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I am an active duty military member, married and a mother of two wonderful children. I own a '05 Focus and an '03 Explorer. I wish to upgrade them both one day. In the meantime I am apart of RepairPal to keep them in tip top shape for as long as they are mines (and my credit score doesn't get me any loans, lol!)
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Question Asked: High beam indicator light constantly on and other light issues
October 26, 2012, 09:03 AM
My blue indicator light is on once I turn the low beams(LB) on, the switch for high beams(HB) won't do the "click into place" action. I have to hold it to get the HB to work. Not to mention my left light shines on the houses when I drive by. (I heard soemone mention alignment issues) Also when I put the HB on it is as if the right light goes into LB (as if the high and low wiring has been switched) and vice versa when the LB are on. I often have people "flash me" when I am in LB thinking I am in HB. My blinker on the right is out and I did see that the socket itself was burned out (that is as far as I got, a lil nervous to fix on my own even though I bought a new socket) I appreciate your answers.
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Car Review: 2005 Ford Focus
May 23, 2012, 12:00 PM
I rated my car based off the experience I have had with it. I bought it used in '07 in Alaska with 41k miles. It was a rental car prior to being sold for $10k. My credit was not the best so I got the cheapest car on the lot that looked clean to keep mayments low. Cd player died in '09. Has been wrecked twice and repaired twice. The A/C fan died in '11, but was fixed by a local mechanic. It's having electrical issues from what I think was the repairs done in '09 from accident #2. That is odd because the same repair shop fixed it after accident #1 and it worked great. Other than cosmetic issues like my broken glove compartment handle and my broken armrest (those were our fault), it has been very good to me. Until I get the vehicle checked I cannot be sure if the electrical issues are just the car or the poor workmanship of the repairs done in '09. I paid it off this year. Rebuilding credit for a future car. In the meantime- it's going to be mine. I want a nicer newer, but that conflicts with my desire to save my money and be debt free...especially if it is still running just fine.
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