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I'm a DIY'er that's been doing it since I was young enough to hold a tool. My mind still thinks I'm young, but my body reminds me that I'm not. Unfortunately the body's message gets louder and more painful every year!
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Question Asked: Why won't my engine not rev past idle?
October 09, 2013, 06:39 PM
Was going 60mph, suddenly engine lost all power. Would still drive, but not beyond idle. Even in park, tried revving engine but it seemed like it was bogging down and never revved up. Had to pull it up hill at end of drive to get it in garage as it lost momentum and could not make hill. No advance warning. Only other problem that may or may not have any bearing, is the starter has been intermittent. Not clicking. Some times it starts just fine, next time may have to try several times then suddenly it turns over, or it doesn't at all.
Question Answered: speedometer cable needs to be replaced what do I do under the dash?
October 16, 2013, 10:38 PM
I concur with professorg, its rare to have to replace the cable itself, if indeed, it even has one that goes to the dash. Many gages now just receive an electric signal that controls the needle. But if it does have a cable, I would check the tranny hook up first. The cable there usually goes into a square hole in a PLASTIC gear. The gear will often wear out to allow the cable to slip, causing the needle to be jerky or not work at all. While there check the end of the cable for it's condition just in case. One note, make sure if you do replace the gear that the replacement is the exact same- they make different ones that can change your speed reading to match different gear ratios. Also if you do have a cable and you do need to replace it, you may be able to pull the cable out there and replace it with the new, assuming the cable sleeve is still good. But as I said early on, make sure you even have a cable that goes to your dash. The problem may be electrical, I had 98 & 99 neons, both had analog gauges that were ran by an electric sending unit on tranny with wires going to speedometer. Would like to know more info on your problem: is it constant, intermittent etc.
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Comment: Twelve Funny Bumper Stickers
October 18, 2013, 12:42 AM
14. Due to the high cost of ammo, don't expect a warning shot 15. (Upside down on window of Jeep) If you can read this, please help roll me back upright! 16. If you can read this BACK OFF you're too close