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Question Asked: could it maybe be as simple as a new radiator cap?
September 04, 2014, 06:54 AM
Question Asked: The place where the anti- freeze goes does not hold. and it does not leak!help
September 04, 2014, 06:20 AM
so it over heats. I must put anti-freeze in it every day!
Question Asked: I checked my oil to see if it's milky and it's not
August 05, 2014, 02:59 PM
but I still having the problem. I can't find where antifreeZE IS GOING. help me ty
Question Asked: I'm having to put water where the antifreeze belongs.
August 05, 2014, 02:47 PM
now it will not hold any water.Im afraid to drive it>what is wrong??
Question Asked: how much for the labor and part?
July 31, 2014, 07:18 AM
what is the cost to put in a windo regulator?
Question Asked: my vw will not keep antifreeze ,my oil is good NOT milky.
July 31, 2014, 07:06 AM
Question Asked: What do you charge labor if i bring my parts in??
July 23, 2014, 09:59 AM
Question Asked: Can i bring my water pump and you put it in? How much can I save?
July 23, 2014, 09:55 AM
I need a water pump .I will bring a new water .What do you charge for the labor?
Question Asked: Im having problems with my windows and locks.
July 22, 2014, 11:24 AM
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Problem Reported: Coolant Leak From Oil Filter Housing O-ring
November 10, 2010, 03:38 PM
<p>A coolant leak may develop after <a id="ce_61" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/oil-filter">oil filter</a> replacement. When tightening or loosening the oil filter the filter housing may turn damaging the coolant <a id="ce_10173" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/o-ring">o-ring</a> seal. The recommended procedure is to hold the filter housing when tightening or loosening the oil filter.</p>
Problem Reported: Engine Overheating Due to Damaged Water Pump Impeller
November 10, 2010, 01:38 PM
<p>The engine may develop an overheating condition due to a damaged <a id="ce_129" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/water-pump">water pump</a> impeller. Our technicians tell us the repair should include replacement of the water pump, <a id="ce_116" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/thermostat">thermostat</a>, and <a id="ce_48" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/cooling-system-flush">flushing the cooling system</a>.</p>
Problem Reported: Power Windows Fail More Often Than Manually Operated Window Cranks
September 15, 2010, 10:08 PM
<p><span>One or more power <span class="ct_selected tooltip">windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed <a id="ce_5600" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/door-window-regulator">window <span class="ct_selected tooltip">regulator</span></a></span> which will require replacement.</span></p>
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