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Toyota T100 (24 Reviews)
Bought my 95 from the original owner, I drove it for two years and sold it to my brother. He drove it for 2 years and sold it to his coworker. I just bought it back from him. Truck had 177k miles on it when he blew the engine. He put a new Toyota engine, new clutch, flywheel, radiator, water pump, hoses, belts, fluids, brakes.. Just like a new truck again. Happy to have it back and only paid 3k for it.
my t100 has 173.000 miles on it bought it brand new...reg.t100 problems..only thing I wish I what have done was get an stainless stell exhaust.. I want thru 4 so far...still runs like brand new...only one front end all. because I had to replace a tie rod end..but over all I got my money worth I think...I hate to guess how much I spent in gas the lat 17 teen the truck is really rusting out bad..i guess when the wheels fall off I get another car or something..that get good mpg...people stop your bitching about how your t100 frame rails have rust on them...if you were this old on the east coast any truck would hsve rust...doug
Great Truck. I did a bunch of research before buying my 97 T-100 4x4. It is rated one of the most reliable and solid trucks ever built. It had 112k miles on it and now has 212k. I have had to replace the transmission at 190k, which is about the breaking point, but other than routine stuff like brakes, battery, front axles, and fluids, I have not had to do much work on it. It always starts right up, the oil stays clean and has plenty of power for a v6. It's not a hauling truck but a go anywhere kind of vehicle perfect for an outdoorsman with gear and has plenty of room. It's my third toy truck. I had a 86 truck (22RE) I drove for a while and sold, still running great with 375k on it and a 88 4runner (3vz) I drove and then sold still in great shape with 280k on it. Kinda wish I kept them. Rock Crawler projects!!
i bought a 97 t100 sr5 2wd 5 speed about a month ago it has 195000 as of now. i have put 5k on it myself. I really love this truck its small enough to go anywhere but big enough to tow and haul. the engine runs really well. i have had to put some money in to it though, and let me tell you these parts arent cheap and thats if you can find them. autozone only carries about half of what you need including wheel bearings and a number of other things that should be supplied. I am having real problems with my 5 speed trans. front input shaft bearing is going bad witch is going to be a 1000 for a rebuilt one. clutch pedal broke though firewall had to make my own bracket to stop anymore damage. drained rearend today and it was full of water. these trucks where cheaply made but there are some great ones out there just beware of the bad ones.
I purchased my '96 T100 last Feb. with 312K (now @ 327K). The first thing I did was purge the trans with synthetic atf (I had great luck doing this in my '81 pick up with a 3vz/auto from an '88 runner with over 300K). After driving for a few months I decided to plow with it this winter. I am amazed at how much pep this truck has right off idle, it does however seem to lag at around 65mph (ie, hills and hauling). I still get 19-21 mpg with the auto (which is higher than '12 models...) Since recently replacing head gaskets and head bolts I've decided to install a TRD Super Charger. My only real gripe is the brakes, rear discs and optional locker would have been nice but can be added.
I agree that this truck is very straight forward in it's design and is actually a pleasure to work on with no mysteries as to how stuff works. A common problem I've found is intermittent 4wd failure which is usually a direct failure of the release vacuum switch on drivers fender well below the fuse box, that disengages the front axle. It bypasses and won't allow the actuator to pull. I just disconnected mine and capped the vacuum tube. Just make sure that when you disengage transfer case that you are traveling below 5mph and not under power (it bangs).
I purchased a 1997 T-100 in 2003, it had 100,000miles on it then ,now it has 165,ooo,on it ! I have installed a new clutch kit and gas tank also a new outer rear wheelbearing and I did all the repairs myself , so I know this truck pretty well ! However , now the truck turns over many,many times befor it finally starts if it does and I would like to know why ,and if any other T-100 owners have experienced this also ? I put in a new battery and added injector cleaner ,the truck runs great but starts with much difficulty ,this has been happening for 2 months now ,I am stumped , here in G. Ma. Ed
I have a 1993 Toyota T-100 this is the second T-100,my first being a 1996.After having the first the only truck i am happy with is the T-100.Neither of these trucks have ever let me down,they run excellent.and off road they lead the pack.I wish Toyota would go back to building this size truck with the same running gear and motor as the T-100.Clearly there is not a better built truck than the T-100
I bought my T100 at the end of 1994. It has most of original part. It did not start to show some small rust spots until 2006. I let my son drive it for over a year then I let my best friend who had caner drive it for well oever 2.5 years. When he died this past august I got my truck back. It has almost 240,000 miles and still running strong.
I bought this truck brand new and have put 430,000 miles on it. Still has the original engine and clutch. It is still running strong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Go this truck about four years ago and hasnt let me down yet. I know I havent had it as long as some others but its been driven between South Texas and South Carolina a few times and its about 1000 miles between the two.
I have a T100 4x4 extra cab and love it. The vehicle has over 231000 miles on it and I am still getting 21 miles a gallon on the highway. I wish Toyota would build the T100 again. It is large enough to handle the loads (material and people) that I have to carry and not so big that you can not find a parking place.
Build quality of these trucks are incredible. The engine and transmission after 185,000 show no signs of wear.

It is still a machine and here are the problems I experienced:
-The starter gradually wore out
-The GM radiator cracked
-The front brake rotors warped.

They were designed in the early 90s peeps, so remember that 55mph speed limit? My 4speed auto is geared to run around 60mph at 2500 rpm so when you want to cruise fast you will be going through the gas! Great resource:
Bought my 97 t100 new. One of the few with factory 2-tone paint. have replaced all 4 wheel bearings, two clutches, some front end parts like tie-rod ends. At 276,000 installed new motor due to blown head gasket. Just replace original gear oil in Differential.
Best vehicle I have ever owned (45 with 18 being new). Dont want to give it up.
I bought this truck new in 1996. It has 234,700 miles on it. It is a 4WD 6cyclinder with xcab. It does not use oil, gets about 21 miles per gallon combined. The original tires were Goodyear, changed out at 90,000 miles. I replaced them with Goodrich and got 100,000 out of that set. I replaced a clutch bracket a few years ago. The original exhaust lasted 11 years.
Right now I have a problem after the truck heats up shifting into gears. Sometimes I have to turn the engine off and put it into reverse. Anybody have any ideas about this problem. I don't see any leakage under the truck.
With 220,000 the 4 cyl. engine uses no oil. Most problems I have had have been my own mistakes by trying to save on parts. It cost me headaches when I found the the muffler shop put the wrong cat converter replacement on and it wouldn't pass smog. I love this truck. I had a clutch peddle bracket crack and could not figure out way it was so hard to shift. I spent over $1500 on restoring with body work and dents. It looks like new. Even if I had to put a couple thousand in it I would. I love this truck. I would bet it will be going strong at 350,000.
After 13 years and 339,000 miles this truck is more like an old friend than a vehicle. It has been very reliable and still gets over 20mpg. It is one of the best values that I have ever bought.
I have 172,000 miles on my T-100 XCab, and this has been the most reliable vehicle I've owned (bought used in 2002). Only complaint is I'd like a 'tighter' feeling front-end suspension/steering, but there are some things that can be done there.
Very reliable. Absolutely the best vehicle I've ever owned. I plan to be buried with it.
129,000 miles and still doing good. Cruise control doesn't always work, but otherwise I've only needed to get a few heavy tune-ups in the many years I've had it. This was my first vehicle and I plan to stay with Toyota trucks.
just turned 200,000 miles and I don't baby this truck. It works hard
tailpipe has rusted OFF from the back bumper to the back of the muffler. but it's quiet enough. looks weird under there. My solenoid just went out (I hope it's not the starter) and the drivers door outside lock has broken inside the door twice. Aside from those things I wouldn't trade this truck for 12 new dodges.
The automatic transmission started slipping after owning this T-100 and towing boats all over the Eastern US but considering it has 478,065 miles it was not really a surprise.
Engine seems fine so will replace or rebuild and keep going. Great truck
I have actually had the pleasure of seeing and driving one of these trucks with more than 300k miles on it.
I would have to rate it an excellent truck because of how well it still performs and drives.
Toyota could have made the cams direct gear drive and put hydraulic auto adjust valves in the unit which would have made it much more maintenance free. Standard glass headlights would have been a nice option as well and would have offered more options in improving visibility in bad weather conditions.
Truck is much more solid and much more rust free than its Tacoma sibling.
This unit is stable under load and handles well in adverse conditions. Ride is athletic and response is stout and sure.
Good truck with lots of torque and perky power. Will not win the indy 500 but when you are hauling things, you have to be careful and easy.
Easy to work on and straight forward. Lots of upgrade parts from newer years are backwards compatible to make this vehicle more capable. Use alternators from 98 to 02 Toyota trucks for more amps.
I give this one 4 out of 5. F-150 gets 2 out of 5 and chevy-dodge is not even on the map. Too many problems.
Just turned 185000 on my 1997 Toyota T100 and it's solid as a rock. It has received regular maintenance and as a result no major repairs. I also had the dealer install the TRD Supercharger at 80000 miles and the response is amazing. MPG 21 Hwy. 1997 T100 SR5 4X4, Automatic Trans.
This truck has been extremely reliable in the 165,000 miles I've put on it so far. It has been perfectly dependable. It has received regular maintenance and the only repair was a recall for the replacement of the steering relay rod covered at no charge by Toyota. 1997 T100 SR5 4X4, Automatic Trans