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Question Asked: Should this fall under the service shops warranty?
January 09, 2013, 10:45 AM
Recently had the cylinder head replaced on my 2000 Plymouth Neon. Asked him to take a look at the timing belt while he was in there to save on labor costs and I was at 100,000 miles. When I picked up the car he told me that they did replace the timing belt. Two weeks later I was driving my car in a town 1.5 hrs away and my car died on me in the middle of the street and would not restart. AAA towed my car to a nearby shop. I called the first shop in the morning and told them my car had died and was at another shop and told them I was going to have the new shop identify the issue. The new shop called me back to tell me that my timing belt was wedged under the camshaft pulley. The original shop has had the car towed up to them and they are being very careful not to accept blame saying "We'll have to get in there and determine what caused the problem." Phrases like this make me worried that they are going to be anxious to try to find a way to not assume responsibility for the timing belt issue. I'm just trying to get a feel as to whether anyone believes it's possible that the shop could find away to not assume the responsibility and claim that the work they did was not a contributing factor to the timing belt issue.
Question Asked: Replace cylinder head fix the problem?
December 04, 2012, 11:24 AM
Spark plug in cylinder 2 came out after putting it back in two years ago. Took it into a shop to just have all the cables and plugs replaced. Went back and the engine is running rough. Mechanic told me it isn't holding compression due to the threading on cylinder two and head needs to be replaced ($1200). I ran it by another shop and they pulled P0302 error code since my check engine light is now coming on. This morning the check engine light was not on and the car is still running a little rough, although not as bad as yesterday. Should I still consider replacing the head?
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