in the centermost lane, you can make sure you're driving on the highest part of the road, where you don't have to worry as much about standing water.

If you come across standing water in the roadway, keep in mind that it only takes around 5 to 6 inches of water to reach the bottom of most passenger vehicles. You probably won't be able to go out and physically measure the depth of the water, so the safer bet is to find an alternate route rather than risk becoming stranded in your vehicle.

2. Check Your Tires

Tires that are going bald are a hazard when it comes to driving on wet roads. If you know your tires are getting low on tread, consider replacing them. RepairPal has a helpful tire buying guide that could save you both money and time when choosing the right tires for your vehicle.

Additionally, check your wiper blades. If they're getting old and ragged, it's time to put on a new set so you can see where you're going when the rain starts falling. Wiper blades should be replaced yearly and if you're unsure about how to replace them, check out our Facebook live video below.

3. Go Slow

While it may be the most basic tenet of driving in bad weather, we all forget sometimes. A rainy day, in particular, is not the time to give your car the gas. Be cautious, and drive slow. Make sure you have plenty of time and space to react to the traffic in front of you. Leave early for your appointments to be sure you aren't in a time crunch.

These are just a few of the more basic things you can do to stay safe when you have to hit the road in the rain.

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