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Question Asked: Code P0430
January 11, 2013, 09:18 PM
code P0430 the mechanic said it is the emissions, catalitic converter. They said I need to replace 4 parts. Of cost totaling $1,546.48 How do they know I need all of those parts without testing each one? They scanned and printed out the parts within 3 minutes. The only symptom the sebring had was the service engine light was on. Another mechanic said maybe it could give that code if I put in bad gas. They turned off the code and I drove 50 miles and it didn't come back on....I am so confused. when I stopped at a light today the oil light went on then it flickered and went off... At last oil change I had them put in the high mileage oil. Now if I add oil or get an oil change do I have to stay with the high mileage oil?
Question Asked: emissons code bank 2?
January 09, 2013, 03:19 PM
what is bank 2 in the emissons code?
Question Asked: why would someone break the top half of the themostat off and leave the base?
January 09, 2013, 02:52 PM
so my last post, Question: where can I find someone to replace my thermostat? now today i went to a shop to have them put in a new thermostat. $180.00 last week i went there and they did a full comp scan and the only code they got back was for the thermostat. when the mechanic took it off he showed it to me. the top half with the spring was missing. the base was all that was left in the car. so now i am really upset because the dealer told me my thermostat was still good. so the mechanic let it run for about 15 minutes then took it on a 10 mile drive on the express way. everything checked out fine. so now what? i drive about 10 minutes, to the chrysler dealer to show him what was left of the thermostat. because they had refused to replace it. now just as i turn in the lot the service engine light goes on. so i talked to the service manager about the whole situtation. and it was like this from day one since i bought the sebring. when i bought it, from a used car dealer, i asked about the service engine light and they said it was that there is a bubble in the fuel line. anyhow i then showed the chrysler service manager what was left of the thermostat. he said the mechanic broke it off! i told him i was right there when he removed it! then he said sometimes they will just break. i asked him where will the rest of it be then? he said it will drop in the engine...... ????????????????????? hey, that doesn't sound good. so he has one of his mechanics run a diagnostics. ok,so now they say its my catalitic converter issue!!! idk they also insist that the waterpump is bad. the sebring came from florida. why would they break off the top of the thermostat and and leave the base attached? could it have broken off and went in the engine somewhere?
Question Asked: average RPM at 2000 on a 2004 sebring,,, is that normal?
January 05, 2013, 06:14 PM
I usually drive around 45 mph for long periods of time. My rpm's usually stays at 2000. Is that normal? Is that good for the car to keep the rpm's at a steady pace?
Question Asked: code P0128 code pops up thermostat
January 05, 2013, 03:46 PM
ok so, I just got a full computer scan and the only thing popping up is the thermostat. code P0128 After that the service engine light went out. I drove for about 10 minutes then turned the defroster on. after driving for a few minutes the needle finally started going up. not too much but it was moving up. I tried all the heat settings and the service engine light didn't go back on. It seems like the thermostat only works a little after the cars engine is warmed up and then turning on the heat.. If it is a bad thermostat wouldn't the service engine light go on as soon as I try to use the heat? If it seems to be working a little after the engine warms up how would someone test for a sensor? I am going to try to turn the heat off before turning off the car then next time I drive wait a few minutes and then turn the heat on. I just want to see when the service engine light comes back on. Also are sensors for the ect and iat expensive to replace? and how are they tested?
Question Asked: where can I find someone to replace my thermostat?
January 01, 2013, 10:05 AM
My sebring came from florida. I bought it used with the service engine light on. They told me it was because of a bubble in the gas tank. Lol. This will be the 3rd winter with no heat. The ac is good and the blowers are working fine. every diagnostics I had the first thing that pops up is thermostat. Some mechanics tell me they won't touch it because it is a nightmare. Other mechanics tried to replace it but can't get to one bolt. I took it to the dealer and he told me to keep the coolant level up and they were not going to replace the thermostat. I drove it 2,000 miles after that and haven't added any coolant. I took it to a oil change place and they say I am not losing any coolant so they never added any. If someone could please help me find someone that will be willing to tackle my problem I would really appreicate it. I don't have the time to keep running back and forth to get this fixed. i am thinking about taking it to another dealer but I am afraid to be shot down again. here is my phone number 586 549-6869 please leave a message as i don't answer the phone when i am driving. Is there someone in chryslers that can help me? kim
Question Answered: high idle and jerking
January 02, 2013, 08:50 PM
Does it sometimes feel like it bucks on the eway? like the engine feels like it is sierging for a few seconds.? Also engine serging when stopped at a light? you really need to keep your foot on the brake at a light because you don't know if the engine will sierge. then you could be in the intersection. eventually it will start stalling after you park or stop at a light......If these are some symptoms find out if you need a new MAP Sensor....thats what happened to me and it runs much smoother after I got it replaced.
Question Answered: Can idle be set too high and cause a racing sound in the engine?
January 01, 2013, 08:44 PM
I had problems with my 2004 sebring. Sometimes it sounded like the engine would briefly sierge on the xway. At times it would stall at a light. No mechanic could figure it out. I took it to the dealer. It was a MAP Sensor.
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