2004 Scion xB Reviews

2004 Scion xB Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Scion xB (4 Reviews)
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Scion XB is a great car. Cons: Windhsield : Toss a stone at it and it will crack, so far I have about 4. More potholes, I will get even more luckier. Noise : Loud inside on the highway. Suspension : Not so great ride. Philly's potholes give me a reminder every day. Rear Hatch: Broke once, Scion issued a recall, dealer was reluctant but Scion got on the phone and made them do it. I do not have much hope on the new one either. Rubber Trimmings: Rubber trimmings on the roof flew away in the wind. Hopefully nobody got hurt. Armrest: No armrest comes with vehicle, bought an aftermarket from Amazon. Front fenders: Could be used as snow plow. Also, for slamming into pot holes. Have a broken resonator pipe, might need a new alternator, cam shaft seal, O2 Sensors. I guess that's all at 144,000 miles and counting.
tengo un problema con mi scion me da voltges de mas maxima 18.2 y lo normal es 12 - 13 yo quiero saber si alguien sabe por q ase eso..pero solo lo ase cuando esta aselerado....
2004 xB = Best car I have ever owned! I can carry wife, 2 kids, alto, tenor, and bari saxes, and still get 32 mpg in town. No other car can match. Could use better high gear ratio - engine runs little faster than necessary on highway. 72000 miles - zero issues.
needs better a/c.