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Toyota Sienna (70 Reviews)
I bought the Sienna new of 2013. This makes 3rd Sienna love all them only thing on last one is passenger sliding door wouldn't closed called my dealer as they had the tow truck towing to the dealer. I got the van back couple days later came from a motor went bad replaced under extended warranty. So far there hasn't been no other issues. Sienna is reliable van I have 34,000miles has good road handling and features are best as TV/DVD for kids as have small nieces and nephews. It drives well the automatic tranny shifts smooth no indicator warning lights or anything am having trouble on anything. My last 2004 Sienna went 200,000 mi before replacing the timing chain other than that was very good reliable van in running condition. Comfortable for rear pass as driver seat has nice comfort so everything is perfect on Sienna except my right passenger sliding door wouldn't closed back was raining that day at least the seat didn't get damaged doing a T-storm. If this van keeps going many miles I would considered buying another with good quality as all of them were dependable.
Not a fan of this gen of Sienna anymore. Dash is full of cracks. Hard to get perfect alignment as am told no way to adjust rear wheels or needs some sort of rear camber/caster? kit. I keep it as close as possible for tire wear/tear. More and more problems keep popping up as Sienna ages. This has been a "hyper-maintained" Sienna since Day One of in service. Owned it over ten years before reaching 100K miles so less than normal wear and tear miles. Replaced the timeing belt, plugs, water pump and all seals and gaskets early about 89K miles. Then steering rack went out, then was told needed new steering pump, now AC evaporator case in dash has a leak and was told it will be $3000 to replace??? Trying to get AC fixed for less and get rid of this lemon.
I bought my 2009 Sienna brand new right before i was expecting my 3rd child. Perfect car for a family of 5. I replaced the transmission at 50k miles at a cost of 6000. I now have a van with sliding doors that do not work. I called corporate and my local Toyota dealer and they will not cover it because they extended the warranty for broken doors on the old vans(07 and 08)and not the 2009. I now have 67k miles on my car and between the transmission being completely replaced and the quote of 3000 to fix my doors you can bet i will never but Toyota based on their service and certainly do not buy anything with power doors.
steering locks up not good I drive from a wheelchair
Bought new in 2004 & currently have 200K+ miles
At 130K miles I replaced timing belt, water pump & flushed all fluids & rear braes(routine maintenance)
replaced front brake rotors
Had the radiator replaced under a recall
I had the same issue as others in regards to premature tire wear which was remedied by upgrading the rear shocks to the ones used on the AWD van.
I had to replace the main a/c relay ($35 from Amazon)
This has been the most reliable & cost efficient vehicles that I've ever owned.
This is my 2nd Sienna, I have a 2004 and 2011. Back sliding doors on both (one electric, one manual) have caused me to change my mind completely about my next vehicle. It will definitely not be a Toyota. The steering squeals as well as the brakes and I have been told by the dealer this is normal NOT. Very dissatisfied with Toyota at this point and scared the electric doors are going to open and allow my grand children to fall out. They really need to recall at this point before some one gets killed.
I bought my 2005 Sienna LE new in March 2005. It now has 192000 miles on it. I've had routine maintenance done on a regular schedule. I've used Mobile One synthetic oil in it since it's first oil change. A weak point is the paint finish. I have a rust spot on the hood, rubber gasket around the base of the windshield is coming loose. Hence my reason for only 4 starts on body. Interior has worn very well, in fact it shows no sign of wear. I will admit, a lot of the mileage is long distance driving. HOWEVER, the brakes are another story. I've replaced the pad and rotors three times. Right now, I get a thumping when I apply the brakes firmly. I pulled a front wheel off and the pads have plenty of life left and the rotor is very smooth and shows little if any sign of wear. My QUESTION: what could be causing the thumping if the brakes are OK? ? ? Other than brakes, this has been a GREAT vehicle and I plan to buy another new one in 2015. Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.
I purchased a 2004 Sienna five years ago. So far, the unscheduled problems have been for the 2 rear seat belts not working and sliding doors getting stuck. I had to make the sliding doors manual by cutting the cable so we can open and close them. I called Toyota about the seat belts but they said that the warranty has expired. Are the seat belts supposed to last only 36,000 miles??
Other repairs have been for the front wheel bearings and brake rotors.
After having a Ford Explorer with problems I was hopeful that my 2004 Toyota Sienna would be a better choice for the family hauler. Boy I was wrong there. The quality of this vehicle is marginal at best. The list of problems I have had over the years includes:

- Heated Seats stopped working
- Radiator had to be replaced
- Lights on overhead console are completely out
- Sunroof is constantly loose and rattles
- DVD player/unit had to be replaced (under warranty)
- Weld on drivers side door was poor quality and required an entirely new door

Now one might question about how the vehicle is driven. It is driven in normal daily around town doing the usual thing people who own minivans normally do - haul kids to/from activities, mostly by their mom. Normal oil changes and major maintenance was done on this car.

Suffice to say, this will be the last Toyota I ever purchase. Very disappointed with the quality of this car. Sadly the Explorer I previously purchased was better, which is not saying much.
I bought my Sienna LE in November 2010, it has 55000 miles and only minor problems,low tire light won't go off add rubber at front of windshield curled up on both sides and the rubber by the back doors was coming up , dealer fixed without writing it up, but today I went to get in it and noticed the plastic frame around the driver's seat has broken at the front outside corner I can see where the plastic is broken.
I bought my 2011 Sienna LE in 2010 shortly after they came out. Although I had read commentary about the cheaper plastic interior, I liked the car alot and it came with lots of standard features - even a backup cam. I have now had the car a little over 3 years and with only 27000 miles on it, the liteny of problems I have had seem to show a serious decline on Toyota quality...
After only a few months, I noticed the rubber trim on the roof rack gutter was curling up. Then it happened on the lower corners of the windshield seals. A little epoxy did the trick but clearly the glue adhesives used were no match for tropical sunshine. Then after less than a year I noticed bubbling in the paint on the roof indicating rust underneath. Since then, there have been numerous problems - knocking from the front wheels when going around corners turned out to be related to the brake pads not being properly secured. The rear latch had to be replaced when the sensor went bad giving a constant "door open" light and pinging alert. I have already had to replace headlight and taillight bulbs - I realise these parts fail, but I have 1 2004 Highlander that has never had any problems or failures. However, the latest problem really has me concerned about the lack of Toyota quality in this vehicle - at under 27000 miles, I have a water pump failing. Most of the other stuff is annoying but minor, and for the most part, DIY-able. The water pump is not! According to one dealer, this is a 20 hour job involving completely removing the engine!! Another dealer has said it is possible to do without, but it is still a 3+ hour job. When engine components start failing, you usually think of older well worn vehicles - not a 3 year old lightly driven modern car. At this point, selling it and replacing it with a more proven and reliable vehicle is definitely on the cards. It is a shame Toyota has apparently lost their focus on quality. Interestingly, now the new Siennas have been out for a while, there is more feedback on them and the results have not been pretty. My experience seems in line with this!!!
Had my Toyota since oct 99' first off the line. I changed brakes the first time at 125K Miles. I sent a letter to Toyota TWICE in concern about the brakes lasting so long, just lucky. I've change the timing belt twice, struts, rear shocks, various sensors and lights. Even though the bumpers suck. Nothing unusual at 244K owner miles from oct 99' to aug 2013' this is the best vehicle I've owned and the least expensive in overall repairs..
See how many times A DAY you see a 2000,2001 sienna one road!
2002 Sienna bought new. 113k right now. Tires are a problem; you will not get 1/2 rated of life of any tire, front end is too heavy. Other than that a great vehicle. Tires, brakes, change fluids, and you are good to go. No exhaust replacement yet. Manual and electric door works fine @ 11 yrs old. Keep them lubed. Change trans and coolant at 80k. Wife doesn't want to go to anything else.
I am extremely disappointed in our 2005 Sienna XLE AWD. Once it reached 100K everything started falling apart. We had to replace both sliding door mechanisms long time ago. It's nice that Toyota decided to re-imburse the sliding door expenses - apparently too many people had these issues. Now, check engine light is on - catalytic converter died. And before that the check engine light was on - Oxygen sensor died. Transmission leaking, front differential issues - by now I had to pay $6,000 in all repairs, thinking that I will try to squeeze another 50K out of this car. I am not sure anymore... And yes, we did all regular maintenance, and all the recommended replacements (like timing belt).
Cheap parts and many repairs. We will not be buying another sienna.
Purchased under Toyota Certified Pre Owned program. Limited AWD. Bought it in 2012, just a few short months ago. Van had little over 40K on it. Had everything we wanted in a van; AWD, navigation, tri zone climate control, and all the bells and whistles. Noticed a scrubbing noise during the test drive, but thought cant be anything wrong, or that certification process would have caught it, so I just carried on, and made the purchase. After a month @41000 miles, I felt something was not quite rite about the noise, and how it only made it at about 30-40 MPH, and no accelerator pressed, and no break pressed. Took it to local dealer, and they were able to duplicate it, with me driving. First thought it was center differential, then found huge metal slices inside auto transmission. So ok, good fix the problem. Noticed some clear coat peeling on rear bumper area, and had local dealer look at it. It seems it was not paint from Toyota on the bumper and someone should have caught the huge runs in the paint on the bumper during the certification process. Called Toyota corporate, let them know that one of their dealerships is not inspecting cars correctly, and my transmission had to be replaced, my bumper that has paint runs and clear coat falling off. They had such a non caring demeanor it was totally awful. So corporate does not care if one of their dealers certifies a vehicle, and with known problems. Strike one Toyota. When you start the van first thing in the AM, you hear a knocking noise. Now that the weather is getting colder, its getting worse. Went to Toyota dealer, and was told this was piston slap or cylinder slap. Normal for an aluminum block car to do this until warmed up. We will keep and eye on it, let us know if it gets worse. (I have a 97 Continental and it makes NO noise during start up, and its an all aluminum block as well. So once the nice cold cold winter sets in, I will trek back to Toyota and let them hear the nasty knocking. I may at the next oil change (which is in a few days) take the paper element filter, and save it, along with some oil for an analytical report for metals in the oil and caught on the filter media. So this is my fantastic Toyota Sienna story. Never will I purchase another Toyota. This was our first. Will be our last. I scratch my head all the time at how our 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid can be and has been more reliable than a Toyota. It has over 87000 miles. Trouble free! My advice: If you are buying a Toyota beware. Be even more aware if its a Certified Pre Owned Toyota. Buyer beware!
Bought mine brand new in 2004. It has 120k miles now. So far only two unscheduled maintenance/repairs. One is the A/C which was not getting cold at all. Fixed that under warranty. Now its in the shop getting the front wheel bearing replaced. After reading the reviews here, I guess its pretty common for the wheel bearings to go out at around 100k miles. My other vehicle, Honda Accord, is 5 years older with 170k miles. Zero unscheduled maintenance/repair.
Original owner 160000 plus miles
Great minivan
I have 153,000 on my sienna i purchased in 2007. Recently the locks are having issues and the cable assembly on the automatic door is not funtioning half the time. I have a good friend same year same vehicle and same problem door.

Beyond Rusting in the front windshield area and on the wheel well, the body is in excellent shape. Mechanically it is sound. I have bearings potentially out on the front wheel which has a minor grinding noise, but no major issue at this time.

The sliding door is the one issue Toyota is aware of, but will not cover.
After a rainny day i smelt a burn on the dashboard after that the warning light for the doors stays on however the doors were closed, the next day hazard light stayed on as well. i do not know what was that all about? any ideas ?
2007 XLE with 3.5L about 65000 miles. we ordered from factory wanted automatic side and rear doors but no leather seats.... really like the way it rides and handles.... has the 4 capt chairs and fold flat seats in the back....
averages 24 mpg .......steady highway is 27 mpg...

had one sliding door mild rattle fixed early on .../ warranty...

radio problems, spitting out CDs and turning off/on by itself their are others showing this problem but appears no recalls done an exchange through toyota for $350...

dis-like them going back to a paper element oil filter...

back up alarm system chirps off/on spuratic, toyota checked said its doing right We can't make beans of it ? ? just ignored it wish I hadn't ordered that way ($400 ?) ....or the luggage rack for that matter...

pulls good even full loaded in mountains brkes are supurb...

nothing done yet except oil changes and tires although at 65,000 noticed last tire rotation I will need front brake pads and some wipers soon...

oops........I flushed the power steering fluid and brake fluid a few weeks ago...

Thats about it!.......our first toyota ...... would likely buy again.

Toyota all my life (18 years). First minivan. A 2001 LE, bought Dec.2010 with 122K. Is now Jan.2012, with 134K. I bought via internet from dealer. Said it was the cleanest they had ever seen for the year. Okay, they don't deal with clean cars then. The first test drive the tire inflation light stayed on constant. The passenger seat belt light on/off/on. Higher speeds created a vibration in whole ride, tires were brand new. Braking is pulsating, and a little scary. Bought out of desperation for long family trip, not to mention the four hour drive just to go test drive it. Steering makes a clunk noise, due to front driver's upper control arm needs to be replaced. Engine makes "cam" ticking noise. Kid broke passenger handle, and same door latches hard. Looking for another one. I never have had problems with toyota except this van, i've owned 87,93,95,99camry,87,93corolla,91,90,91supra,87,88,96celica,91tercel, all more than once in differing years.
the brakes padel sinks to slow
I own a 2005 Sienna XLE. I have replaced the run flats with Michelin tires, 3 times! Currently at 92k. 4 sets of tires and the Michelins are supposed to be rated at 70 to 80K!!

At 18k rear lift gate went and I replaced the struts. Less than 3 month later, gone again. Called Toyota and they were not doing anything. Eventually, there was a recall and they would not reimburse me my money! So the rear door is used manually because I will not pay again.

I have complained several times about a noise I hear in the steering column and it doesn't seem to be able to be duplicated. I hear it every day. My sliding doors are beginning to hesitate when closing...Uh-oh.

The other issue I have is that the transmission gasket seems to be leaking. I wonder if that is covered under my 100k warranty? It would be just my luck that it will run out and then the transmission goes. I have not been very happy with the tires taking such a beating. The alignment is constantly out and I am a very anal car care person. I would still buy Toyota, but I am not happy with the tire issue and the doors.

I drove a 91 Camry 5 speed, whose only real mechanical issue was a distributor at 97k and I drove an 84 SR5 that had 157k. Oil leaked, but I still got 37 mpg...loved both of those cars.
excellent car
I thought i was getting a Toyota when I bought my first, well lets say I won't do that again. I have been a loyal Dodge Caravan fan for years. My first was a 90'. then a 93 twice and then a 97 and had a come back two or three times, another 93 and well all I can tell you is I really enjoyed them and only one or two of them had trans problems. My last was a 97 grand and could not get the trans right. So I bought my first Toyota, a 00' Sienna, it was a red and silver color, leather inside, got it from a local dealer with 75,000 miles on it, I would hear some people say it is barely broken in. Before we bought it off the lot, the oil light went on as we drove it. The engine went bad. They replaced it. Their dollar. Enjoyed my expensive van and then at 85,000 miles the trans started making a noise. Had it looked at and found out that the bearings in the trans were going bad. Toyota had a 100,000 mile replacement on that van, so no out of pocket costs. After that everything started breaking on it. Driver door strap that keep the door from swinging open, broke, the back lift gate handle broke, (plastic), the sliding door stopped working, the seat belt lights have always been going off and on, the handle on that sliding door broke off, the driver side window goes up slowly, if at all, the tire light keep going off and on, one of the ceiling light covers broke, and on and on. Just recently, the steering has been acting up. Like when you want to make a turn, it acts as if it doesn't want to. I've looked at all the main parts and they are all secure. I am tired of this van! Honda here I come.
I'm a Toyota guy, and I take very good care of my cars. Currently own a 05 Sienna LE & 05 Camry. I must say, I'm pretty disappointed with this Sienna I bought new in 05. I think this was a MONDAY van :-)

The engine and transmission are excellent and have lived up to Toyota quality standards. My issues have been with the automatic sliding door, rotors and brakes are just terrible, very cheaply made. I am going to replace with performance rotors and pads and not use Toyota's anymore. Also the suspension (struts & shocks) didn't last too long. Replaced at 70K miles which i guess is recommended. The way this van is driven, I think they should have lasted much longer. On my previous Toyota's, I have replaced them after 120K miles.

I also have been noticing a loud humming sound when driving 40 MPH and up for over an year now. I though it were my tires but after swapping them with my Camry, I still hear it exactly the same. I have a feeling it's the drive train going out or something else (non tire related).

Other minor things (that still cost a lot of money to fix), my home-link button for controlling the garage door broke three years ago. Just to fix that, I need to buy the entire unit which costs $700. Again, just a cheaply designed plastic piece in my opinion.

Besides that, this is a pretty good van. I just hate the ride now because of the humming sound and poor brakes. My wife complains about it all the time and that makes it even worse. My Camry on the other hand has 115K miles, runs and looks as if it came out of the showroom. Amazing car!

I should also mention that my sister in law has the exact same model Sienna with about 75K miles on it and has never had any issues. I guess not all cars live up to the same reliability :-)
2002 Sienna XLE
Have over 109K miles. Car has lived in CA, AZ, CO, OH, MI, NC under very extreme conditions. Excellent vehicle. Have had normal maintenance check up every 5k miles. Used 2 sets of tires, working on the 3rd. Go with Michelin for long wear and comfortable ride. Replaced battery, 1 tail light and catalytic convertor bracket (rusted out). 3rd set of brakes (wife is hard on them, especially in the mountains). V6 engine has a lot of power and pick up. Been great for pulling small trailers. Very flexible seating with seats that can be removed. I would buy this vehicle again. Even the dealers we have used have been friendly, informative and have "adjusted" their bills when complaining about their labor rates or costs for maintenance. Never a worry with this car.

The Sienna XLE bought brand new from the dealership. Now has 130,000 miles and has always gotten us from point A to B along with C to D. The only 2 problems we have ever had is the very back passenger window leak when getting a car wash and the sliding doors are very used but only one door motor and cable had to be replaced. Vehicle is equipped with a V-6 and has plenty of power. The van is capable of towing 3,500 pounds. The vehicle also has ABS, traction control, and vehicle stability control. vehicle has front and side airbags. Back seats fold back out of the way making plenty of room. The van is very roomy and comfortable for a family of 5. The van is used for travel, work, and a lot of after school activities. Best van we have ever had. Vans we have owned before are dodge caravan (which was exceptional and only in the shop a few times), and a Chrysler (worst mistake ever, always in the shop costing tons of money and very cheaply made). The van also has excellent brakes. Stops on a dime. Average mpg is around 25. I would definitely recommend this Toyota Sienna XLE to everyone. Excellent buy for the money and very safe and dependable.