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2004 Scion xB

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2004 Scion xB Problems

Brakes -- Verified

When backing up and applying the brakes, you may hear a squeaking noise. Scion engineers addressed this problem by modifying the shape of the brake pad and the anti-squeal shims; they also applied more grease during assembly.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Air conditioning that doesn't blow cold enough could indicate the need for adjusting the cable for the temperature blend door.

Brakes -- Verified

Our technicians recommend replacing the shim kits when replacing the brake pads.

2004 Scion xB Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, February 13, 2007

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain Scion vehicles sold from Gulf States Toyota and Southeast Toyota with Rostra cruise control may have a problem where the cruise control does not release the throttle the first time the on/off switch is pressed. If the throttle is not released when needed, a crash could occur. The vehicle manufacturers will notify owners and replace the cruise control free of charge. Rostra will notify purchasers of the aftermarket cruise controls and replace the units free of charge. The recall began February 13, 2007.

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2004 Scion xB Questions and Answers

jbyers, 2004 Scion xB, Bountiful, UT

What is wrong when the VSR, trac off and engine light all come on???

300C, 2004 Scion xB, Kingsburg, CA

A/C gets cold when the vehicle is parked but when i start driving the air goes from cold to not that cold and will go back and forth through out my drive but when i get to a stop light the air is v...

dscion, 2004 Scion xB, Schuylerville, NY

Brought car to scion, said cylinders 1&3 were misfiring.
Wanted 3000.00 to put a used motor in it. I still drive the car runs well,30 mpg.,no smoke out tail pipe. Dose have a
rough idle, aroun...

mrrjs, 2004 Scion xB, Hayward, CA

I was driving on the highway and the car just turned off. The panel lights all came on. Car wont start. I had to get it towed. When I try and start it it makes like a subtle winding noise. Ple...

Visitor, 2004 Scion xB, Albion, NY

In cold weahter my car takes an longer to turn over than it does in the summer months. it is about 4 seconds to the less than 1 second in the summer. Should i have the altenator or battery replaced...

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2004 Scion xB Reviews

tengo un problema con mi scion me da voltges de mas maxima 18.2 y lo normal es 12 - 13 yo quiero saber si alguien sabe por q ase eso..pero solo lo ase cuando esta aselerado....

2004 xB = Best car I have ever owned! I can carry wife, 2 kids, alto, tenor, and bari saxes, and still get 32 mpg in town. No other car can match. Could use better high gear ratio - engine runs little faster than necessary on highway. 72000 miles - zero issues.

needs better a/c.

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