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I purchased my 1995 Toyota Tacoma 2 Will Dr. in the year 2000 and had 146,000 miles on it somebody used to haul their hourly now I've been using it for work every day and travel often and it has 425,000 miles on it and the only thing I've ever had to replace was the brakes in the clutch like they say this is the best four-cylinder motor ever made
i have owned my this truck for 3 years when i bought it it had 68,000miles now has 100,000. it is also lifted 6 inches with 35in tires, also has upgraded bumpers and sound system truck has been great nothing has gone wrong with the motor and i have put it through some rough times only thing i have ever had to replace was breaks, and installed new ranch struts which factory ones just didn't give a good enough ride with the lift.. over all would recommend this truck to anyone who's looking for a reliable and well build truck.
I have now owned 2 new Toyota products along with a newly purchased "Certified" Toyota Prius C.

My purchase of the Prius came very, very prematurely.

Right as Summer is upon us in the northeast my AC compressor decided to die at under 29,000 miles in my 2010 Tacoma.

Of course 3 years has passed on my warranty but I was well under the 36,000 miles.

It would have been at least $1900 before a hefty CT. sales tax to do the fix, and even then, who knows what else may have been at play.

I could not see dumping that kind of money into a vehicle issue that should be covered by Toyota. The Sales Manager worked with me and got me into a pre-owned 2012 Prius with 47,000 miles on it. The trade was a wash and all I paid out of pocket was a doc fee, sales tax, reg/title and a pre-emptive platinum wrap warranty.

I originally bought the Tacoma without even entertaining such an added expense, but now my confidence in Toyota is tarnished and I hope my latest car purchase will bring my confidence back into the fold.

Had I had it fixed out of pocket or forgone the fix and gone to any other dealer or sold privately, I would be extremely unhappy with my losses.

I feel like the dealership handled the situation as best they could and I feel I got a fair trade. At the end of the day, I know I will miss my truck and can only hope that the gas savings and new car settle my discontent.

this truck is great. 9 years old with 210,000 miles and it is running good. I love the 4 wheel drive. I go around everybody else stuck on the road. the 4 cylinder gives me 23 miles per gal. My biggest problem has been trusting the dealer. they really tried get me when my AC did not work. i discovered they wanted $500 for a $24 part. took it to a auto repair place and found no freon in the system. Replaced a leaking part for $200. Going in for replacement of the lower steering shaft. Other than that I have had very little problem.
my car is overheating.I add water to the radiator every morning.The temperature increases when am driving,whether the air condition is on or not.I once made a two hours journey not knowing that i did not cover the radiator,and since then,the radiator water drops every morning i check it.But the car was not over heating until recently.Please what will be the cause for i dont want a guess work.
Aloha! I bought my 1998 3.4L SR5 5 Speed Extended cab with only 26,000 miles on it. It is a 2 Wheel Drive, NOT a 4X4. Lots of Power, Good Gas Mileage, Loaded. I would have preferred a 2.4L Engine. This V 6 Has Enough Power to Keep up with Some V8s. No Trouble at all with this truck. Usual Maintenance Plugs and Air Filter. Only 86,000 Miles on it. Looks and drives like New.
my truck 99,000 this day 15 dec. 2013 2002 model 4x4 ext cab.
cruise control will not engage light comes on but does not work.
the frame was rustproofed rear tire replaced by recall by Toyota
also.I am on third set of front brakes right now. my back bumper
started rusting 3 yrs. ago. got new one, cost 310.00. engine has
not me any trouble at all. I use 5w30w full syn. every 6,500 mi.
keep filters changed and service trans. and cooling system.
Its a good truck;but the air bag light stays on after starting the truck.My truck is a 4X4 and when I drove it on the sand @ the Outer Banks it did great!
I got this truck new in 1999. Had it for five years and got another one. Best little truck never broke down and was great off road. Got about 15-18 mpg. Wish I still had the truck
Bought a brand new Tacoma dbl cab 4wd trd package in '04. This is my 6 Toyota PU covering a span of 35 years. Amazing. I have 140,000 miles. I get a clunk when the tranny downshifts to low, when coming to a stop. Dealer said that's normal; feels like a rear tranny mount. Small issue with the dome light; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Front springs are a joke. Replaced the whole suspension (springs and shocks, with 3" lift) at 120,000 miles and it's like driving a brand new truck again! Toyota Amazingness!
I bought my 1995 Tacoma Xtra Cab 4wd, 5 speed in 1998 from private party. This is an amazingly dependable, tough-built, very high quality vehicle !! I have owned it 15 years now and it still drives great at 191k miles, looks great, original paint still gets lots of nice comments, many people have offered to buy it, though I never have thought of selling it.
No secrets ..just regular wash and wax, regular oil and filters change (Valvoline Full Synthetic 5w-30 and Fram Xtra Guard filters for oil and air), NGK Platinum plugs.
Also use Valvoline Full synthetic in trans and differential.
Only weak spot is the front rotors have required turning several times, pads go 100k+, still no rust,no dents, only 1 tiny rock chip in original windshield. No squeaks, rattles, leaks.
Superb vehicle ..been in love with this truck since day of purchase. It was designed,engineered, built, finished, and maintained right.
I have owned this truck for 9 years and love it best truck I ever owned. At 300000 toyota put new frame under .now at 364000 idle problems I will fix. Ithink this truck is indestructible.
Bought new. Rear tires blew first gravel road I took it on.
Windshield shattered in the driveway, first snow fall.
Vynel flaking off the dash, after 2 years.
Breaks go almost to the floor since day one, and dealership does nothing to fix them. All you smell is fuel every time you start it.
Transmission acting up right at 60,000; had to be fix.
Biggest piece of crap I could have bought.
I bought a new Tacoma STD cab 5 speed from the dealer in 1997, I now have 646k on this truck, never touched the engine, did put a bearing kit in the transmission at 489k. I always can depend on this truck.
Bought this vehicle new. I am religious about maintenance. I have less than 50,000 miles on it and have had unusual amount of repairs.
I have replaced the a/c blower motor twice. The second set of O.E.M. brake pads had only 10,000 miles on them when backing came unglued from the pads on both sides of the vehicle at the same time. The rotors warped and had to be replaced. The a/c evaporator developed a pin hole leak and had to be replaced. The fresh air/recirculated air door servo motor had to be replaced. There is over spray on the one of the front fenders. The a/c blower motor switch resistor has had to be replaced. Drivers door window came off of track. The glove box shock absorber retainer tab is broken and is not replaceable without going to the extremes. And the air intake for the engine and the a/c evaporator (which is inside the cabin on the firewall) suck an abnormal amount of dirt and leaves.
But other than that I love it.
Oh! And the price for replacing a set of keys for it is right at $700.00 which is ridiculous.
I bought this regular cab, 4-wheel drive, 4 liter 1995 Tacoma in '97 with 30,000 miles on it. I live in Alaska and it has been a real champ.
In 2008, I replaced the original battery after it died on New Year's Eve in Fairbanks at minus 45. We dragged it ito the garage, warmed it up, jumped it and I made it back to Anchorage.
It still has the original muffler. Granted the starter probably will be replaced for the second time this week, but I'm not complaining!
I had a tune up with a local mechanic who used non-Toyota spark plugs and the dealer service manager took me to task for not using Toyota plugs, which in fact I think killed one cylinder, which now operates at 60 percent.
People are always trying to buy it from me, but I swear I will replace the engine before I ever sell.
I have a 02 Toyota Tacoma and I love it. This is my 3rd Tacoma, first was 97 I totaled it. Second was 03 and I traded it for 02 cause I wasn't to crazy about the color. Not had to many problems out of mine. The exhaust has rusted in two that I still haven't got fixed yet. Have had to replace 02 sensor, clean my mass air flow sensor and now I have a short in the headlight harness I have to fix now. Truck is 10 years old with over 100,000 miles so I have def. got my money worth.
Since new in '03 I've put 93K. Took it to the dealer after 5 yrs of cautious avoidance. They said an "open recall for frame corrosion" would get me a
free undercoating. The check engine lamp has been on ever since = code
P-042 "OS2 sensor bank one". Found to be sending 100% properly. That poor guy in Arizona : If it aint (isn't) broke DONT FIX IT ! I live in fear of having to
buy anything or trust anyone now...What a drag. ~ JD
Bought this 2000 new with the 2.7L (PreRunner w/auto). Great truck! Has 140000 now. Just replaced the starter due to it not wanting to start after sitting for a day or two (would start after a few turns and clicks of the key). This truck has been used for short and long distant driving. It has hauled just about everything from appliances, rocks, lumber and so on. Believe it or not, with the tail gate down and easy driving, I average at 30mpg highway and 26 city. The way to do it is "preventive maintenance."
1996 4WD bought this truck with 2k miles in 96' when I was 18 just out on my own from high school. Dealership that sells Chevy and RV's got it as a trade in from a guy who wanted to haul his tow-behind RV with it. It didn't have quite enough balls to do the job, so he traded them both for a Bus RV. Almost 16 years and 245k miles later this truck is still looking good and running strong. No truck payment since 2000 and maybe $1500 in non-scheduled maintenance since then. Rough Chicago winters, Chicago potholes and Chicago cab drivers can't kill it. If some people on here got a lemon, I got the opposite end of the spectrum. It's like the Terminator of pick-ups. I swear, if i put this truck in a car crusher, the cube would un-crumple itself and start on the first key turn. I replaced the starter in 2009 and the exhaust from the catalytic back in 2010. Other than that, all major components are factory. I will admit, it's a little puny compared to American trucks and even the new Tacoma's. If you see one used buy it, you will get your money's worth.
Bought this truck used in 2006 with 92,000 miles.
Has the 3.4 and is 4x4. Been the best truck I've ever owned.
Had the head gasket blow 2 weeks ago at 198,000 miles thanks to the crappy design of toyota and not honoring the recall issue.
All replaced and done my self and back on the road.
Other than have had no problems at all.
Best part is pulling out the big trucks when they get stuck. HAHA!
To bad toyota quit making the 3.4. It blows away the newer trucks!!
Gas mileage sucks! Stock 17.5 mpg hwy I added K/N filter and cold intake with minor difficulty for a whopping 20mpg! My friends have Dodge diesel 4x4s that get 21. Front wheel wells on this model have openings that collect leaves and has to be cleaned regularly to prevent rust. Paint job chips, scratches and stains very easily. I keep teflon wax on it but the paint is bad. A/C is only fair and I have had it checked by pros. Stock brakes sucked (dealer did them twice before 30k) so I went proactive and installed drilled and slotted front discs along with ceramic pads to great effect! Electronic tranny button is worthless, nobody can figure out what its use or need is. Complained to the factory about these problems and they told me I was the only person to do so. Was told by the dealer that only auto trans was avail in my model. My next truck will be a manual even if I have to buy used. Door lights would be great as my friends tell me they cannot see my open doors at night. Other than that it is a great truck and I expect to have it for at least 5 more years before I move up to a cab over for camping.
The problem with my 2003 Toyota Tacoma misfiring after a preventative maintenance timing belt replacement was solved. It turned out to be a broken/missing sensor tooth on the crankshaft position-timing belt wheel. How it happened?...don't know, probably done on belt removal or installation. The P/U has been running fine since bought new in 2003 and 97000 miles on the odometer. The ignigter and ECM were ok as were the coils. Very nice, dependable truck and the A/C works fine , even here in hot, dry Arizona.
bought my 1st toyota pickup 5 yrs ago loved the truck took alot 2 get her running paid $2000 for it had sum major issues for a 91 took it to the toyota place and they told me theyd give me $3500 for it on a new 08 tacoma so i did it shure glad i did ive got 60,000 miles on her now getn 28mpg compaired to the 15mpg on the 91 . been upgradeing this 1 since i got it afe cold air intake,tornado,fuel miser,dual catback exhaust,bed cover,,side steps. soon to come body armor front bumper and a chip from going to drive this truck till theres nothing left then fix it and drive some more
At 97000 miles I took the P/U to a local garage to have timing belt and all other belts replaced as preventative maintenance. The mechanical part went well but the engine was missing when started. Diagnosis resulted in that coil for cyls 1-4 was not firing. Test showed that signal from the ignighter on fired once, the other two coils fired ok. Subtitution with a known good igniter resulted in the same misfire. That leave the EMC in question. The p/u was running perfect when it entered the garage. The head head mechanic and help are all scratching their heads and I'm without a P/u. Sounds to me as rule #1...disconnect the battery ground when doing work on the engine was not done. What say you?
bought an o6 4x4 in 2008 had 26000 miles on it I have replaced rearend U joints condensor wheelbearing need to replace balljoint leafsprings on driver side which are broken and needs torque convertor. The truck now has 130000.This is my 2nd taco and the first one didnt give me any problem.I am really dissapointed in my truck.To bad they wont let you keep them for a 2 month test drive!
Its an OK truck. This is my 2nd Tacoma (1st was a '98, Toyota bought back due to severe frame rot). Had the frame replaced on this 1, took over 3 months to complete (in the middle of winter of course!)
Replace timimg belt, water pump and trans-axle seals at same time. Rear brakes need a major repair ($1200) due to what sounds like a design flaw. Check engine light is always on, needs O2 sensor, same as my old one. Now the heat is stuck on in the middle of summer. What next? This will be my last Toyota, unless Toyota can figure out how to make a truck last like they used to!
Good truck over all. Just bad on gas milage. And I have the 4 cyl.
Having problems with the accelerator. Has full gas pedal sometimes, other times I have to push it down half way to get any response from the engine. Had the codes checked, nothing showed up.
Bought new one in 1997 V-6 Automatic 4WD. Owned it for 12 years Replaced tires, front brakes, and battery. Did recommended maintenance. 2 years ago Toyota made me an offer I couldn't refuse on rusted frame recall ! Big mistake! MISS THIS TRUCK DAILY! This was the finest , most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.!! Been looking for another ever since ! Someone help!!