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Toyota Tundra (25 Reviews)
Bought my 07 with 38,000 mi just turned 190,000 got to say it has been a great truck, although some of these issues i am reading about has happened to me. think sheet metal is a little weak on body and inside has had some stuff fall apart .But this truck has never left me stranded and i do use it for work and hunting.
Just traded in my 1st Tundra 4wd TRD only had 315,000 miles ! Engine and trans still strong but began having to replace/fix too many things that are expected to go over time. Bought 2013 Tundra TRD 4wd, need I say more. Wife has 4runner with 300k+ still running fine. My only complaint is my front driver side speaker is blown, anyone know if it is worth having Toyota dealer fix or is there better options, any help appreciated.
Love my Tundra owned a 5 yr old F-150 before buying the Tundra a sweet double cab didn't get all bells and whistles as my 2007 F-150 but is a dependable truck. It tows things well and rides smooth. At now 68,000 miles get serviced at dealer which offers excellent service plus have the Toyota Maintenance Care Plan works great too.
189,000 miles and have only one issue to report. The plastic front bumper/nosecone assembly has be come very loose. The plastic tabs holding it on are mostly broken off. I can move the whole assembly up and down about 1". It rattles a bit on rough roads causing the factory fog lights to wiggle.

Other than that I have had ZERO issues with this truck. Every switch, knob, button and component of the truck still functions like it did the day I drove it off of the dealer's lot. One parking light bulb burned out two years ago and one back up light bulb went out last year. That's it. The stock brake pads and shoes even lasted 180,000 miles.

This is my 5th Toyota truck. I've driven them a sum total of right around 800,000 miles and have had a total, across all the trucks, of $1700 in repairs.
Hello my 2003 toyota tundra's motor cap has a little bit of withe stain i dont know if that is normal?
'02 Toyota Tundra... 338, 000 miles and still runs great!
I purchased (new) the 2001 Limited Edition with a V-8 engine. I use it primarily for work as a landscaping contractor, and frequently tow skid steers with it. The truck now has 95K miles on it, and nothing has been repaired or replaced outside of routine maintenance items (brakes,oil,belts,etc.). I love this truck and will eventually replace it with another Tundra.
Great truck, only has 44,000 miles. Going to be my retirement vehicle. Most of my friends are driving any of the big three, comparing any of them with my Yota isn't even close. There all falling apart. Toyota stands alone with durability and relability!!! Would never buy anything else.
I am the original owner of this 03 Tundra Limited 4 Wheel drive and at 305,000 miles it has been truly an awesome truck. Two timing belts and I always change the water pump when I have the timing belt replaced. The shifter broke back in Sept. or Oct. of 2012. I read that some of the Tundra's had that problem. I called Toyota and they were nice enough to pay for the parts to help me. They probably would have paid for the entire repair, but since the mileage was so high something is better than nothing. I can't wait until the 2014 come out, I am tempted to replace the 03 with the 14. Thx TOYOTA... A Loyal Customer..
I currently have 204000 miles on my truck and the only problems i have ever had was inside dome lights quit working and have had to replace all Oxygen sensors. Other than that it has been a fine truck i recommend it highly.
Great Truck, Ford Chevy and Dodge all my life, the full size 2nd gen+ Tundra exceeds the former 1/2 ton capabillities. Heavy truck, replaced front brakes with performance upgrade. Engine does not like the new crap gas with alcohol, not Toyotas fault. Useing Amsoil PE or octane boost. Suspension great, slight sag up front at 45,000 mi, easy and cheap fix. Double cab has turning radius of a school bus. Unbelievable in snow and slushy crap. Dead start on hills and will walk right up with stock tires. Put on real snow shoes and will bulldoze through feet of snow.
2009 Toyota Tundra V8 Truck failure to start problem - turn on ignition key to start truck, sometime nothing happens, other time truck will continue to try to start even after your hand is off the ignition key. Truck may start then immediately shut off, other times you may have to try off and on for an hour to get the truck to finally start.....HELP
bought my 08 tundra new in the summer of 08. has been a great truck so far. I have 105,000 on it now and it is going in for new brakes and a new thermostat on monday. around 90,000 I had to replace the water pump and the serpentine belt. did both myself for less than 300.00 the only other things i have done is tires and oil changes. The only other problem i have had is that the heater no longer blows on my feet. very happy with the truck and will be buying another.
I have a 2007 Tundra crew max, eveything is fine with it except the navigtion system wont light up. It still works but it is to dim to see.
I bought this truck w/ 40,000 miles and it has been the best truck I've ever owned. Only complaint is that the engine is so beefy, that I am having a hard time keeping money in my wallet due to the price of fuel.
excellent vehicle , my son is using it now .the heater went out in 2006 and the cat converter in 2007. did not pay a dime to get either fixed.
Bought new Tundra Limited in 2001. 110k miles and no problems. I plan on keeping till one of us dies. I'm only 54 so its going to be close. Love this truck.
I have a Toyota Tundra 2000 4wd sr5. When I first bought it in 2002 there was nothing even close to it. Nice ride, good acceleration, etc.
it's now 9-13-10 and I noticed that the ext. paint on the roof is wearing, and are some other places. So I need a paint job. I don't drive much which is why I'm now having to do my big maintenance@65,000. BRAKES ARE STILL ONLY 50% WORN, AND THE REST OF THE INTERIOR LOOKS NICE. BUT SINCE I DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE AND DIDN'T CHECK TO SEE WHAT THE 65,000 MILES MAINTENANCE WAS GOING TO BE MY MECHANIC HIT ME WITH A $950 EST. I DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY TO GET THAT ALL DONE RIGHT NOW, SO I DECIDED SINCE IT HAS BEEN THERE ALL DAY TO JUST GET AN OIL CHANGE @62.00
Further checking around I find different opinions on what all to do. My mechanic said to replace the fuel filter$200, engine flush $400, and it just kept going on, and on. What I did forget was and I have to admit is so far I've only had to replace the shocks, tires, and do oil changes. But is it worth having everything he says done to it, just because he says so. I guess I'm going to have to save my money and I'm definitely going to shop around this time, and if he is right on, I stay with him, if not, I go with the new guy.
really nice truck,no complains!!!
I have no complaints whatsoever. My Tundra does everything I ask it to!
I wish the Double Cab has larger 2nd row seat like the Crew Max, while maintain its long trunk (6.5' vs 5.5' {Crew Max}). On the '06 Limited version, both 2nd row seat and trunk are roomy and long. Also, my 07' Double Cab SR5 doesn't have full back window rolling down like the '06 or Crew Max, instead it has just the small sliding window.
Very good truck!!!
Very Good Vehicle
Great little truck. Very reliable. Curious that the catalytic convertor went bad in only 70,000 miles. Mileage is okay, but should be better for a V6. Will look at new Tundra.
A good all around truck. My only complaint is that it should've been bigger, something Toyota has all ready done.