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Bought a 2010 Yaris with 28K miles as a certified used Toyota. The AC barely works if it is above 90 degrees out. Since this last summer was weak, the dealership stated they couldn't find anything wrong. Now that it is winter, the automatic transmission doesn't want to shift into the last gear even while on freeway speeds. The RPM's will rev over 4K and it will not down shift. Once the car is warm then it finally does. Took it to the dealership and they hooked it up and stated they couldn't find anything. They refused to let it get cold, so I could show them the problem and they declined. Wilde Toyota of Wisconsin is doing everything they can to not have to warranty these problems. Once the Transmission blows, which will be past the 12K warranty, they will say how it wasn't something they could predict. I am not a fan of Toyotas and now I will never buy one from Wilde in Wisconsin.
So I bought my car from carmax. Its a 2007 4 door sedan. I love this car. Its great on gas, its easy to drive and i feel safe driving it. This car is perfect for workers or students. I currently live in Azusa and I work 2 jobs, one job in Glendale and the other in Pasadena. Ive had my car a year now, and I haven't had to do anything but change the oil when needed. Ive also driven my car to Vegas and San Diego, and I didn't worry about gas. I recommend this type of car to any one. Even is your making payments, its not a lot of money out of pocket. I am glad to be driving a Toyota Yaris.
Just found this site and wanted to crow about my 2007 Yaris 4-door sedan, bought new out of desperation after my 2002 Intrepid DIED. Hadn't heard of these before going to the dealer. No bells or whistles - manual windows and door locks. I drive 150 mile/day round trip to work - mostly expressway and paved county roads. LOVE this thing. Just turned 327,500 miles. The only non-maintenance work done: New alternator and CD/radio unit. Believe it or not: Still running original brakes. Fun to drive, approx. 40 mpg, still looks practically brand new, and tight as a drum - no rattles. This thing is unbelievable.
WE have 2010 Yaris automatic the front passenger door lock will not work and stuck in the closed position. Main agent said goodwill didn't extend to door locks. Will cost a fortune for main agents to
repair, and hopefully not damage door. Has anybody else encountered
this problem and how was it resolved?
I have the same problem with my 2012 Yaris hatchback with 37000 miles. Recently purchased. Two Toyota dealers tell me can't find anything wrong. The vibration is driving me nuts. I love car but it can't be normal.
Nov 2013

just bought a 2012 yaris sedan with 35,500 miles on Oct 1 2013. Really like the car. Just one unresolved complaint. It has an abnormal annoying vibration worst in the driver seat. I've had 3 dealers tell me this is normal. It can't be! Sitting at a light or in a fast food drive through etc. makes me want to get out of the car. A fourth dealer cleaner the throttle plate (carbon build up) and added fuel injector cleaner and says in may take a few miles (less than 100) for the injectors to be clean and the computer to readust. Have put 55 miles on and so far no difference. Motor mounts have been examined by previous dealer shops and say they are not the problem. Have there been other complaints? What else could do this?
Bought the Yaris second hand in 2011. It gives me trouble at times getting it out of park to drive. I've tried to turn the wheel, to see if this would help. It finally would get out of park so that I could drive. It is a 2 door, hatch back. It has also bucked while I am driving on the highway. I keep up with the oil changes. Not happy with this car.
Hi,i own a two door yaris of which is giving me stress now.It has a very clunky noise when i start it. Mechanicc thinks its a jokkey pulling problem cause the belt was too tide.
Hi, I have Toyoya Yaris Sadan 2006 Model. Its really wonderful car but some time there Car AC Stop Cooling & when i start AC then its shaking like a sexy lady i mean vibration. Plz tell me how to stop vibration my self.
I purchased a new 2008 Toyota Yaris 4-door Sedan. At approximately 36,000 miles I noticed a check engine warning light on my dash board. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a Toyota Dealer Service Department who subsequently found the check engine problem to be the vehicle's wire harness. I was told that it would cost me 1,250 dollar to replace the wire harness. This is a new vehicle and should not have this problem. I would advise Toyota to send out a recall for this problem.
perfect little car. a home run. love everything about it.
Great gas mileage, turns on a dime, cool body & excellent color (blue).
Not crazy about dash design: speedometer is in the middle, can't see radio/CD screen well in the sun, cup holder is in front of vent, and storage space is narrow & deep, on either side of center console.
Overall, a very good car.
Brakes squeal somethong awful; dealer says this is normal. No answeer from my letter to the company. Something surely wrong. An hour after parking, you can hear the brakes from 1/4 mile away. Racket goes away after driving a few miles, and if the brakes stay warm.
own for about 3 years and 0 problem. Very good car. The gas mileage is very economic.
I love my Yaris. It gets fantastic mileage, and it is simply fun to drive. I'm 6' 4" and I still have plenty of room in this car. There are many larger cars that I can't say that about.
This car gets fantastic milage!
This is a great car! The gas mileage especially now with this economy is absolutely amazing. Being a first year college student I am taking the responsibility paying for my own car and insurance, having a car like this saves me a lot of money!