Valve Cover Gasket Set

The valve cover gasket set is the complete set of gaskets required to create the working seal between the valve cover(s) and the cylinder head(s).

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Valve Cover Gasket Set

  • Engine oil may leak
  • Burning smell due to oil on the exhaust manifold
  • Engine misfire

Valve Cover Gasket Set Related Repair Advice

  • Valve cover gaskets and seals need to be replaced when they begin to leak oil. This type of leak can damage other engine components, especially belts, hoses, and spark plug wires.
  • Using high-quality valve cover gaskets will reduce the chance of recurring leaks and additional repairs
  • An engine misfire can result from oil leaking into the spark plug tubes. The tube seals and valve cover gasket should always be replaced together.
  • When replacing the valve cover gasket, we recommend having a valve adjustment performed, if applicable. Since the valve cover is removed to adjust the valves, this will save in labor costs.

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